LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019

Page 52 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Serving delicious local seafood and wines from surrounding vineyards in a relaxed and comfortable setting, Giaxa offers its guests the chance to indulge and enjoy a spectacular dining experience they cannot find elsewhere. The eatery is swathed in history and tradition, being set inside a 15th century mansion of historical importance. During the Venetian rule, the town of Hvar becomes their major port on the east coast of Adriatic. Hvar underwent an economic boom, and as a result the city walls are completed in 1450 and the Franciscan Monastery underwent construction in 1461. By the end of the century, a noble family called Jakša built a family palace of Late Gothic style. After five hundred years of upgrades and changes, the building became a restaurant and sought to welcome a variety of guests to sample delicious meals in this magnificent setting. Today Giaxa is a recognizable gastronomic hub in Hvar and offers guests the chance to sample some of the region’s finest produce and preparation. Although the rely on tradition in their setting, they are keen to follow new world trends in serving and serving meals and drinks, and as such are always exploring new and innovative ways to offer guests an exceptional dining experience that meets their expectations, however high. Looking ahead, with Hvar becoming a renowned tourist destination Giaxa has the opportunity to enhance its reputations for excellence and welcome even more guests. To take advantage of this opportunity, the eatery’s team will continue to work with local producers and aim to offer organic and locally grown options to adapt around emerging trends in the restaurant industry. Situated in 15th century mansion in historical centre of Hvar, Giaxa Hvar offers delicious, traditional dishes to tempt a range of diners from all around the world. As part of our overview of a selection of winners for the Restaurant & Bar Awards for 2019 we profile the eatery and share an insight into its popularity. Giaxa Hvar Best Restaurant & Wine Bar 2019 - Hvar Company: Giaxa Hvar Address: Petra Hektorovica 11, 21450 Hvar, Croatia Telephone Number: +38598748695 Web Address: