Summer 2019

40 May19252 Finding Architectural Inspiration Through Art & Nature AMAART studio is an architectural firm that believes ardently in the seamless integration of innovative architectural design in established urban landscapes. Naturally, AMAART was the perfect fit for the title of ‘Italy’s Most Innovative Architectural Practice’ in LUX life’s 2019 Leading Designers programme. Following that well-deserved recognition, we spoke with Chief Architect, Alessia Maggio, Arch. Ph.D to find out more about her singular design vision. It is no easy task to be considered unique in the global architectural industry, as peers and competitors fight to mark themselves as ‘individuals’ – different, new and original. In some ways, this is a harder task when you operate in the luxury sphere, where the avant- garde and the unusual are celebrated in equal measure, and become, paradoxically, the ‘norm’. However, AMAART truly distinguishes itself through the ideology that the facade of the building is worthy of intense consideration: after all, it forms that important ‘first impression’ of the space, and it must, in every way, ‘fit’ into the environment around it. Here Alessia chooses to elaborate on AMAART’s chosen focal point: “The main design focus is based on the composition of the facade, it is seen as the threshold that communicates with public space and nature. Material and light are the most important natural instruments that we use to create a unique dialogue with a personal idea and project expression.” Above all else, AMAART understands the importance of working closely alongside clients to best realize the final product. For Alessia, this reliance on communication becomes a crucial part of her design process: “The firm operates in deep contact with the client and their personal requests. Most of all we try to design a unique architectonic ‘fabric’ that we are able to recreate through personal dialogue with the client and expressed in architectural forms.” Ultimately, AMAART architecture is an award winning and nationally recognized architectural design firm that acts like an exclusive boutique studio, harnessing the client’s insight alongside their expertise to create structures that are - in every way - ‘new’, serving to push the greater architectural industry forwards. “It is crucial for our team to do an excellent job: attention to detail, respect for historical context and modern aesthetics.” Alessia continues, moving on to discuss AMAART’s team. “The firm is like a small family of designers. We all have a role in the construction of the project’s evolution. I am the Chief Project Designer, and the group are a selected team of talented young architects that integrate into the project’s process. Moreover, we make sure we continuously have a strong dialogue on the work process and the development of the design.” “Our firm tries its best to follow our own path that is deeply in touch with architectural sense of purpose and the ‘inner motive’ of the space.” Regarding the future, Alessia offers more insight into AMAART’s immediate plans: “We will accomplish a fascinating project in 2019. We are currently working on a new idea of modern campus in the North of Italy and will continue working on the first AMAART industrial innovative design element for architecture facades.” Alessia Maggio’s passion belongs to international metropolises and architectural delights. Born in Milan, though spending many of her formative years in London and New York, she opened her new studio is a “fabulous and magical place” in Italy, Sirmione, located along the Lake of Garda, and a source of inspiration for many important Italian artists over the ages. “I founded AMAART in 2016, after 10 years of teaching in the architecture University “La Sapienza” of Rome. I acquired my PhD in 2010 and, shortly after, decided to start my own studio dedicated to architecture in Rome. The studio in this moment is focused on private projects for residential services, close to the Garda Lake. In 2018, Alessia has participated in an artistic exhibition at the Venice Biennale, GAA foundation, Palazzo Mora in Venice and she is an active member of AIDIA Roma. A national association of Italian women in Architecture and Engineering, that focus on the rights of graduates working in the field of engineering and architecture and cultivates cultural and professional ties with similar Italian and foreign companies. “Architecture, for me, represents a need that goes beyond mere work, it is the energy to focus on the principals of unity: We breathe a restless heart without architecture. In light there is an extension of material, the wind will blow its words throughout form, and gather man along the path. A timeless thickness glows, to find a measure of what is done in our existence. The architect can walk a lonely road when designing a fundamental change. But, in the end, the formal expression will have brought the answer: ARCHITECTURE and MAN will hold TIME and SPACE in Unity. In that way, AMAART represents the very personal urge to emerge and shout out loud and make clear the importance of art and architecture for humanity.” - Alessia Maggio on her background, team and inspirations Company: AMAART Name: Alessia Maggio Address: Via Anelli, 28, Desenzano del Garda, 25025, Brescia, Italy Website: Telephone: +39 339 2885412