Spring 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 65 Spring 2019 nothing more – other than relax and enjoy their day. My aim has always been to provide cakes that are high quality, taste as good as they look, offer a professional yet friendly service and for their wedding cake to be of the highest standard. I work hard to ensure that this is the case every time and receive regular feedback via reviews and discussions that I am fulfilling my goals regarding service to my clients. “I also have the privilege of being a preferred supplier for a number of local venues and enjoy working with them to create the best visual impact and memories for couples on their wedding day.” Yet, the wedding industry is booming, experiencing year on year growth as people embrace the concept of customisation. Far from being tied to traditionalism, todays weddings can be whatever the couple wants it to be, and businesses around the world are starting to realise new opportunities and avenues for growth. The cake industry too is becoming increasingly competitive, as Diane discusses further: “New bakers are starting their businesses all the time, across the country. I see the majority of these on social media, and there is a high level of variation between standards of work and the cost for these products. I have had to learn to be confident in the product and service that I offer and to work to my strengths in terms of communication with clients, and venues. “Although it seems that clients wish to pay less than previously for celebration cakes, I don’t feel that this has filtered through to wedding cakes at this time. The couples I meet have often expressed that they are pleasantly surprised with the quotes I send them. I strive to ensure that my pricing is fair and not artificially elevated simply because it is a wedding cake.” Regarding trends in the wedding cake industry specifically, Diane offers more insight into the stylistic changes she has witnessed over the last couple of years. “There are various trends with regards to wedding cakes. These include colour trends, textures, naked/semi-naked cakes and the increasing desire by couples to stamp their personality on their cake, such as reveal cakes (a hidden panel on the reverse of the cake, showing hobbies, interests or favourite shows etc). I encourage the couples I meet to make their cake as personal as possible to them, so this has resulted in me doing quite a large number of reveal cakes! I am lead by what the client wants and then make suggestions to adapt the design to make this as elegant and pretty as possible.” “There are always new skills to learn, a new piece of equipment that may assist with making a technique easier or new trends to be inspired by. I will continue to keep abreast of these and ensure that I incorporate these, when necessary, to provide the best product possible for my clients.” As for the future, Diane explains that – for the time being at least – she will continue to work in much the same way that has secured the company’s success in the past. “Through discussions with my clients it seems that my consultation process is found to be relaxed, personal and enjoyable, so I don’t feel I need to change this at present – it works well. So, at this stage, it is business as usual! However, we are planning a move to Yorkshire in around 3 years, meaning that I will be re- establishing my business there and will be attending wedding fairs in due course to establish a client base once we move.” In her closing comments, Diane takes a moment to summarise her work and passion for baking. “All of my cakes are freshly baked using only the finest ingredients, giving the client a cake that tastes as good as it looks. I create beautiful cakes, that are baked with passion and finished with pride. I truly love what I do and enjoy working with clients to make their wedding cake every bit as special as they dream it can be. I feel it is a privilege to be playing a part in their special day.” Contact: Diane Ostler Address: Northampton, United Kingdom Website: Diliciouscakecreations .co.uk Telephone: 07770454740

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