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Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: About the Style & Apparel Awards 2023 LUXlife is thrilled to announce the return of the Style and Apparel Awards. This annual awards programme highlights the best companies within the fashion industry. The Style and Apparel Awards 2023 is back for its second year, offering a prime opportunity for exceptional companies and individuals to receive the recognition they deserve for their hard work and contributions to the industry. We welcome all participants, including clothing manufacturers, jewellery appraisers, independent boutiques, and other key players in the fashion field. Winning awards in such a fiercely competitive industry is truly noteworthy, so we encourage you to participate and let us help you expand your client base. Join us now and take your brand to the next level! The fashion industry has made great strides towards sustainability and innovation in recent years, with more companies adopting eco-friendly production methods. Achieving an ethical fashion industry is an ambitious goal, but it is certainly possible. Acknowledging and celebrating companies that are leading the way in this transition is important, as it strengthens their commitment to sustainability and showcases their exceptional work. Additionally, technological advancements like AI are being introduced, with improvements made to production processes and stock management systems. Embracing innovation is crucial to the future of the fashion industry.

4. DWC ETERNITY: Best Dress Watch Company - Taiwan 6. Annie Haak Designs Ltd: Best Jewellery Collection of the Year (UK): Annie Haak AW23 Charmed Collection & Best Stackable Jewellery Brand - UK 8. Diamondrensu: Best Ethical Fine Jewellery eTailer - South Asia 10. Tiffany Brown Designs: Best Luxury Monochromatic Fashion Design Brand - USA 12. Sondra Falk Couture: Best Luxury One-of-a-Kind Fashion Design Company - Midwest USA & Excellence in Couture Fashion and Creative Design - USA 13. Glindawand Pty. Ltd.: Best Affordable Luxury Cosmetics Brand - NSW 14. Zabrave: Best Online Fine Art & Clothing Store - South Africa Contents

Jun22596 4 | LUXlife Magazine Best Dress Watch Company - Taiwan Established in 2022, DWC ETERNITY is a luxury watch brand dedicated to the philosophy of timelessness. Each exquisite timepiece is designed to capture the idea of eternity with an enchanting blend of simplicity and true elegance. As a young boy, Founder Davidian Chen became fascinated by his grandfather’s golden wristwatch. Years later, unable to find a watch that captured the magic of his grandfather’s timepiece, Davidian designed his own version called DWC ETERNITY. The Davidian Watch Company is not just a brand, but a celebration of classic craftsmanship that stands the test of time. For its elegant designs, we have bestowed on DWC ETERNITY a Style and Apparel Award. At DWC ETERNITY, every beautiful timepiece embodies Davidian’s motto that ‘Simplicity cultivates true elegance’. It is his belief that simplicity is not about superficial details but about exceptional and timeless craftsmanship. DWC ETERNITY's mission is to build a brand that is characterised by its high standards of quality and refinement. With exclusive designs crafted with care and precision, every dress watch is created to remind customers of life’s precious moments. For all these reasons and more, DWC ETERNITY is a truly distinctive watch brand, beloved by many esteemed patrons. Davidian’s vision for DWC ETERNITY began when he was a young boy enchanted by his grandfather’s gold wristwatch. The magnificent timepiece came to represent his ambitions and dreams for the future. Many years later, Davidian became a successful entrepreneur but within him remained that childhood fascination with the golden wristwatch. He searched tirelessly for a watch that captured the magic of his grandfather’s timepiece, but nothing compared to the cherished memory. Inspired by this dream, Davidian designed the DWC ETERNITY, a luxury watch that blended elegance and simplicity into one ageless creation. In 2023, DWC ETERNITY announced the EternalProject Collection, which invited clients to travel back in time to the era of Ancient Greece. For many years, Greek mythology has captivated mankind, and from its tales of gods, heroes, and men, the EternalProject has drawn its inspiration. With three sleek designs, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon, the EternalProject is a testament to the skilled artistry and craftsmanship of DWC ETERNITY. The timeless masterpieces boast a Swiss-made movement that ensures longevity and unrivalled accuracy. Its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal

Style and Apparel Awards 2023 | 5 glass provides a clear view of the stunning timepieces. With medical grade 316L stainless steel cases and full grain cowhide leather straps, the timepieces prioritise durability, comfort, and a clean, contemporary design. The EternalProject Collection offers more than just a watch with statement pieces that embody style, class, and the epitome of Greek mythology. In 2023, the collection was shortlisted for the Red Dot Award: Design Concept and was the winner of a NY Product Design Award (Silver Winner), London Design Award (Gold Winner) and a 2024 French Design Award (Gold Winner). While many watch brands produce all kinds of timepieces, DWC ETERNITY focuses on designing and perfecting luxury dress watches. By concentrating its efforts on dress watches, the brand fulfils its commitment to excellence with high-quality products