Spring 2021

23 Nov20101 A platform that allows seamless communication between event runners and end users, Eventto is the innovator teaching traditional industries new ways of thinking. Eventto is an event organiser tool that enables its client’s end users to experience a new digital side to their events. Priding itself on being ‘much more than an event app’ and with functionality across iOS and Android, it allows for an intensive degree of internal personalisation for its clients so that they can arrive at a design that truly represents them. Its specialised staff are also on constant call to give both on site and remote support through phone calls and WhatsApp. Through the app itself, it has the functionality to allow for unlimited email and notifications, surveys and voting for real time feedback, and options for companies in terms of different themes. Eventto is first and foremost a tech company with people at its heart. In this way, it seeks to keep the focus on the client and their needs by developing intuitive and easy-to-use products. Its people-first attitude lets it create the best experience it can for its clients and their end users, resulting in professional and seamlessly run events. The Eventto App itself is its flagship project, and as such it has enjoyed consistent updates and upgrades to keep it as competitive as possible. A multi-lingual digital platform, it facilitates the communication between meetings planners and their clients even across language barriers, taking some of the difficulty out of running overseas events. By using the app, end users are empowered to know everything that the client wishes them to know about the event – from latest news to flight itinerary and in-detail schedule, all in one unified place. Its clients can have their platform set up on Eventto in less than seven days. This allows them true peace of mind to run their event and manage the busy run-up to such things, as they can be sure to trust in Eventto to be both effective and dependable. Many of its main clients are transnational and national brands across a wide range of sectors. Such industries include pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, universities, corporate brands, municipal governing bodies, and the travel industry. Furthermore, its business model is one based on licensed software. This means that usually, when Eventto is contracted, a company uses its software all year long – during this time, every event’s digital side is managed through Eventto. This includes any events run internally by the client. Thanks to its earned reputation as a reliable service, it has accumulated over 10,000 users and run 250 events. Included in its offerings is a mentorship service for Eventto App Digital Meeting Planners, giving consultations and advice on how best to create successful digital experiences. In terms of its approach, it works hard to define this by collaborating with its meeting and incentives planner companies. It aims to become part of the client’s core team over the course of working together, firstly offering a trial run of the product and learning to work with them and their staff. In this way, Eventto gets a boots-on-the-ground idea of who their client is and what issues it can help them to resolve. Secondly, it focuses on offering specialized human resources. Within Eventto, every account manager is a previous meeting planner, and thus they are intimately familiar with the responsibilities and tasks that Eventto’s clients must manage. It also strives to move its client’s mind set forward through exposing them to newer and more advanced tech, such as virtual reality and augmented reality. Giving Event Management a New Dimension Internally, Eventto maintains a flexible work environment for its staff. It is aware that live events often encounter a lot of circumstantial difficulties, and no one event faces the same challenges. Due to this, each of its team members hold to a core mission of helping Eventto’s clients by any means and have an attitude of empathy and understanding. It compensates its staff with flexible work hours and the offering of remote work – which was an established element of its operation even before the pandemic. Of course, Covid-19 still resulted in additional challenges for Eventto as many of its clients struggled to reconcile with the pivot to fully online events. At present Eventto is working with the Government of Moterrey, Mexico, to reactivate the region as a popular event hotspot, using Eventto to as the digital solution that will allow this. It would also like us to mention that its biggest achievement thus far has been standing proudly beside its clients – in its work, it has been receptive to every customer’s needs, working together with them throughout. In response to the pandemic, it has restructured its future developments to further help these collaborations. The first of these adaptations was in making the Eventto App a web platform, and since then it has expanded to a desktop platform in response to further demand. Going forward, it will be continuing to better its services by working on its VR and AR, looking towards bringing that event experience ‘to every home’. Contact: Stella Jimenez Email: [email protected] Website: www.eventto.app