Style & Apparel Awards 2022

18 | LUXlife Magazine - Style & Apparel Awards 2022 Tailor of the Year - Washington DC From the outset, Hermans Eco is an independent design house. In manyways, that encapsulates much of what makes the company and its Owner, Anna Herman, special. Following Hermans success in the program, we spoke with Anna to find out how she has driven for better practices in the industry. Sustainability and eco-considerations have become key trends in the fashion industry over the last decade or so. Yet, Anna Herman was doing it, as they say, before it was cool. Driven by a need to be inclusive and ethical, Hermans Eco has forged a reputation for excellence in the sphere, with Anna herself being considered one of the best on the landscape. The secret to her success? Doing her own thing. Not bending to the whims of the greater industry. Being outspoken about the things she cares about… “I don't have any competition. I am simply better at it. There weren't any business models when I started so I made up my own. It's not enough to be sustainable you also must be a great designer. It used to be that customers bought my goods since they are green, organic and salvaged fabrics, however my base changed - now they buy the clothes because they like the designs. Maybe not all my customers are as environmentally friendly as I am, but it helps them Go Green. Eco Friendly is all we make in one way or another.” Let it be known, however, that success was hard won, even if Anna says it was mostly the result of being in the right place at the right time. “A few years ago, I was living in LA getting the run around when Macklemore started buying my Jumpsuits. The internet sales exploded. I hit the right product at the right time. I moved back to Montana and continued onmy quest. To this day, my customers all have one thing in common - they are free spirits. Artistically Natured. Fashion is supposed to be fun, after all.” Perhaps most impressive of all is that Anna has forged Hermans Eco into the brand it is today with one other member of staff, Carl Herman. “Carl is sometimes referred to as "The Shipping Department". I am the talent of the company. Sometimes I hire models. I am very particular about my supply chain. I like to think that the company is run by magic. I always keep up there is no other way to describe it. I am knowledgeable about vintage fabric, and I search constantly to get the hard-tofind fabrics for the line. I learned to sew on my grandmother's knee. But sewing well is a means to an end. It is the designs that rule here. Further, by nature of her small size, Anna is able to adapt on the fly, should such an approach be needed. If a customer wants a custom piece, Anna can do it. “On the custom clothes it's easy for me I can change on a dime partly because I am small. very versatile. The customers help me.” So, what does the future hold for Anna and Hermans Eco? As you may imagine, Anna has a plethora of ideas for 2023 and beyond, as she explains in her closing comments. “Always working on new ideas. 2023 brings more success. I am playing in the studio sometimes my best ideas come from just fooling around. A privilege I have since I'm indie. I'm already successful. I am driven by creativity instead of greed.” Company Name: Hermans Eco Contact Name: Anna Herman Address: Montana 59722 USA Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone Number:1-406-645-1252 “I just design whatever I like I don't change my line every year. I always know what's in style. I have a sixth sense. I don't really follow what others do.”