designed to stand the test of time. For Davidian, an ideal timepiece features an understated design and simple forms that outlast passing trends and emphasise lifelong elegance. The brand’s minimalist designs celebrate the magic of less while never sacrificing luxury. On the design process, Davidian shares, “It first begins with meticulous research, where we thoroughly understand the project requirements and context. Then there's the ideation phase, wherein we generate a multitude of ideas and concepts. After that, these ideas are visualised either on paper or digitally during sketching or drafting. This is followed by refinement where we select a concept and meticulously polish it until its best form emerges. Once refined, prototyping begins; this is when we create a working model of the design. At the testing stage, we evaluate the design's effectiveness and make any necessary adjustments based on the feedback received. Lastly, with everything finalised and optimised to perfection, delivery takes place as we prepare for implementation of our fully realised design.” Davidian is passionate about incorporating Taiwan’s cultural heritage into DWC ETERNITY’s design process. The country’s rich culture and unique aesthetics foster creativity and are a source of inspiration for the company’s exquisite designs. At DWC ETERNITY, the team strives to integrate traditional Taiwanese elements into every aspect of a watch from the overall design to the finer details. This approach to the design process creates stunning products that aim to share Taiwanese culture with local and global audiences. DWC ETERNITY employs a flat organisational structure which promotes staff involvement and encourages open communication. As a learning organisation, the company treats employees as assets and provides them with opportunities for personal and professional development. DWC ETERNITY invests in education for its team to improve their skills and knowledge and help them excel in their current positions. Davidian’s own role within the company is multifaceted, involving product design decision-making, overall brand direction, customer experience enhancement, and managing international distribution processes. Looking to the future, DWC ETERNITY has several exciting initiatives to come, including future collaborations. Following the success of the EternalProject Collection, Davidian cannot wait to deliver more exceptional, high-quality designs through the subtlety of understatement. DWC ETERNITY specialises in outstanding luxury dress watches designed to capture the idea of timelessness by celebrating eternity. We are excited to see what comes next for this award-winning brand. For its captivating craftsmanship and unrivalled creativity, we have achieved DWC ETERNITY with our award for Best Dress Watch Company – Taiwan. For more information on upcoming releases, please follow DWC ETERNITY on Instagram @dwceternity and stay tuned. Contact Details Contact: Davidian Chen Company: DWC ETERNITY Web Address: DWC ETERNITY® is a registered trademark of True Agility Consulting Group Co., Ltd. Dec23369

6 | LUXlife Magazine andcrafted by talented artisans in both Bali and the UK, Annie Haak Designs’ jewellery is made from 925 sterling silver or goldplated silver and complemented with the careful placement of gems and semi-precious stones to provide those excellent finishing touches. At the heart of Annie’s offerings is a deeply personal story, with all of her designs reflecting special meanings and relaying a series of inspirational mantras or symbols that represent the elements of luck, love, protection, strength, and overall well-being. On each piece can be found the company’s signature brand mark, three hearts representing each of her children, Anoushka, Jochen, and Naomi. The origins of the business date back to Bali, where Annie’s husband, Johnie, was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. Firm in the belief that Johnie’s guardian angel was there that day, the guardian angel figure became a central piece in Annie’s designs, and her introduction to a silversmith by a local taxi driver on that same trip served as the turning point for the business. With life being able to be breathed into her designs by this master sculptor, Annie’s dream began to take shape. It is for this reason that in addition to the heart branding, many pieces carry words designed to bring positivity and affirmation, which can be worn on one’s body every day and serve as a reminder of how remarkable life can be. Some pieces come with such encouraging mottos such as, “Dream, Believe, Achieve”, or “I Am Enough”, and an extensive range of personal designs are also available to make the piece unique and extra special, with an engraving and a choice of initial/motto serving to make them suitable for every need. Each of the collections introduced by the company are done so with Annie’s seal of approval, as she puts each one together herself, based on her expert knowledge and personal assurance of quality. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the AW23 Charmed Collection, which features exceptional pieces themed with playing cards, angels, stars, keys, hearts, the moon, and more, in a range of pieces from bracelets to rings. Since Annie’s bracelet stacks are a staple of the brand, they are in abundance across the AW23 Charmed Collection, as well as in her offerings as a whole. Spanning a multitude of themes, shapes, and sizes, these silver and gold-plated silver pieces have something for everyone at a variety of price points, making them suitable for a host of occasions. Moreover, a series of gifts are available from stocking fillers to luxury Best Jewellery Collection of the Year (UK): Annie Haak AW23 Charmed Collection & Best Stackable Jewellery Brand - UK Famed jewellery brand Annie Haak Designs Ltd was established by Annie Haak in 2009, and is today a beacon for exceptional quality, with pieces such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings being sported by celebrities such as Joana Lumley, Jodie Whittaker, and Fearne Cotton. The company is particularly renowned for its stackable bracelets, with “the original stacking brand” offering choices ranging from dainty and delicate to modern and chunky. Many of these stackable bracelets, along with a host of other vintage and glamours offerings, comprise the AW23 Charmed Collection, which radiates elegance and superior craftsmanship. Annie is on hand to tell us more about this multiaward-winning brand. H Dec23190

Style and Apparel Awards 2023 | 7 items and greetings cards, and the company’s partnership with Annie’s chosen charity, the Future Dreams House, has inspired the Pink Ribbon Collection, with 50% of all proceeds from pieces purchased in this line going directly towards aiding the fight against breast cancer. Across her designs, a great deal of Annie’s inspiration for her designs come from the island of Bali, where she spends most of the year. Magic and beauty are synonymous with Bali, and the culture, flora, and fauna all contribute to her final designs, as too do the unique colours and patterns that can be found across the island. As Annie explains, “design is in my blood, having previously worked as designer, painter, and creator of personalised children’s pictures prior to introducing jewellery as a new product offering.” Coming from a business background of successful entrepreneurs, Annie knew she had what it takes to succeed, and although the road ahead has not always been smooth, she has vowed never to look back. When it comes to its clients, Annie Haak Designs is constantly aiming to improve the experiences of its customers, “from the moment they land on our website to receiving their order”, as Annie explains. Some of the proudest moments had by the company are when it receives feedback and testimonials from clients that recognise the stellar service, product quality, and love that goes into each and every piece. This all starts with the company staff, which, for Annie, “are the business.” Annie is proud to say that more than 70% of the team have worked with her and for the brand for years. When new talent is sought out, they are selected for not only their skills and values, but also their passion, loyalty, and ambition. As for managing market developments, style is a consistently important element in the fashion market, and this is something that Annie and the team know that they do well. In terms of adapting to trends, the team remain abreast of innovations or shifts regarding semi-precious stones, pearls, mixed metals, and charms, and while this continuous pursuit of excellence may be endless, the team are confident in their ability. As Annie puts it, “we are ‘on it’ constantly.” This includes the company’s present expansion of its Wedding Collection, something it is incredibly excited about. Looking to what the rest of 2024 is set to hold, Annie explains, “2024 will be a very exciting year full of new ventures and projects, these are mostly website implementations in order to enhance our customer's journey but also hopefully reaching out to new audiences via other platforms such as TV...” One particular initiative that is also aiding the company as it navigates the future of the industry is its partnership with Greenspark, which plants trees and recycles plastic bottles for every £50 order that is placed through the company’s website. Finally, the company is looking at potentially designing pieces with increased personalisation offerings, and maybe one day expanding into wholly bespoke jewellery offerings. Over the course of her career, Annie Haak has leveraged a nearly tragic experience to her advantage, creating something that is truly special and distinctive within the jewellery industry. Through Annie Haak Designs Ltd, jewellery has been created that is not only inkeeping with the fashion, but timeless and enduring. We wish Annie, Annie, and everyone working at the company the best of luck for the future and are excited to see what new designs and pieces the team come up with over the coming years. In closing, Annie tells us, “winning [this] Luxlife award is a huge honour and a very proud moment for all of us at AH HQ!” Contact Details Contact: Christina Gritsopoulou Company: Annie Haak Designs Ltd Web Address:

Jun22596 8 | LUXlife Magazine Over the past decade, Diamondrensu has grown into a globally respected and trusted supplier of exceptional lab-grown diamond and moissanite jewellery pieces. Its unmatched expertise has resulted in a constant supply of the best gemstones that comprise more than 50 shapes and 8 colours ranging from melee to 10+ carats. The “Diamondrensu Promise” comes as standard with each purchase, and includes free worldwide shipping, 24/7 customer service, a 100% money back guarantee, a limited lifetime warranty, an unbeaten market price, and perhaps most notably, the company’s renowned eco-friendly element, something that is discussed further below. Focusing on bespoke, high-end, and customised jewellery pieces that expertly intersect the not all too separate realms of fashion, art, and personalised expression, Diamondrensu’s services prioritise the preservation of the natural world. While mined diamonds may be beautiful, they unfortunately strip away not only natural resources, but also all of the money from one’s pockets. Lab-grown diamonds are physically and chemically identical to those found in the ground, and moissanite, while it is said to come from the stars, too serves as an ethically responsible alternative to diamond, as a laboratory-grown mineral that is made from silicon carbide. The benefits of choosing one of Diamondrensu’s lab-grown diamonds or moissanite jewellery pieces thus form an extensive list, as both of these alternatives are mining-free, eco-friendly, and conflict-free. None of these can be guaranteed with a regular diamond. There are other benefits too, the refractive index is either identical or more than a standard diamond, the hardness level and durability remain relatively unchanged, and these offerings come at just a fraction of the price of their diamond equivalents. Thus, not only is Diamondrensu demonstrably benefiting the environment through its products, but it is also able to offer pieces that are equally as robust and beautiful as mined diamonds, at up to 1/10th of the price. Jan24254 Best Ethical Fine Jewellery eTailer - South Asia Founded in 2016 by Ankit Nadoda, Diamondrensu has experienced considerable growth over the past 8 years, today serving as a distinguished brand in key global markets such as the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. At its core, the company specialises in crafting innovative, ethical, and meticulously handmade jewellery pieces, and is especially renowned for its engagement rings, which include the business’ signature lab-grown diamonds and moissanite. Similar expertise can be found in the field of antique cut diamonds, and through the unique combination of these services, the company’s diverse client base is able to span both retail and wholesale. Ankit tells us more about his business’ exceptional products and the ethical approach underpinning the operation. A company built on its values, Diamondrensu serves to embody integrity, transparency, accountability, and credibility on a daily basis, upholding these key principles across every interaction with customers, employees, and business associates alike, reinforcing the business’ solid foundation of trust and an ethical practice. With these values to boot, Ankit explains, “Diamondrensu is dedicated to solidifying its reputation as the world's most reliable source of premium, eco-friendly lab-grown diamonds and moissanite jewellery.” Something it is well on the way to achieving thanks to an unbridled commitment to products and services of the highest quality, and breathtaking pieces that adhere to strict environmental principles. As Ankit describes on behalf of himself and the team, “our mission is to relentlessly pursue excellence in our craft while remaining acutely aware of our environmental and social responsibilities.” To this end, every piece of jewellery crafted is done so to exceed customer expectations, while simultaneously making positive contributions to wider society. It is this unique blend of timeless craftsmanship and the latest developments in modern and sustainable practices that connote Diamondrensu’s industrywide distinction, something that is only aided by its unique, dual-natured approach that sees it dealing with environmentally-sound, lab-grown gems and antique cuts with equal knowledge and enthusiasm. In addition to the increased accessibility from a cost perspective thanks to the company’s lab-grown diamonds and moissanite, its services with antique cut diamonds are impressive due to them reviving stones through a handcutting process that create the sort of vintage styles that are scarcely found in modern jewellery today. Antique diamonds are those that are more than a century old, whereas vintage spans everything that is not quite old enough to fit into this category but is much too old to be seen as modern. With this

factor to boot, some of the styles that can be achieved are extraordinary and include the timeless charms of the Old European and Rose cuts. While its ethically sourced gemstones and antique diamond services already position Diamondrensu in a unique position in the industry, its distinction is further apparent through a custom design service, whereby clients can be involved in the designing and construction of their own unique piece, from the outset through to the finished product. This five-fold process begins with a sketch, which serves as the first, and arguably most important part, of the jewellery making journey. From here, the sketch is converted into a graphically generated image complete with the proper measurements, with the team using 3D CAD to give themselves and a client an accurate depiction of what the finished product will look like. Once all of the relevant scans have been completed, the image is turned into a wax model, and any minor settings that need to be done are done so here. Across this process, the wax has to be healthy and the deign precise, as this is the only way to ensure that the next step, casting, is done to the highest possible standard. When the wax model is ready, a casting tree that consists of several identical wax models is made, before the casting is carried out. It is important for the team to perform a quality check at this point, as once the stones are set any defects can not be changed. The final step is setting and polishing, a process that can take a team several hours to get right, with the stones being set and held for a lifetime. The handcrafted nature of these custom design offerings extends to all of the pieces for sale, with each being afforded the uppermost care, attention to detail, and unrivalled craftsmanship, something increasingly rare in today’s mass-produced, technology-driven world. Ankit tells us, “this commitment to traditional techniques combined with modern design sensibilities results in pieces that are both contemporary and timeless.” Although handcrafted products are increasingly rare, the emphasis consumers place on sustainability is not, and for Ankit, the company’s eco-friendly practices, “resonate with a growing segment of consumers […] mindful of the environmental impact of their purchases.” On top of all this is a series of methods adopted by the firm in providing its clients with the best possible service across the board. The first element is an emphasis on quality, something that Ankit describes as “paramount.” Found across every aspect of the company’s operations, quality is omnipresent at Diamondrensu, seen from the rigorous checks through to faultless customer service. This ties in nicely with the second and third elements of this process, the providing of a personalised customer experience and exceptional customer support, respectively. This is something that has only been made possible by a dedicated team of employees, who are happy to guide clients every step of the way and answer any questions. Listening and responding to feedback and adopting a culture that prioritises adapting and striving for better has proven key, with the team actively seeking feedback from customers. As Ankit tells us, “this input is essential for continuous improvement, helping us to refine our products and services and better align with our clients’ needs and expectations.” The final element of this all-encompassing customer approach underpins the company’s dedication to its customers, as it involves a rarity in the industry, an after-sales service. Ankit explains, “we provide comprehensive after-sales services, including maintenance, repairs, and adjustments, to ensure the longevity and satisfaction of each purchase.” With exceptional lab-grown diamond engagement rings and jewellery of the highest quality, Diamondrensu’s unique designs and dedication to its clients, the environment, and ethical practice make it a worthy winner of this award, celebrating both its morals and its exceptional pieces. We congratulate Ankit Nadoda and the rest of the team for their hard work, dedication, and success, and are excited to see just how much the company continues to grow over the coming years. Contact Details Contact: Ankit Nadoda Email Address: [email protected] Company: Diamondrensu Web Address:

Jun22596 10 | LUXlife Magazine Best Luxury Monochromatic Fashion Design Brand - USA Previously known as Tiffany Brown Ltd., Tiffany Brown Designs is a prestigious Atlanta-based design house offering an iconic range of contemporary, functional, and timeless garments, crafted with the highest quality fabrics and materials. The brand was established by Founder, CEO, and Creative Designer Dr. Tiffany Brown, whose unparalleled entrepreneurial spirit has enabled it to thrive. With a degree in political science from Spelman College, a master’s degree in public administration from Clark Atlanta, and a doctorate in public policy from Walden University, Tiffany Brown is a highly determined, committed, and hardworking individual who is no stranger to putting her best efforts forth in order to achieve her goals. Now, having recently completed the President Owner Management 55 at Harvard University School of Business, she is officially a Harvard alumnus. As a driven professional with boundless ambition, it is no surprise that Tiffany Brown has garnered extensive experience in entrepreneurship. In 2008, she set out to establish a small fashion boutique in Midtown Atlanta, specialising in the provision of affordable luxury fashion for both women and men. The business went on to develop significantly over the years, becoming a globally renowned brand with showrooms in Atlanta, Berlin, and London. To reflect its evolution, Tiffany Brown Ltd. was relaunched as Tiffany Brown Designs in 2013. Today, Tiffany Brown Designs offers seasonal collections of privately labelled garments that are entirely unique to the global market. As a result, its customers can expect to browse a superb selection of distinct merchandise that they will not find anywhere else. With each collection focusing on a different hue, the brand has become known for its monochromatic looks, all of which offer ageless elegance and are flattering on a range of body types. For example, Tiffany Brown Designs selected the colour grey for its Fall-Winter 2023 Collection, showcased at New York Fashion

Style and Apparel Awards 2023 | 11 Week. The collection features a number of dramatic pieces in different shades of grey, including spectacular gowns, luxurious vegan leather coats, and faux furs for women and men, as well as monogrammed athleisure. Often associated with intellect, elegance, and refinement, grey garments exude sophistication. A diplomatic tone by nature, grey oscillates between black and white, which gives it an air of mystery. It is also closely linked to the concepts of resurrection and life after death in Christian symbology, creating connotations of rebirth. When asked about her source of inspiration for the grey collection by various publications, Tiffany reflected on her experience during the turbulent years that followed the Covid-19 outbreak. She believes that everyone has been through a rebirth of sorts, realising what is truly important in their lives. Human beings create ingenious, powerful, and sometimes simple strategies to overcome the challenges they face in life. They also carry out awe-inspiring acts of courage, dignity, and grace in the face of anguish. However, through it all, they must be able to live, love, and be fashionable under all circumstances. Through its FallWinter 2023 collection, Tiffany Brown Designs aimed to give hope to the population, inspiring them to continue to live and never stop searching for love. When it comes to designing new garments for its limited collections, Tiffany Brown Designs values quality as much as it does appearance. Known for its luxurious clothing items, the brand uses high-quality materials and techniques in the manufacturing process to ensure their longevity. For example, it uses fabrics that are less prone to tearing and employs methods of stitching that are less likely to come apart when exposed to extreme conditions. When clothing is made with a focus on durability and reliability, it is more likely to stand the test of time whilst still looking and feeling great. Easily identifiable by their fabric, structure, and design, high-quality clothing items do not need to be replaced as often as their lower quality counterparts, saving the wearer time, money, and frustration. Moreover, Tiffany Brown Designs is committed to providing an unparalleled standard of customer service, both in-store and online. The brand is equipped with an outstanding team of knowledgeable staff, all of whom are willing to assist customers and educate them on unfamiliar garments with unique design elements and fits. With seasoned expertise in high-end fashion, they can help any customer find the item of clothing that will work best for them in terms of size, style, fit, design, fabric, and price. Internally, Tiffany Brown Designs operates based on a culture of growth and development, striving to provide opportunities to team members who demonstrate a fresh and innovative mindset. The brand believes that, with the right people in the right positions, any organisation can experience significant positive change. In hiring, Tiffany Brown Designs aims to recruit individuals who are passionate about its work, since those who care about their jobs are often the most engaged. This makes a big difference in terms of the quality of work they are able to produce. For its continued excellence in all areas, Tiffany Brown Designs has been awarded the title of Best Luxury Monochromatic Fashion Design Brand, USA, in the Style and Apparel Awards 2023. In the coming year, the brand plans to combine its strong online presence with a number of new physical stores, including a New York boutique in the SoHo district and a Paris boutique in the Saint Honore area. Contact Details Contact: Tiffany Brown Company: Tiffany Brown Designs Web Address: Dec23148

12 | LUXlife Magazine Best Luxury One-of-a-Kind Fashion Design Company - Midwest USA & Excellence in Couture Fashion and Creative Design - USA Based in Southern Nevada, Sondra Falk Couture is a premier fashion designer and manufacturer of luxury women’s apparel. Headed by couture designer Sondra, the brand creates timeless works of art with elegant formal, evening, and bridal apparel. For the past 29 years, Sondra has produced exquisite creations of the highest industry standards with meticulous attention to detail. It is the mission of Sondra Falk Couture to become the leading designer and manufacturer of unique apparel for female professionals. The company’s commitment to quality and outstanding customer service has led Sondra Falk Couture to achieve two awards for this year’s Style and Apparel Awards. In a world of fast fashion and mass production, Sondra Falk Couture is a connoisseur of style and true couture. Every beautiful piece is a timeless original and a testament to the artistry of the brand. With limited editions and distinct designs, Sondra and her team's stunning creations are designed to reflect clients' unique identities. Whether a black-tie gala, glamourous gathering, or all-star event, Sondra Falk Couture has something special for every occasion. The team is dedicated to building long-lasting client relationships through its quality offerings and attentive customer service. Sondra attended the Art Institute of Chicago and graduated from the esteemed Ray Vogue College of Fashion Design in Chicago. Sondra’s passion for couture led to the establishment of her own custom apparel design studio. With specializations in day wear, cocktail apparel, evening dress, and bridal wear, the team crafts contemporary designs and timeless classics that leave a lasting impression on all who encounter them. When clients choose Sondra Falk Couture, they are choosing unmatched quality, superb craftsmanship, and a legacy of elegance. At their studio, every stitch tells a story, and women’s dreams and aspirations are woven into beautiful sagas. At Sondra Falk Couture, their designers do not follow trends. The skilled team crafts bespoke designs tailored for the individual and adapts garments to their lifestyle. With her years of experience, Sondra harnesses her unlimited creativity to produce one-of-a-kind pieces as unique as the individual. Sondra Falk Couture is a trailblazer in the industry and invites clients to experience its unrivalled service from the comfort of its Las Vegas studio. Dina Slipock, a valued client, shares, “There was great communication from the very first appointment. We had three follow up appointments because I could not wait to see my gown. Along with alterations services, we also had concierge services where Sondra delivered my gown on our wedding day. It was so lovely to have her with us to help get me dressed. The team truly went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable, special, and beautiful. I will recommend them to anyone needing alterations and wish I could give them 6 stars!” With its professional alterations service, the team of artisans uses their expertise to enhance the fit of any garment. Precise alterations help breathe new life into an outfit, flattering the figure and emphasizing the wearer’s natural beauty. From vintage finds to customising new pieces, the brand’s alterations elevate apparel, transforming them into extraordinary gems. Alteration services can also help restore and preserve garments with sentimental value, ensuring heirlooms can be passed down through the generations. Looking to the future, Sondra says, “We feel that the desire for custom-made apparel and personalised services for the individual will continue to grow as indicated in the projected global trends. We are very excited and optimistic about the forecast for 2024 as it appears today. We are already working on our 2024 collection for the NOW Honors and Power of PINK Summit, planned for October 3rd –5th 2024 in Las Vegas Nevada. Keep an eye out for our upcoming Designer Conclave events coming soon!” For those ready to embark on their style evolution, Sondra Falk Couture offers clients the personal touch with bespoke designs and exceptional customer service. Its expert team is dedicated to capturing individuality and celebrating each client’s unique spirit. Sondra Falk Couture is much more than a brand. It aims to be an industry leader for its classically styled and elegant apparel that continually exceeds expectations with its fine attention to detail. At Sondra Falk Couture, each garment is a labour of love. Sondra invites clients to reach out to commission their own bespoke designs, promising that every message will receive the team’s undivided attention. For the company’s unique combination of creativity and craftsmanship, we have bestowed two accolades for this year’s Style and Apparel Awards. Contact Details Contact: Stephen Falk Company: Sondra Falk Couture Web Address:

Style and Apparel Awards 2023 | 13 In the dynamic beauty landscape, GlindaWand has become a pioneer for its unique blend of simple yet luxurious products. Jacqueline Hutton, the brand’s talented founder, creates affordable luxury Skincare and cosmetics designed to empower consumers and be kind to their skin. In a world of unrealistic beauty standards, GlindaWand has a clear focus on ‘Real Makeup for Real Women in Real Time’ and its success is a testament to Hutton’s dedication to customers’ beauty needs. For the brand’s empowering philosophy and commitment to quality, GlindaWand has been honoured with this year’s Best Affordable Luxury Cosmetics Brand -NSW. Best Affordable Luxury Cosmetics Brand - NSW makeup and themselves, “makeup should not be a chore but more of a joyful ritual that every woman can embrace and enjoy; We strive to provide each woman the opportunity to always represent the best version of herself, with premium, yet affordable beauty products” The allure of GlindaWand is in its empowering philosophy - to celebrate your own unique beauty, always being the best version of 'YOU'. The brand's commitment to quality and accessibility allows every woman to indulge in makeup that enhances her individual charm. GlindaWand is committed to its mission to serve everyday women with simple, luxurious products that celebrate consumers’ individual beauty. The Australian brand is currently working to create sustainable and eco-friendly packaging and offering refill options. The charm of GlindaWand lies in its empowering philosophy, encouraging women to experiment and embrace their authenticity. Its secret lies in creating simple, multi-tasking, luxurious but affordable products that allow customers to their own kind of beautiful. In an industry that promotes unhealthy and often unrealistic standards on everyone. GlindaWand’s pursuit of excellence, dedication to real woman and quality has cemented the brand as a cherished company throughout the world. Under Jacqueline’s innovative direction, the beauty brand will continue to produce luxurious, cost-effective products designed with real women in mind. We are excited to see what the future holds for GlindaWand as it works to transform the beauty industry with its realistic beauty. Contact Details Contact: Jacqueline Hutton Company: Glindawand Pty. Ltd. Web Address: lindaWand emerged in 2015 as a pioneer, led by Jacqueline. As a professional and expert in hair and makeup artistry, for over 3 decades she noticed a consistent pattern – a bias towards serving the needs of professional makeup artists, celebrities, the affluent, and younger women. It seemed like the beauty requirements of the everyday woman had been sidelined, this apparent oversight became the spark that led to the creation of GlindaWand and its guiding philosophy - 'Real Makeup for Real Women in Real Time'. Jacqueline's singular goal was to ensure that every woman, regardless of her age, status, or income, could enjoy the benefits of high-quality, luxurious beauty products. What started as a small personal venture has become global with GlindaWand not just about creating makeup; it's about celebrating the authenticity of women everywhere, making them feel valued, and empowering them to shine in their own unique ways. In a world often focused on unrealistic beauty standards, GlindaWand offers a refreshingly real and empowering approach, making it a cherished brand