Spring 2021

41 Nov20100 Kashwére: Reimagining Luxury to Elevate Every Stay & the Everyday Meet Kashwére, the global lifestyle brand with bespoke products that turn hotel and spa visits into memorable guest experiences, and home fashions into restorative hugs. From its beginnings 20 years ago, Kashwére has been focused on making luxury more livable, in special as well as familiar settings. Starting with a sumptuous robe woven with its proprietary, cloud-soft Chenilla™ vegan yarn, Kashwére’s attention to details that delight — styling, colors, patterns, textures, cozy feel and weight, plus easy machine laundering - earned them accolades within the top-tier hospitality industry, and many competitors that strive to duplicate. It also earned them an enviably loyal following among the most sophisticated travelers and discerning customers. For many people, their love of Kashwére began at first wrap In-Room at Five-Star hotels in the US and around the globe such as the Four Seasons, Rosewood Hotels, Fontainebleau Miami and The Blue Lagoon; with throws, blankets and bed runners in addition to robes and slippers. Or they may have experienced Kashwére by being pampered with a throw in the relaxation room or as a decorative accent on a spa treatment table at a tony spa like Miraval Wellness Resorts’ and Signature Life in Balance Spas, Grand Hyatt Jeju, or Pebble Beach Resort. Some people were lucky enough to receive the signature shawl-collared Kashwére robe as a gift — as when Oprah was gifted one from her fiancé Stedman Graham (and soon afterwards featured the Kashwére robe on her popular “Favorite Things” show). Others found Kashwére throws that were selected for the coveted gift bag at the Academy and Emmy Awards, were gifted at the ESPY Awards or by Jimmy Kimmel after having a baby. And after that first magical touch, they sought out Kashwére at retail and online (www.kashwere.com) , in numbers that fueled the brand’s expansion into an array of styles and categories. Today, Kashwére boasts its own livable luxury ‘ecosystem’ with irresistible fashions and furnishings that let people surround themselves in supreme style and comfort, to create an oasis of calm and wellbeing. In addition to its comfy adult-appealing robes, throws and travel blankets, jackets and other offerings, Kashwére added a line of plush baby sweaters, coverups and blankets that add a whole new dimension to swaddling. Recently, Kashwére introduced its Kapua™ cotton / velour, debuted in a custom robe and slippers for The Hari Hotel, newly opened by the prominent Harilela Family in Hong Kong. Kapua™ is a unique twisted yarn that enables a sleek smooth velour on the robe’s outside and ultra-soft cotton on the inside for maximum visual and tactile pleasure. Kashwére complemented the Kapua™ luxuries with other custom linens, towels and bathmats highlighting the Hari’s signature branding. The company also continues to innovate for its long-standing venerable hospitality partners, including co-branded initiatives with Disney Hotels. The creative force behind Kashwere’s product design and development is its CEO / Owner Merri Gleckler, whose strong aesthetic sensibilities and keen instincts about customer/ market needs and opportunities also drove the company’s diversification and deepened its industry relationships. Merri also is the biggest heart in a company of hearts, supporting philanthropic partnerships and regular donations to charities such as St. Jude’s and Colleen’s Dream Foundation, in addition to a 20ft container of products donated for relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. With a number of exciting products in the queue, guided by a firm belief that beautiful design elevates the spaces we create for ourselves and in turn elevates the lives we spend within those spaces, Kashwére’s future looks bright –- and ours feels beautiful and cozy. Company: Kashwere Contact: Merri Gleckler Website: www.kashwere.com