Summer 2022

37 Mar22207 Luxury Travel Agency of theYear - Colorado Dayton Owens founded World Traveler 365 through his everlasting passion for travel and exploring the world. With his more than 45 years of travelling experience, Dayton wants to share his love for travel with others and to help them become witness to the vast beauty that Mother Earth has to offer. World Traveler 365 is a licensed full service travel agency offering luxury and premium travel planning, building the bridge between its clients and their dream travel destinations. Whatever the client’s interests – history, culture, art, cuisine, hiking, beaches, cities – World Traveler 365 can open doors to the wonders of the world. Also, the company markets itself in golf courses, wine clubs, and luxury establishments. The aim of World Traveler 365 is to make the client feel like they are part of the family of travellers and not just a customer. Dayton and his team want each and every client to have the best experience, whether searching for the Northern Lights, delving into the luxury of Oceania, and AmaWaterways, or backpacking to Machu Picchu. It’s all about saving each individual hours of time planning the perfect trip, putting the relaxation and joy back into travelling, and creating memories that last a lifetime. World Traveler 365’s professionals have access to some truly unique experiences which one may not be able to find on the internet. They also work with travel suppliers directly and can offer amenities to create great value. It is the team’s list of industry contacts, and extensive experience and knowledge of the world of travel that truly gives them an edge over most competitors. Indeed, the luxury and bespoke nature of the company’s services means that it can serve a wide range of holidaymakers and globetrotters, from those who wish to travel in style to those who want the full backpacking experience. No matter the preference, it delights in introducing its customers to new things, and its packages are presented to the client with enthusiasm as well as professionalism. World Traveler 365 wishes to expose its clients to the full experience of the places it sends them; in this way, it sees many of its clients gain a new appreciation for the diversity and beauty of the world. In addition, it attracts clients who want to learn from their experiences overseas, catering to curious people for whom images aren’t enough – people who wish to see the wonders of the world with their very own eyes. By letting its expert staff handle the development and creation of an excursion with client input and feedback, even its busiest clients can avail themselves of its services, and have a resulting break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life that caters to their every need. Furthermore, its word of mouth reviews are exemplary, and in a niche market like luxury bespoke tourism, word travels fast. The reputation for excellence that it has developed has earned it many accolades and awards, making it stand out from the rest, and securing it membership in the ASTA, CLIA, TRUE, and The Travel Institute. Company: World Traveler 365 Contact: Dayton Owens Email: [email protected] Website: fe