Spring 2021

22 Oct20327 Peace and Quiet Spas are a place of relaxation, but who are the people who design places of such tranquillity. The team at ASPA Int. are leaders in the field, working across borders to deliver some of the best bastions of peace and calm in the world. Recognized for their leading work when they were named Best Bespoke Spa Design & Installation Consultancy 2020 in the Resorts and Retreats Awards 2020, we thought we’d take a look and find out more. At the heart of every spa is the determination to help people to live healthier, longer lives. This is the aim of the team behind ASPA too. Their work is second to none, ensuring that each of these spaces has a unique sense of what it is. From the foundations upwards, working with the team at ASPA means that a building is conceived and executed with wellness first and foremost. Thirty years of expertise cannot be wrong, and is why they have achieved such success. A good spa experience can change a person’s life. It alters their outlook entirely. Done right, the spa experience can lengthen someone’s life by five years, or even more. As such, putting care and attention into the design of the building itself is essential. Those who turn to ASPA find a talented team who embrace the evidence that exists about these spaces. They promote genuine improvements in the health and wellbeing of guests because they know how important their work is. The approach that they champion has earned them a reputation for superior quality, cutting edge, award winning projects in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Central and South America. With a passion for technological innovation too, the team know that their buildings are more than fit for the next generation or two of searches for spiritual calm and relaxation. As a consultancy, ASPA is more than equipped to provide all-inclusive support to clients who are planning to plan, design and operate a successful spa or wellness centre. Their work pulls together leaders from across the industry, including architects, spa consultants and spa managers, so that clients can receive concise, comprehensive assistance throughout development. This adds value across the board, leading to high success with the project and with the overall design of a building. It’s clearly not just enough to open up a spa building. Planning for success, and ensuring that the right steps are in place, is key too. Every spa that the team at ASPA is involved in takes the time to evoke the location which it is based in. The architecture, heritage, and local culture all influence not only the spa experiences, but the treatments that are created for customers. With such a tailored approach, it’s little wonder that so much research must be undertaken from an early stage. This high level of support continues through the development of a spa, including the installation of specialist equipment for treatment rooms, relaxation areas, wet areas, thermal areas, pools, water animation and massage, floatation rooms, and snow cabins. All of these are pre- assembled and tested before shipping to ensure the highest quality. Branding and training can be tackled as well, with operational reviews on offer to those who want to ensure that their venture is the success that it should be. In short, the team at ASPA are on hand to help from the start of a project all the way through to its completion and beyond. For many, they are a godsend. It’s why they’re such a success, and why they are so highly regarded within the industry. Company: ASPA Int. Contact: Martin Goldmann Website: www.a-spa.com