LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019

Page 48 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Welcoming local and visiting guests alike, Fritbar aims to offer a friendly and approachable service, alongside delicious meals. For more than 12 years this small eatery has been a bastion of quality food in Stabroek and has provided its guests with delicious fried foods and exceptional hospitality and interior. Every day the eatery prepares fresh-cut potatoes, which are then fried twice, first lightly, then a second time to create a crispy outer shell. The eatery also frees traditional tasty meat-snacks which appeal to a range of customers of all ages. Every product is prepared to the highest possible standard so that clients know that they will always receive the best when they order from Fritbar. For local clients the eatery provides an exceptional level of personal service, and also creates small gifts for them at Christmas so that they know they are valued and that their custom is welcome. There is also a children’s table in the eatery so that parents can rest assured that whilst they order their little ones will be occupied. This level of service is rare, and is central to Fribar’s popularity. Ultimately, Fritbar is the result of many years hard work by its owners, and looking ahead they will continue to focus on welcoming more diners and providing them with the exceptional service and food that they have come to expect. Company: Fritbar bvba Name: Sasja Chao-Hu Address: Dorpsstraat 35, 2940 Stabroek, (Antwerpen) Belgium Telephone Number: (0032)3-5680897 Web Address: Frituur.Fritbar/ Based in the cosy village of Stabroek in Belgium, Fritbar bvba is a welcoming family chip shop serving homely dishes to a wide range of diners. We profile the venue to find out more about the meals it has to offer to its cherished visitors. Fritbar bvba 2019 Most Innovative Family Dining Venue - Antwerp