LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Page 81 LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards 2019 Based in Barcelona, Pura Vida uses its stunning surroundings to its advantage and welcomes a host of guests to sample its range of refreshing and elegant cocktails under the Spanish sun. Pura Vida is a Spanish phrase that represents a way of life in Costa Rica and in the Caribbean. Literally translated as “pure life”, pura vida is used to represent a relaxed attitude towards life. The bar is the dream of the owners Sandra and Kenny that came true. Together they work with all their passion to offer you the best Latin and Caribbean Tapas, the best cocktails and the best service. Seeking to offer guests a truly unique experience, Pura Vida is a fusion of the relaxed, carefree lifestyle that its owners sought when they opened the bar and the European style, which is characterized by its elegancy and good taste. Kenny Uzcategui is from Venezuela and Sandra Meisinger is from Germany. It is a combination of both styles and offers its customers a unique and incomparable experience in Barcelona. The carefully selected electronic music plays an important role as well as it contributes to the cosy atmosphere. Offering something for everyone, the bar creates a variety of classic cocktails as well as exclusive signature cocktails to make sure to have the perfect drink for every occasion and taste. Additionally, Pura Vida has more than 40 local and international Gins, with which it can prepare incomparable Gin and Tonics. Alongside its delicious cocktail menu, Pura Vida has a unique gastronomical offering which is characterized by its homemade Latin and Caribbean food based on traditional recipes and is complemented by Spanish Named after a traditional Costa Rican toast, Pura Vida Cocktails provides guests with a slice of paradise and the space to relax and rejuvenate. To showcase the bar’s success in this year’s Restaurant & Bar Awards we profile it and share the secrets behind its popularity with locals and tourists alike. Pura Vida Cocktails Cocktail Bar of the Year - Barcelona tapas. The menu includes gluten free, lactose free and vegetarian options to suit all tastes and appeal to a variety of diners. Thanks to the great success of Pura Vida in Barcelona, in Spring of 2019 the team will launch a franchising project in Spain. This exciting opportunity will allow the bar to expand and grow its presence nationally, and the team are excited to share its success with a broader audience. Company: Pura Vida Cocktails Address: C/ dels Mercaders 20, 08003 Barcelona Telephone Number: 0034653697477 Web: