LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Page 33 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Having been open for more than two years, Café Diem has gained a loyal following of regular clients who enjoy the friendly ambiance and exceptional food. The menu boasts an eclectic combination of Western dishes such as pizza and pasta combined with healthy choices so that there is something for every guest. Every item on the menu is vegetarian, and there is also a myriad of vegan options available so guests who choose to be meat-free or plant-based can enjoy exceptional flavour without having to compromise on their beliefs. Renowned by local guests and visitors, the eatery has a reputation for excellence thanks to its dedication to producing fresh dishes that will tempt its guests’ taste buds and delight their senses. Quality is of the utmost importance to Café Diem, and as such the establishment does not use bottled preserved items; everything is locally sourced and all sauces, pastas, breads are made in-house. Fresh spring water from the hills is served in place of bottled water to ensure that the eatery is both environmentally friendly and still able to provide its clients with the level of excellence that they expect. Unique to the area, Café Diem is the only vegetarian European eatery in the region and offers its guests a quality of service that they cannot find elsewhere. Aiming to offer a unique experience that guests will treasure, every member of the establishment’s team is fully committed to excellence and quality, and is constantly seeking new ways to improve the café’s offering. The owner of the establishment is the hostess and personally greets all clients offering suggestions on what to order and constantly checks on how the food is. This is hugely appreciated, and such service does not exist anywhere in the vicinity. Based in Coonoor, Cafe Diem is an all-day café offering a wide range of dishes to suit a variety of diners. Having recognised the eatery in this year’s Restaurant & Bar Awards we profile it to find out more. Cafe Diem Cafe of the Year 2019 – Coonoor & LUX Excellence Award for Vegetarian Cuisine - Nilgiris District Overall the future looks bright for Café Diem, with the establishment set to welcome even more guests throughout 2019 and provide them with the same exceptional level of service and exquisite delicacies that it has become renowned for since inception. Company: Cafe Diem Contact: Radhika Shastry