LUX Life Restaurant & Bar Awards 2018

Page 72 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2018 Restaurant Pau Claris 190 combines an upscale atmosphere with superb quality dishes to create a truly unique dining experience. Serving organic vegetables, selected meat and wild fish from the coast of Spain, the eatery caters to diners who are seeking refined food of exceptional quality and a truly phenomenal experience. To provide this, the restaurant’s priority is to give a personalized service, utilising its boutique size as a great opportunity to always offer the best. From the moment they arrive every guest is made to feel at home, by the supportive hostess and co-owner Lizbeth Brophy, who is on hand to greet diners and show them to their seats, where they are waited on by an experienced team who anticipate and meet their every need. This team is vital to the restaurant’s success, and as such they are always seeking to support them and treat them as family. It is this unique combination of friendly, family service and culinary expertise that draws visitors from far and wide to experience an evening at Restaurant Pau Claris 190. Ultimately, Barcelona is a city of high standards within the restaurant market, and as such Restaurant Pau Claris 190 are always attentive to changes in their guests’ expectation in order to offer the best and maintain the level of quality and service that its guests expect to receive. Every aspect of the restaurant from the the preparation of the meals by Chef and co-owner Raphael Warda Restaurant Pau Claris 190 is a modern mediterranean restaurant located in the heart of Barcelona serving slow cooked meals which promise a truly spectacular gastronomic experience for every diner, as we discover when we profile the establishment. Restaurant Pau Claris 190 Best Fine Dining Restaurant 2018 - Eixample throughout the aromas, the textures, the flavours and the presentation all combine with one clear objective: that guests well to enjoy the best culinary experience in Barcelona. This will remain the ongoing focus of Restaurant Pau Claris 190 as it looks towards a bright future. Company: Restaurant Pau Claris 190 Contact: Raphael or Lizbeth Address: C/ Pau Claris 190, Barcelona, 8037, Spain Phone: 003 493 280 7766 Website: