Spring 2021

21 Nov20340 After the year that 2020 was, many people will no doubt look to get away from the stresses and strains that the year has been responsible for. People will want luxury, and they will want it in abundance. There are few more places deserving of the title of luxurious that Andilana Beach Resort in Madagascar. As part of LUXlife’s efforts to highlight those stunningly luxurious locations that should be on your bucket list, we are highlighting Andilana Beach Resort as Madagascar's Most Outstanding Luxury Beach Resort, 2021. Discover more as we take a closer look at its world of wonderful offerings. Escaping from the mundanity and normality of life has seldom felt this good. Andilana Beach Resort is a dreamy vacation that understands exactly what its guests want from it. There is comfort at every turn, with high quality service always on hand ready to assist at a moment’s notice. Just waiting to be felt is a world of extraordinary experiences, stunningly exquisite cuisine, soul-refreshing relaxation, peaceful wellbeing, and so much more that can only be summed up as tremendous fun. Andilana Beach Resort invites its guests to come and live in harmony with both nature, and with themselves, far from the madding crowds. Situated in the most beautiful and exclusive bay of Nosy Be, the Andilana Beach Resort truly does offer its guests the best of the best. There is simply nothing to rival the breath-taking natural beauty that the resort provides, with two immense sandy beaches stretching more than eight hundred metres and covering more than twenty thousand square metres in total. Each beach offers something different as well, but both are just as accessible to guests. Andilana Beach Resort ensures that its guests are able to choose how they want to spend their time. Whether it be on the West Beach with its large, tropical freshwater swimming pool, canoes, beach volleyball, beach tennis, boules courts, diving centre, and entertainment activities organised by the staff team, or the East Beach with total relaxation and peace, there is something here for everyone. It is perfect for every type of guest. Families can come for action and adventure; couples can come for a romantic and love-filled getaway, and solo travellers can bask in the glorious rays provided by the sun glistening off the ever-blue Indian Ocean. The beaches themselves are also home to the luxury of choice regarding how they want to enjoy their holiday nights. One block of stunning rooms benefit from greater proximity to the hotel services and the swimming pool, whereas the other block ensures total peace, privacy, and tranquillity. All of the rooms are located just a stone’s throw away from the Andilana shoreline, and all come equipped with a spacious balcony or veranda from which to enjoy nature’s beauty at all times of the day or night. With family, classic, or suite-style rooms, and a choice between king and queen-size beds, guests are spoilt for choice when it comes to how they want to enjoy their luxury holiday. Of course, no luxury holiday would be complete without a sumptuous array of delicious cuisine awaiting guests every single day. Andilana Beach Resort boasts several restaurants and eateries that give guests the chance to enjoy something different at each meal time. Whether it savouring a light beachfront lunch or dinner barefoot in the Beach Restaurant, or something infinitely more stylish and classy at the award-winning Ravinala Restaurant, there is sure to be something to tantalise the taste buds. A large team of fifty cooks is ready, willing, and able to offer guests a wide range of dishes from an international menu that includes everything from classic Italian cuisine to mouth-watering Malagasy delicacies. Ultimately, luxury is whatever a guest wants it to be, and Andilana Beach Resort offers so much choice that it is impossible for there to be nothing. From sumptuous cuisine and breath-taking beauty, to luxury living and a picture-perfect location, this luxury beachfront resort is absolutely a must-visit destination for luxury lovers in 2021. Company: Andilana Beach Resort Contact: Daniele D’Alo Website: https://andilanaresort.com/en/ LiveYour Luxury Life At Andilana Beach Resort