among women all over the world. GlindaWand HQ now occupies an entire floor of Adam’s House on Sydney’s famous Oxford Street in Darlinghurst, New South Wales, GlindaWand is currently sold in 4 countries with a loyal customer base. GlindaWand’s multi-tasking creations frequent multiple networks in Australia on free to air; The Morning Show- Channel 7 and Today Extra- channel 9, in the UK they are available on 2 Home Shopping networks, TJC-UK and Ideal World-UK plus in the USA, Shop LC-USA. The Fountain of Youth Elixir, is their world-exclusive, superstar product. It is a Complete Skincare System in One bottle. This one bottle replaces all other skincare products and streamlines skincare, saving time, money and space. Customers come first at GlindaWand, GlindaWand is on a mission to redefine the way women perceive and experience beauty, G

14 | LUXlife Magazine ffering an extensive range of both contemporary and modern art from its home base of South Africa and the wider continent, Zabrave’s offerings extend to a variety of mediums, with paintings, fine art photography, batik, sculptures, and printmaking being undertaken, curated on the brand’s website and online store, in addition to its two galleries, before it is sold to happy customers and art lovers on a global scale. When Herman Ssebuliba founded the company, he did so on the back of a determination to see his local communities thrive, building off of his experience in the areas of animal welfare, civil rights and social action, economic empowerment, and disaster/humanitarian relief, among others. Those frequenting Zabrave’s online store are designers and art lovers who are seeking to source and purchase fine artwork and original clothing in both the company’s native South Africa and further afield, with this platform shipping all over the world. A clear, conventional pricing structure is at the centre of Zabrave’s offerings, and it results in the vast majority of earnings from a sale being rightfully given to the person/s who designed the piece. An economical approach to pricing can too be found, meaning that the store does not have to drive incentives by offering reductions. But more importantly, when buying from Zabrave, a customer is supporting upcoming African artists, championing their unique work. Another defining characteristic of the Zabrave brand is its pledge to bring an end to animal cruelty globally, donating to charities and establishing the necessary partnerships to aid it in achieving this honourable goal. By standing united with charities, organisations, and individuals who are making waves in the fields of animal and habitat protection, as well as cruelty prevention, the company is contributing positively towards a brighter future for all. One particular area of focus is rhinos, who are at risk of extinction as a result of impacts on the climate, deforestation, and hunting. These rhinos make up a big part of store’s social responsibility commitments, and their images have graced many of the pieces sold on the site. Zabrave Wear comprises the brand’s clothing offerings, with choices available for men, women, and children. Through Zabrave’s extensive collection of artworks, a first-hand artistic experience is on offer that seeks to capture the exhaustive nature of African beauty through artistic pieces of unrivalled uniquity and expression. Since Africa boasts an array of cultural diversity, no two images are the same, with each artist capturing their source material in a fresh, exciting way. Across the store, art is available in either colour or black and white, with both of these categories serving different purposes, the former to radiate beauty, while the latter serves to focus attention on the subject in an incredibly personal way. Best Online Fine Art & Clothing Store - South Africa Zabrave excels in celebrating African creativity through its art and clothing, with an extensive online store and galleries located in Cape Town and Franschhoek. Established by Herman Ssebuliba, the brand specialises in the sale of bespoke fine art and clothing, providing artists and fashion designers from around the world with a unique platform and opportunities to enter into the global market. Underpinning this operation is the ethos that all designers and artists should be able to benefit considerably from their artwork and clothing designs having prolific exposure in a worldwide and professional store. With Zabrave’s colourful pieces, a buyer is afforded a highly stylised expression of a portrait or an image in profile, with a plethora of colours and techniques being used in order to convey emotion and mood, depicting the subject in a new, bold, and vivid manner. In direct contrast, the black and white category offers a back-to-basics approach, stripping the striking colours and interpretations and leaving behind a stunningly realistic image of understated beauty, feeling, and sheer talent. There is a timeless nature to the black and white images available for sale on the site, and they are sure to serve as a striking centrepiece in any home. Anyone seeking a slice of authentic African culture and some seriously impressive artistic masterpieces needs look no further than Zabrave, which offers both of these in addition to an unwavering dedication to supporting the environment and all of its inhabitants. With all of this to boot, it is easy to see why Zabrave is being celebrated with this award, and we wish the company all the best as it continues to push artistic boundaries and create clear statements. Contact Details Contact: Herman Ssebuliba Company: Zabrave Web Address: O