LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Page 35 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Having been in the market for more than four years, Choureal is a patisserie with a unique and awarded concept, specialized in one beloved dessert: the profiterole. The eatery’s profiteroles are made to order, in an ‘a la minute’ fashion. This means that the dessert is always fresh and tailor-made, according to the visitor’s desire. The fragrant choux are always freshly-baked, since they are produced every hour. Customers have their say in the creation of these small masterpieces by choosing combinations of cream, chocolates and dressings. For instance, one can choose bitter or white chocolate, or use hand-made ice-cream instead of patisserie cream. Thus, guests receive a masterpiece that meets their exacting standards. Although profiterole is inseparably linked to France, the dough of profiterole is an invention of an Italian confectioner named Panterelli. This confectioner belonged to the escort of Catherine of Medici, which in 1530 arrived in the French yard, intended for the wife of Henry of Vallu, who took over the throne and was renamed to King Henry II of France. Catherine, along with her dowry, brought to France and her own chefs from Florence, which imported many Italian specialties into French cuisine, and at the same time laid the foundations for French pastry, along with their French colleagues, of course. Panterelli, then, after seven years in the French courtyard, built the hot dough, the Panterelli pate, which was used for a number of culinary crafts. Over the years, Panterelli’s pate has been renamed Popelini’s pate. Popelini was a form of cake very popular in the Middle Ages. In the middle of the 18th century, the Chef de Passionate about profiteroles, Choureal is an innovative bakery offering a range of gourmet treats to tempt a wide variety of guests. We profile the bakery to find out more about the delicious creations it offers. Choureal Best Dessert Bakery 2019 – Thessaloniki & Leading Purveyors of Gourmet Profiteroles 2019 - Thessaloniki Pastry Chef Avice perfected the dough and created the form you know today, so the dough was renamed pâte à choux due to the characteristic shape that resembles a chou (=cabbage in French). Later, the French chef Marie - Antoine Carême had the idea of filling the choux with whipped cream. This resulted in the profiterole in its modern form. Today profiteroles are incredibly popular, and Choureal aims to offer the finest possible options to its valued guests. Other choux pastry desserts such as eclairs are also produced daily so visitors can enjoy exactly the treat they crave when they visit Choureal. Ultimately, Choureal’s concept revolves around quality and perfection in the art of profiteroles. These two key aims will remain central to the bakery’s focus over the coming years as it seeks to enhance its reputation for excellence and welcome more guests to taste its tempting pastry masterpieces. Company: Choureal Contact: Miles Skliris Website: