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Summer 2022 Ravana Garden: Best Sustainable Luxury Boutique Hotel - Sri Lanka Luxury 778: Exclusivity in the Alps The Resort Villa: Thailand’s Best Kept Holidaymaking Secret

Sofi Bajor, Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: Editor’s Letter Summer 2022 Hello and welcome to the Summer 2022 issue of LUXlife! This issue comes to you in the height of our summer. With the sun beaming down upon us, we are indeed reminded of fond summer memories from years gone before. We would like to take the time to remind you of all the hard work you have set out in spring to accomplish and, as these goals have now come intro fruition, we want to take the time to congratulate you for your dedication and achievements. Here we will be looking at some aspirations and successes for a variety of luxury businesses across such an extravagant landscape. We are truly proud to present these well-established businesses as they continue to create a better world for us to live in. Not only have they survived the years passed, but they have thrived throughout tumultuous times – coming out the other side with much to show for it. Just like that glowing sun that we feel on our skin, they offer us a chance to feel the opulent warmth of luxury in our lives. No matter who you are or where you come from, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and we look forward to your perusing of this issue for you to find out more. Here at LUXlife we hope you have a truly wonderful couple of months ahead and we very much look forward to welcoming you back for our next issue. Best Omakase Restaurant 2022 - Hong Kong

Contents 4. News 6. Best Aesthetic Specialist PR Agency 2022 - UK Cosmetic PR 7. Most Innovative Tourism & Hospitality Design & Marketing Agency 2022 RBK Advertising + Design 8. Luxury Wine Tour Agency of the Year - France Exclusive France Tours 9. International Hair Restoration Clinic of the Year - UK Vinci Hair Clinic 10. Thailand’s Best Kept Holidaymaking Secret The Resort Villa 12. Dental Practice of the Year 2022 - Perth Iconic Dentistry 13. Best Holistic Skincare Brand - Europe KEAR 14. Best Omakase Restaurant 2022 - Hong Kong Sushi Zo Hong Kong 16. Outstanding Innovation Through Creative Design mf design studio ltd 17. Cocktail Bar of the Year - Cologne Toddy Tapper 18. Best Permanent Make-Up Artist 2022 (Berkshire): Ellie Dyson Berkshire Permanent Makeup 19. Best Comfort Food Restaurant & Whiskey Bar - Minnesota Winchester & Rye Restaurant 20. Best Sustainable Dogs Fashion Company - Washington Louie de Coton 21. Best Rural B&B Accommodation – Cornwall Cusgarne Manor boutique B&B 22. Most Innovative Organic Essential Oils Provide 2022 BoreA Canada Essential Oils 23. Best Online Wedding Supply Shop 2022 - QLD Aussie Wedding Shop 24. Swedish Skincare Innovation Transderma 25. Most Innovative Skincare Brand 2022 (Germany): Danphelyn® Danphelyn 26. Best Dog Education and Hospitality Specialists - Veneto IL CANE ISTRUITO 27. Events Driven by Storytelling Eventique Contents 13. 28. Most Intimate Wedding Venue - Kansas Emporia Granada Theatre 29. Best Sustainable Luxury Boutique Hotel - Sri Lanka Ravana Garden 30. Most Trusted Multi-Practice Cosmetic Clinic 2022 - UK Este Medical Group 31. Best Stolen Moments Wedding Photography Business - Greater Boston Candid Memories Studio 32. Best Maternity Wellbeing & Skincare Brand - UK Cradle & Tonic 33. A Little Drop of Paradise by The Ocean Bunaken Oasis 34. Luxurious Contemporary Interior Design Services CRT Studio, Inc. 35. Pet Accessory Retailer of the Year – UK & LUXlife Business Growth Excellence Award 2022 Big Pawfection 37. Luxury Travel Agency of the Year - Colorado World Traveler 365 38. Best Healthy Catering Business - Metro Phoenix Cuisine By Celine 39. Greek Restaurant of the Year - Greater London Tavernaki Portobello 40. Excellence In All Things Oakmount and Partners Ltd 41. Over a Decade of Dedicated Design Bozhinovski Design 42. Brunch Restaurant of the Year - Northeast Florida Ancient City Brunch Bar 44. Best Garden Venue 2022 - Pacific Northwest Jardin del Sol 45. Carefully Tilled for an Unforgettable Occasion Tantalus Estate 46. Best Winery Wedding Venue in 2022 Rava Wines 47. Most Idyllic Wedding Farm Venue - Washington Saltwater Farm at Friday Harbor 48. Eye Care Specialists of the Year - UK Cult51 49. Accounting & Advisory Services for Growing Businesses - Technology and a Personal Touch Heal Accounting 50. Exclusivity in the Alps Luxury 778 52. Discover Every Corner of Italy HNH Hospitality Group 53. Where the Dunes Meet the Shore Sealine Beach, a Murwab Resort 54. 1920s Glamour Packaged in a Contemporary Hotel Tattersalls Hotel Armidale 55. Connecting People and Homes around the World Hammond International Properties 50.

K-Swiss and McLaren F1 Formula Team to Debut an Exclusive Partnership ThatWill Introduce a Premium Collection to theWorld Los Angeles-based heritage footwear brand K-SWISS and McLAREN RACING, a leader in Formula 1 racing, are proud to announce their exciting new partnership beginning in 2023 that will encapsulate the brands' sophistication and longevity within their respective categories. The collection truly comes at a thrilling period as Formula 1 continues to increase momentum and enthusiasts globally. Both brands possess a rich heritage. K-Swiss will be celebrating its 57th year while McLaren looks to celebrate its 60th in 2023. Other than being deeply rooted in heritage, both K-Swiss and McLaren put emphasis on elevated performance, giving this partnership an even larger opportunity to span the globe. K-Swiss and McLaren have developed a groundbreaking multi-year relationship that will debut in the late spring of 2023. For K-SWISS, a brand especially known for its genius collaborations, it is the first time the footwear brand will venture into the Formula 1 racing world with an energizing goal to evolve its presence and introduce new consumers to its widely celebrated rich heritage. As Formula 1 racing continues to grow globally at an exponential pace, especially within the U.S., the collaboration brings a new energy to K-Swiss' product assortment and presents an opportunity for the footwear brand to push its limits with innovation and product development. K-Swiss and McLaren will work together to elevate distinct tentpole moments including key races around the globe. "We are honored to be part of this exciting new and multi-year partnership and are looking forward to be joining McLaren on the racetrack. Each brand boasts a heritage that reflects the other's, replete with perseverance, innovation, and excellence. We hope that with this new partnership we develop a new base of loyalists and extend our legacies further," says Dave Grange, International Brand President at K-Swiss. K-Swiss and McLaren have worked closely together to develop a collection that complements the signature expressions and design ethos of both brands. "It is a pleasure to welcome K-Swiss to the McLaren Racing family and Formula 1. We are excited to work with a brand which has such a strong heritage and can provide our team with footwear that is reliable with a focus on performance while looking fantastic. I can't wait for the release of the collection." Lindsey Eckhouse, Director of Licensing, eCommerce & esports at McLaren Racing. The K-Swiss and McLaren collection will be on-going and consist of footwear and an assortment of apparel for consumers. In addition, performance-based footwear will be worn by the pit crew and engineers on the racetrack before it becomes available to the public. With this initial collection launch, there will be more to come and both K-Swiss and McLaren are thrilled to embark on this new journey together. The partnership will be available for consumers to purchase and will be available on, and select retailers.

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 5 The Stolen Art Gallery Opens its Doors in the Metaverse Digital transformation company Compass UOL announced the opening of The Stolen Art Gallery, the first metaverse museum that displays major works of art that have been stolen or are missing. Visitors, art lovers, and critics can interact with masterpieces that disappeared decades ago in this immersive social experience hall, the first of its kind. The gallery includes Caravaggio's Nativity with St. Francis and St. Lawrence, stolen from an oratory in Sicily, Italy, on a stormy night in October 1969. Rembrandt's only seascape, Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee, is also there. Burglars took it from the Gardner Museum in Boston in March 1990, in the biggest art heist in modern history. In a metaverse twist, the Stolen Art Gallery brings back artist together with art. As moonlight filters from a skylight into the darkened warehouse of the gallery and you hear the crashing storm at sea, you can tap your wrist to have a miniature bust of Rembrandt materialize and share that he included a self-portrait in the boat, the only sailor looking back at you from the painting. The experience helps understand why market research firm Gartner expects 25 percent of people will spend at least an hour a day in the metaverse by 2026. You can come much closer to the painting that you would in a physical museum and notice tiny Rembrandt giving you a half smile as he grabs on a boat stay amid the giant waves. As one young visitor said, "I was so close that I felt like I could lick the painting." "The Stolen Art Gallery introduces the metaverse concept, replicating the experiences from online gaming platforms like Fortnite," said Alexis Rockenbach, CEO of Compass UOL. "It is more about immersive social interaction than just the virtual reality environment—you can interact with your friends around the art pieces, discuss your impressions, make sketches, and share notes and information about the artist, the paintings, and their stories." The gallery also includes Cézanne's View of Auvers-sur-Oise, stolen from the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, UK, in the early hours of New Year's Day, 1999. It was a carefully planned raid that must have netted the burglars millions, prompting Cezanne to comment that he lived all his life in poverty. At least the public can now pay him a visit and see two other missing works by Van Gogh and Manet just by donning a popular headset like the Meta Quest 2. Compass UOL is making more investments on the metaverse. In April the company announced a new scholarship program to train a thousand people in augmented reality, virtual reality, and gaming design and animation through 2023.

6 Mar22763 Best Aesthetic Specialist PR Agency 2022 - UK At their core, Cosmetic PR is an experienced, dedicated, and diligent company that brings boutique PR and marketing services to the professionals of the beauty, medical aesthetics, and wellness industries. Using their full-service, boutique, and second-to-none services to empower smaller brands and companies in the field to reach the heights of success they are capable of, they help the young blood begin making waves with their innovative new ideas. With over 17 years of experience in the industry, Cosmetic PR prides itself on helping small brands to become pioneers of modern industry. Nominally, over their time in operation, the team has been providing a full-service, boutique, and top-quality range of solutions for all their clients’ public relations and digital marketing needs, specialising in clients whose companies focus on medical aesthetics, beauty, and wellness. With an incredible amount of experience at its back – and having helped clients across a broad spectrum of products and services – Cosmetic PR’s aid shines a light on small brands, allowing them to step up to bat with the biggest and brightest of their competitors. This has only been helped by the fact that they specialise in aesthetics. Fundamentally, by keeping themselves dedicated to a specific market and client base, they have made themselves experts in helping the kinds of clients they come across in those industries. Therefore, when a client approaches them, they can be sure that all strategies they recommend are ones that have been tailor made for the beauty industry. Their powerful PR strategies, invaluable business support, and in-depth understanding of what milestones a client needs to reach in order to succeed have each helped them to build up a reputation for excellence, made possible by the senior PR consultants within their ranks. Critically, each of these professionals can produce PR campaigns that achieve outstanding results, the proof of which being the resulting custom their clients enjoy. The team – each of whom have earned a truly holistic view of the industry and of how to create effective marketing – consistently exceed expectations and achieve outstanding results in this manner, increasing booking, supercharging press coverage, and giving expertly tailor-made advice. Inviting clients to get in touch forthwith to see how they could help them, the founder, Lucy Hilson, has helped a variety of different professionals to get the leg up they need. Her help, and the help of her team, has received glowing reviews from such exemplary medical aesthetics powerhouses as Dr Tatiana Lapa and Dr Nina Bal, each of whom go on to refer them by word of mouth to fellow peers, generating buzz in a naturalistic and sustainable way. Having benefited from the fruits of their labour and been featured in Grazia magazine, their position as a front-runner of industry promises to remain constant as they move towards the future. Company: Cosmetic PR Contact: Lucy Hilson Website:

7 Feb22651 Most Innovative Tourism & Hospitality Design & Marketing Agency 2022 RBK Advertising + Design, ‘strategic brand marketing’ aims to bring brands to life, enabling them to put their best foot forward when it comes to communicating with their customer base. At its core, RBK hopes to become an indispensable partner to its clients throughout their business’s lifecycle, operating with empathy, understanding, and an in-depth knowledge of the business and people behind the brands. This has made for a truly holistic approach that has set RBK head and shoulders above the competition. RBK Advertising + Design believes that great brands are powered by the bond between the marketer and the agency. Having been in operation since 1994, RBK has proved its capabilities for excellence at every turn, working to map a path to further success for both itself and its clients by understanding what makes them and their respective markets tick. Thus, when it comes to tourism and hospitality – one of the industries RBK specialises in most – it has become a front runner, lauded as exemplary by the myriad of clients it has worked with over the years, each of whom speak to its professionalism and tenacity. Firstly, RBK will always begin work by gaining an in-depth knowledge of the client, their business, and their product / services. This means getting to know the team and the internal culture of the client, as well as the various services and goals behind it, and the driving principles that make up its foundation; in essence, RBK funnels significant effort into making itself a dedicated partner to their clients business. In this manner, RBK gains the client’s trust and can develop the best and most representative marketing materials as a result. With a disciplined and process-driven system that allows for the utmost operational flexibility, RBK has been able to develop a working method that it can adapt to fit any client seamlessly. A deep understanding of the industry, and clients, means it is easier to succeed. With a ‘diverse portfolio of clients,’ RBK works with Government, retail, financial services, telecommunications, and much more. RBK’s process-driven nature inspires change, promises growth, and understands clients – not just on surface level, but deeply. Priding itself on understanding its clients, RBK makes sure to listen as well as guide. As an award-winning agency, with a wealth of experience in the tourism/destination and hospitality marketing arena, RBK meets clients’ expectations and more! Working in close proximity with charities and not-for-profit organisations, RBK gives back time and time again. By doing this, RBK guarantees a better future for its clients and fellow beings. It believes that ‘it only takes a little kindness to make a big difference,’ and is always looking for ways to make such a difference. Focusing on its five P’s in marketing, RBK promotes its passionate, professional, perceptive, practical, and precise qualities – for a brighter future for all. RBK’s internal culture is ‘collaborative, friendly, and productive, but also fun,’ which is reflected in the relationships built between its team, alongside the work that it carries out for its clients. Each of its customers speak highly of RBK’s ability to work to their timeframes, as well as within different organisational structures, workflows, budgets, and teams. RBK truly develops a strong working relationship to celebrate, as well as a successful marketing campaign. In this way, it becomes a client’s one-stop-shop for creative and effective marketing, with a client list that is a ‘who’s who of Fortune 500 Companies’ and a team of dedicated professionals. Company: RBK Advertising + Design Contact: Chris Arrighi, Business Development Director Email: [email protected] Website:

8 Apr22544 exclusive tasting session in the privacy of a wine cellar? Who has not wished to taste the most precious vintages from the producer himself? Or to experience a perfect food & wine pairing, mastered by a gifted sommelier and a talented Chef? Its team are experts in designing and delivering private, custom-made tours that are entirely out of the ordinary, full of authentic discoveries and exclusive experiences. Exclusive France Tours understands that true luxury is by nature extraordinary – so its people ensure that each private tour, package and bespoke event is precisely that. At the same time, it tries to stay as “local” as possible by working with local artisans, finding local logistic services, and contributing to regional economies. Exclusive France tours is also one of the leading luxury agencies providing bespoke wine tours of France. It specialises in offering clients private visits to prestigious cellars that are often inaccessible to the public, including those in Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, the Loire Valley, Provence, the Rhone Valley, and Alsace. It is indeed the love of wine that inspired the founder of Exclusive France Tours, Marie Tesson, to share the magic of the noble tradition that are wine tours and tastings with others. 20 years later, her passion has not waned and Marie continues to ensure that each customer’s experience is authentic and personalised, and truly a wine discovery like no other. If you’re looking for something that is out of this world, and totally unique, you should try Exclusive France Tours’ wine experiences. May of its estates are closed to the public and, as a hub of excitement and originality, they are filled to the brim with an exciting and exquisite atmosphere that will leave you in awe. As you learn about wine tasting and winemaking, you will experience the grands crus that is led by experts in the field – these experts will guide you through the processes related to fine wines. Using Exclusive France Tours’ local knowledge and strong relationship with wine growers and other local experts, it offers you the chance to meet with some of the biggest names of the wine industry and experience some truly exceptional, usually inaccessible places and terroirs. The terroir comprises a set of environmental factors that give a wine, a variety of produce or any other crop its specific qualities and characteristics. These environmental factors include geography, geology and other less quantifiable factors. Exclusive France Tours’ wine professionals and specialized local guides are passionate to transmit their love for terroirs to you – they will help you to understand the secrets behind the great wines of celebrated terroirs, whether from Burgundy, the Loire, Bordeaux or the Cotes du Rhone. Well, at least some of their secrets – many remain zealously guarded by prestigious winemakers. Future plans for the agency, after winning this incredible accolade of Luxury Wine Tour Agency of the Year – France, are to become THE first reference for luxury tours in France. It is truly on its way, and we are rooting for it. Company: Exclusive France Tours Email: [email protected] Website: Exclusive France Tours is a tourism and events agency specialising in the very high-end sector. Its core target is a demanding foreign clientele in search of the exceptional, for whom it organises tailor-made stays and events in France. The agency also works in two areas of activity: tourism and business events (themed events, cultural tours, food tours, proposals and weddings, client receptions, seminars, outstanding dinners, incentive stays etc.), as well as the rental of splendid 2CVs vintage automobiles for leisurely drives or rallies throughout the Burgundy region, under the name 2CV Bourgogne Tours. From the simple rental of a 2CV to the complete organisation of a rally or a full day of adventure and discovery with drivers and/or guides, 2CV Bourgogne Tours creates tailor made itineraries for your private or business events. Due to the high expectations of its clients and its know-how acquired in highly prestigious events, Exclusive France Tours manages private stays and professional events in the same way: with consistently high standards of care and outstanding creative skills. Its team’s extensive knowledge of the French regions combined with a fantastic local network forged over the years are of course fully part of the keys to its success. The core activity of Exclusive France Tours has long been to design one-of-a-kind, entirely private French wine tours. Even though the agency offers a variety of luxurious packages centered around culture, gastronomy, outdoor adventure and more, wine-focused getaways remain some of their favorites. What wine lover has not dreamed of exploring France’s breath-taking vineyards in their preferred winemaking region? Or observing the painstaking and centuries-old processes by which the finest wines are produced, and getting the chance to meet renowned growers and producers? Who has not dreamed of a private wine cellar tour led by the grower, then enjoying an Boasting more than 20 years of experience in the luxury tourism and event industry, Exclusive France Tours is a cultural tourism agency that specialises in luxury tours of France, highend vacation packages, and upscale events. Operating nationwide in France, it is constantly striving for new, genuine, and rare experiences. LuxuryWine Tour Agency of theYear - France

9 Mar22775 International Hair Restoration Clinic of theYear - UK Hair loss is an issue that many face – men, women, old, or young. It has a monumental impact on self-confidence, and for many it is a severe issue that they face on a daily basis. There are numerous organisations that have been created to tackle hair loss, and Vinci Hair Clinic is one of them. Vinci Hair Clinic is a premium network of hair restoration clinics that spans across the globe, with thousands of customers passing through its doors each year. Such clients range from those in the limelight, who depend upon their appearances within their career, to those who hold everyday jobs. Indeed, Vinci Hair Clinic provides a range of treatments that bolster the health and appearance of hair, including hair loss treatments from vitamins and products to Hair Transplant and Micro Scalp Pigmentation. For over a decade, Vinci Hair Clinic has been providing advanced hair loss restoration solutions, transforming the lives of those who opt in to its services. It has served over 100,000 customers during its lifetime, garnering a 4.8-star rating on Google Reviews, a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot, and 101,000 Instagram followers. Henceforth, its fair to say that Vinci Hair Clinic has accomplished a high level of prestige, with one customer commenting, ‘every step was easy and comfortable - so far I'm thrilled.’ Moreover, Vinci Hair Clinic is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and registered by the GMC (General Medical Council.) Within these guidelines, Vinci Hair Clinic maintains several clinics us not only in UK but in Brazil, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Nigeria, Ghana, Lebanon, USA, and one in the works for Dubai. This is a primary indicator of the company’s success – its transparency, honesty, and devotion to customer service. Without the aforementioned traits, Vinci Hair Clinic simply would not be able to build the clientele that it has. Another fundamental element of the company’s success is its international team. Vinci Hair Clinic would not be where it is today without its team – they are hardworking, skilled, and devoted to providing premium customer care. Each member of the team possesses a deep understanding of their role within the company’s success. It is with this in mind that the team partakes in a shared goal, as the team is stronger together. This goal is based upon the fundamental deliverance of excellence that the team strives for, as a result, this translates into a high-quality service for customers. The Covid-19 pandemic offered numerous challenges across the globe, resulting in international chaos. For Vinci Hair Clinic, the pandemic and its subsequent international restrictions brought a great amount of upheaval. However, the company’s main difficulty stems from the internet. There is an abundance of misinformation online, meaning that many customers are coming across untrustworthy clinics that can damage the reputation of the industry. Vinci Hair Clinic sees numerous clients that have fallen victim to these clinics. In turn, the company is working to subvert these negative ideas. Throughout 2022, this will be a key theme within Vinci Hair Clinic’s plans. Furthermore, the upcoming year will see the company reopen its American clinics, which will be accompanied by the introduction of a new clinic in Dubai, UAE. Contact: Salvar Bjornsson Company: Vinci Hair Clinic Web Address:

10 Apr22499 The Resort Villa, ‘Thailand's Best Luxury Getaway’ for 2022, promises to give its clients an experience of true exclusive luxury. Tucked away in the heart of the Rayong region of Thailand, this venue is open to up to parties of up to 16 guests at any one time, with its villas, pools, and perfectly manicured grounds ready to welcome them into the arms of luxury for the duration of their stay. With activities both inside and outside of the resort, and a staff that are dedicated to discretion and satisfaction in equal measure, a client can always expect to walk away having made lifelong memories. Thailand’s Best Kept Holidaymaking Secret

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 11 Holiday 2022 will be able to find it at this venue, and looks forward to welcoming clients old and new back through its doors once more as the holidaymaking industry recovers after the tumult of the pandemic. Critically, this award-winning venue boasts accreditation for its luxury and eco-friendly villas, its immaculate hospitality and lifestyle prowess, and the excellence of the villa’s design in and of itself. Partnered with My Private Villas, IVH Luxury, Icon, and GY Luxury Yachts, The Resort Villa has earned the many friends it has made in its industry with hard work and tenacity, consistently allowing its guests to relax and unwind in a space that becomes totally theirs. Therefore, part of the magic of The Resort Villa is adaptability. Right from the very first conversation with a client, The Resort Villa will be thinking up ways to make itself a memorable experience. After all, it knows that planning a holiday should be just as much a part of it as the holiday itself, and thus it works hard to take the stress off a clients’ shoulders and do all the heavy lifting itself, simply working with them to find out what their perfect getaway Boasting over 14,000 square metres of tropical property, 70 full-time staff, and location that puts it at a 5-minute walk from the beach, The Resort Villa has made itself the perfect holiday getaway for the discerning client. Found in the picturesque Rayong region of Thailand, this ‘secret paradise’ is a beautifully maintained and incredibly well-run establishment giving guests the experience of a lifetime, whether it’s their first visit or their tenth. Fundamentally, despite Rayong’s identity as somewhat of a commercial region, The Resort Villa has set itself up far away from such places; after all, it is here that its clientele can leave the hustle and bustle of commercial life behind in order to embrace luxury, relaxation, and rejuvenation, enabled by the expert staff and beautifully designed accommodation. Its pools, each of which are perfectly maintained and regularly cleaned, total 1000 square metres of space, found at the heart of an 8-villa complex. With 11 dining areas, 4 bars, a gym, spa, home cinema, aquarium, and more, this property is a haven for its guests, and can house up to 16 people in a party, allowing them full run of the place for the duration of their stay and excited to let them experience this tranquil slice of uninterrupted Thai luxury. Moreover, the villas are very well spaced. This is to ensure that each resident has access to the utmost discretion and privacy, giving the place the feel of an incredibly well-kept secret known only to the staff and the guests. However, despite the ultimate tranquillity of this remote hideaway, a guest needn’t fear missing out on the wider experiences that Thailand has to offer. Whilst it is indeed far enough away from the rest of the population to allow the guest to enjoy only having the morning chorus as their alarm clock, it is close enough that access to a myriad of activities is also open to them should they wish to partake. Of course, should they wish it, there is also plenty to keep a person entertained at the villa itself. Within The Resort Villa proper, guests can explore the landscaped gardens, spotting the exotic creatures that make their home there. They can also take a swim in the wraparound infinity pools, stroll the grand aquarium, and be pampered at the spa, all things that will allow a guest to leave The Resort Villa feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and revitalised, ready to get back into the challenges life has to offer. Externally to the Villa, guests are within a stone’s throw from experiencing outdoor water sports and exclusive boat trips, allowing clients to go island hopping in order to explore the bounties of the vibrant natural beauty that Thailand has to offer. All in all, The Resort Villa takes great pride in the ‘family like’ hospitality it offers. Its guests can expect to be well taken care of, whether that means being appropriately pampered or left with as much space as they need to achieve the best relaxation for them. No matter what the best holiday looks like for a client, The Resort Villa promises that they entails. Then, when it has this information, its empathic and knowledgeable staff can begin to make appropriate arrangements, and the experience can begin in earnest. It looks forward to serving its clients in a comprehensive and holistic manner in this way, always going above and beyond to ensure their happiness; after all, this is all part of fulfilling a core principle for The Resort Villa in that it will not be fully satisfied with its work until the client is. Its mission statement does an excellent job of boiling this down. ‘A secret paradise, dedicated to you in its entirety’. This phrase is something that a client can feel the benefit of every day of their stay at the Villa, and with this in mind, The Resort Villa’s staff are excited to show many more clients in the future the true magic of staying in your own exclusive tropical paradise in the future. Company: The Resort Villa Contact: Patty Sa Website:

12 Apr22297 Dental Practice of theYear 2022 - Perth Iconic Dentistry and its sister company Iconic Medispa operate in order to provide clients with a premium service based upon their unique biology. Indeed, the clinic boasts a varied list of treatments, ranging from composite bonding to dermal fillers. Going forward, Iconic Dentistry hopes to expand upon this list in accordance with technological breakthroughs and industry trends. Based out of Perth, Australia, is a leading boutique dental clinic that is committed to providing an exceptional service to each of its clients. Iconic Dentistry specialises in aesthetic dentistry and smile makeovers, supplying its clients with smiles that they’ll be proud to show off. However, Iconic Dentistry believes in holistic care, and therefore is willing to see customers for all aspects of general dentistry and routine dental maintenance. In essence, the clinic endeavours to have customers leave feeling better than they came in. Aesthetic dentistry, in recent times, has gained a reputation for providing unnecessary and invasive treatments. People jet around the globe in order to find the cheapest way to achieve the bright white, perfect, Hollywood smile, which has resulted in many receiving treatments that damage or destroy healthy teeth. Unlike many of these dental practices, Iconic Dentistry respects biology and strives to provide minimalistic treatments that fulfil the client’s goal. Henceforth, the clinic is constantly searching for new technologies and techniques that allow it to enhance its methods for treatments such as teeth whitening, teeth straightening with clear aligners and orthodontic braces, and smile makeovers with veneers and composite bonding. As such, Iconic Dentistry has cultivated a diverse range of clients. From its dental treatments to its facial treatments, the clinic designs a unique treatment plan for each client that walks through its doors. It approaches each client with the attitude that they are an individual and that they should be treated in that manner – in this industry, one solution does not fit all. Consequently, the company has received numerous positive reviews, including a 4.9-star rating on Google. One client comments, ‘It's obvious that Iconic Dentistry makes the patients' well-being its top priority. Having visited dental clinics in Perth, Bangkok, Singapore and Houston, I can honestly say that Iconic Dentistry has earned its place among the best in the industry.’ A significant portion of this success can be attributed to the devotion of its highly-skilled team. Iconic Dentistry currently maintains a healthy team of 27 members who all excel in their respective positions. Further, it takes pride in the fact that it encourages learning and progression, be it through providing in-house training or ensuring that each clinician holds tertiary post-graduate qualifications beyond their initial degree. In turn, the team works well together under a mutual understanding that the clients come first. In an industry that is constantly evolving thanks to technological and scientific breakthroughs, having a team that values personal and professional development is greatly beneficial. Conservative, ethical, and biomimetic treatments are the current trends in the industry. Subsequently, Iconic Dentistry takes into consideration the long-term impact of the treatments it offers, and how they may change over time. Many of the clinic’s patients are with it over significant periods of time, resulting in extended monitoring of conditions and how they evolve. It is with this in mind that the company is excited to see what it will be able to offer patients tomorrow, that it could not yesterday. The clinic is constantly changing and pushing for betterment – it prioritises selfassessment and taking customer feedback on board. A spokesperson for Iconic Dentistry concludes, ‘you will need to keep watch to see what happens in the future.’ Contact: Marina Chan Company: Iconic Dentistry Web Address:

13 Apr22654 Best Holistic Skincare Brand - Europe With a unique name meaning ‘heart’ in Ancient Greek, KEAR embraces the nation’s most effective historical skincare formulas. Combining such formulas with contemporary science, KEAR has established a multi-award-winning range of minimalistic, multipurpose products that target a plethora of skin concerns. In a fast-paced world, it is important to take a step back and maintain your wellbeing. Stress and tiredness can have a monumental impact on not only your mental health, but also your physical health and appearance. Henceforth, reducing these negative factors is imperative. Embracing Greek skincare is the next step on your path – with KEAR, your worries will melt away. Indeed, indulging in KEAR will bring the spa experience into your own home through elegant and minimalistic skincare products. The brand is devoted to bringing ancient cosmetic formulas back into the limelight, combining modern science with the skill of Ancient Greek beauty. Timeless skincare is, in essence, the company’s speciality. Therefore, by utilising organic and authentic scents and ingredients, KEAR’s range of products are infused with the company’s Greek heritage whilst maintaining efficacy. Speaking on behalf of the brand, Ypatia Mitsatsou explains, ‘we weren't satisfied until the result checked all boxes on our list; all-natural, non-invasive, functional, all-gender, and multi-use. An equation with many variants, yet we managed to solve it!’ Consequently, KEAR attracts clients from all backgrounds, genders, and ages. At KEAR everyone is welcome – its historical formulas are non-discriminatory. In addition, each product is suitable for a multitude of skin types and skin needs. Yet, whilst its clientele is incredibly diverse, it has one thing in common; they are tired of having a ten-step skincare routine. Instead, they have turned to KEAR’s multiuse products to simplify their routine. KEAR’s customers are those who prefer a holistic, spa-minded company that effortlessly blends science, authenticity, and natural beauty into an effective skincare product. ‘"A sound mind in a healthy body" is our ancestors' authentic approach to life. They acknowledged that mental and physical health are integral elements of a healthy person. So, in the true essence, Kear has a unique story to tell. Kear blends history with passion, heart, and nature, creating a time continuum and giving us a taste of the ancients' daily life,’ adds Ypatia Mitsatsou. Therefore, it is imperative that the team possesses the same ethics as the company, with a particular focus upon nature, animals, and the environment. KEAR wants a passionate workforce that understands the importance of its mission. For example, the team members must be enthusiastic about sustainability and eco-friendly practices, as KEAR is committed to using only certified, handpicked ingredients grown in the Greek countryside. Whilst the multi-award-winning company has achieved great success, it has also faced numerous challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic had a great impact on many. For KEAR, it meant adapting to a new normal – a world in which isolation had taken hold. Ypatia Mitsatsou continues, ‘the pandemic found us at an early stage, as we were still growing. Nevertheless, the major beauty trends that came forth with the Covid-19 pandemic are already expressed through Kear skincare. Skinimalism, multipurpose, waterless, gender-neutral, skin tone neutral, sustainable.’ In turn, the increasingly popular skincare brand is headed for a future flooded with prestige. KEAR’s products are everywhere, from Greek hotels to prestigious online boutiques like Wolf & Badger, and the demand is exploding. As such, KEAR is currently discussing the development of a new line-up of products exclusively for spas, such as a face mask, serum, rock salt scrubs, and detoxifying massage oils. In addition, it is planning the potential creation of a range based upon Cretan Minoan history. Ypatia Mitsatsou concludes, ‘we try to keep an open mind on the new trends and listen to what our customers – our friends – need. Combining this feedback with Greek Nature and the history behind the brand miraculously opens a world of endless choices and new product designs. We want to be true to our values, philosophy, and ethos and would never compromise quality for profit. After all, we take extra pride in offering an experience, and not a product!” Contact: Ypatia Mitsatsou Company: KEAR Website:

14 -May22143 Sushi Zo Hong Kong is the latest establishment for the internationally acclaimed, Michelin star, culturally exemplary Sushi Zo. Its restaurants – places of artistry, expression, delicious food, and a warm atmosphere – allow guests from local food enthusiasts to billionaires to try new sushi dishes and innovation modern flavours, all emboldened by the throughline of traditional sushi creation methods for which it is known. Thus, it has made itself a linchpin of traditional Japanese cuisine, and a worldwide hit. Best Omakase Restaurant 2022 - Hong Kong

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 15 Summer 2022 called the ‘Sushi Zo State’, something that encapsulates the brilliant balance that Sushi Zo achieved between sincere perfection and a relaxed atmosphere. Its clientele is everyone from local foodies to billionaires who are travelling past one of their many establishments. Despite the variety in the kinds of people it serves, it promises that the quality will be of a recognisable and commendable level for all, something that it achieves by making sure each of its chefs have the creative freedom to develop the kinds of food they are excited to serve. Thus, by ensuring its staff are fulfilled and excited to create and serve the food, Sushi Zo can promise clients a singular experience that will re-introduce them to sushi as a cuisine, inviting them to try flavour, texture, and temperature options that they may never have tasted before. Chef Michi – one of its foremost creators of its dishes – always promises that he and his chefs will make sure that only the best food makes it onto the plate. Following his lead, the culinary creatives behind each meal use traditional sushi techniques along new, bold, innovative flavour profiles that will give even the most seasoned sushi expert a new thing to experience, sourcing its ingredients in only the best places and always ready to talk about the where, who, and why. After all, part of what makes food such an artistically fulfilling medium, and what about it brings people story. The story is just as important as the final product. For Sushi Zo – not just in its Hong Kong branch but all over the world – it’s just as With a foremost dedication to spreading the knowledge of Japanese cuisine around the world, Sushi Zo Hong Kong is committed to a sincere respect for traditional techniques, a warm atmosphere, and a defining experience that sets it apart from its competition. Serving its customers with a dedication that takes them from the first greeting all the way through to the goodbyes at the end of the meal, it turns visitors into loyal friends of the restaurant by introducing them to the kind of hospitality they wish to come back and enjoy time after time. Moreover, it embraces traditional sushi creation techniques that allow nonJapanese guests to experience sushi how it has been prepared for time immemorial, and allow Japanese guests reconnect to their culture. Thus, these techniques are utilised in the most respectful manner, never divorcing it from the context in which it was developed. Having found its start in the US – in both Los Angeles and New York – Sushi Zo was quick to garner praise and attention from critics and customers. In the first few years, it received its first Michelin Star, and adopted a free-spirited approach that has allowed it to continue to spread its love of food all over the world. Being the creators of a truly holistic and refined hospitality experience that allows the most delicious food to be prepared and delivered to guests in a timely manner by an expert chef and charismatic staff, it has since set up in Bangkok and now it’s newest venue of Hong Kong. Striving to define the omakase dining experience in the best way possible, its guests can expect food created by the most innovative chefs, each of whom have the freedom to develop and change the menu every night in order to reflect their passion for their art. Therefore, the flavours, temperature, and texture are each developed with the best ingredients to work in synergy with each other. This, when reached, is much about the experience that it can deliver, treating the food as an element of the overall dining adventure throughout the historical and contemporary world of sushi. Its passionate, enthusiastic, and flexible staff also adapt well to any allergies or dietary information that a customer may have, working hard to ensure that the final product that is delivered is just as safe and carefully prepared as it is delicious. It has faced a couple of notable challenges since its inception, but has overcome each of them with the same truly incredible commitment that has followed it since the very beginning, with each of its staff members pulling their weight in order to support the business, their colleagues, and the customers they have the honour of serving. Nominally, one of the most recent hurdles has been the pandemic. With the impact that lockdown closures had on businesses across the corporate world, it is no secret that hospitality has been one of the worst affected industries, with many restaurants having to close their doors for good as a result. Sushi Zo extends its thanks to its staff, partners, and clientele for their unwavering support during this time, with guests making catering and takeaway inquiries that allowed Sushi Zo to remain afloat. Planning to add more alcohols such as Japanese Wine and Sakurao Gin to its list of pairings in the future, guests can expect delights both familiar and new across the coming year. Company: Sushi Zo Hong Kong Contact: Dante Fung Website:

16 Outstanding Innovation Through Creative Design A leading design and architecture studio serving the UK from its two prestigious headquarters, MF Design Studio has become a well-known name amongst its industry. Because of this, the evidence of its exemplary work is evident in the offices of big-name brands across the nation, and it has earned the title of ‘Most Innovative Boutique Interior Architecture Studio - South East England’. MF Design Studio is a Boutique Interior Architecture studio with an award-winning portfolio that has worked across the country to create beautiful, top of the range interiors. Using its bases in Surrey and London as springboards to reach the most prestigious clientele, it specialises foremost in luxury commercial interiors for workplaces. It therefore works with projects that require the highest levels of knowledge in interior architecture and commercial design standards. After all, for its clients, the work MF Design Studio does for them will become the new face of their business, as well as the working environment for their employees. Consequentially, it often works with some of the strictest client specifications. MF Design Studio’s philosophy towards its clients is one of fostering enhanced collaboration during the design process. In this way, it ensures that the project is a labour of love for both parties, and that the client is reassured what they come out with is perfect for their purposes and fits their vision. Its design solutions are sought after by many high budget clients. It has done work for many iconic brands in this way, and therefore built up strong relations with titans of various industries such as Citrix, Natixis Global Asset Management, Clive Christian, La Prairie, L’Oreal, Lebara, Medecins Sans Frontier, Tokio Maine HCC, and many more. The connections that it develops over the course of working with a client it strives to ensure remain for years, bolstered by its impeccable customer service attitude. By making itself such a pleasure to work with, its clients often become return customers that contract it for interior and architectural designs again and again. Furthermore, they often go on the recommend it to others in their sector, spreading the word of MF Design Studio’s exemplary nature. Above all, it finds it pivotal that a client finds the design process exciting and engaging – to encourage this, it also holds this attitude in high regard. When working with a new client, its initial contact will focus on the brand MF Design Studio will be working to represent, getting an idea of what excites them. When it ascertains this, it will then work hard to keep that passion aflame throughout the project and use it as the core inspiration. It believes all interior and architectural design should be a fundamentally enjoyable experience rather than a stressful one; after all, it’s a time where a client can create their perfect vision of an interior. In this way its work will always keep the customer’s wishes at the fore. Its team of talented expert designers are dedicated to making their desires a reality, working with an expert eye guided by the trends in their industry as well as their own individual perspectives. This element ensures MF Design Studios’ creations will always be truly unique. Due to its work with professionals and big influences in the corporate world, it has made itself an expert in workplace strategy, space analysis for business, and commercial sector space ideation. Its designs are timeless and iconic with a strong uniting theme of technical excellence and practical efficacy. Priding itself on its attention to detail and ability to develop an area suited to any team, not only will its work fit seamlessly around the business’s operations, but it will reflect the people who work within. In tandem with this, its years of experience in its sector have given it the understanding of implementing design elements that will remain in fashion despite its industry’s constant fluctuations. In the future, its clients can expect that it will be continuing this commitment to excellence. Guided by its values of innovation, creativity, and design enhanced by the client’s individuality, it looks forward to seeing what it will get to work on next. Company: mf design studio ltd Contact: May Fawzy Website: Jan22156

17 Feb22594 Cocktail Bar of theYear - Cologne Taking its name from the Sri Lankan tree tapping trade, Toddy Tapper is a luxurious cocktail bar nestled in the bustling city, Cologne, Germany. It provides a plethora of unique cocktails that boast flavours that cannot be found elsewhere. Consequently, in 2022, the company will be taking these delicious creations to the wider market by opening its first bottled cocktail shop. Providing a cultural taste experience to every guest that enters the premises, Toddy Tapper, Cologne’s leading cocktail bar, utilises a range of unique flavours and ingredients to create delectable alcoholic beverages. It offers an authentic hospitality experience that cultivates a warm and relaxing ambiance. Perhaps most importantly, Toddy Tapper caters to you – its cocktail services are tailored to your tastes, your favourite flavours, and preferred style of service. Indeed, it is this approach that sets the company apart from other cocktail bars. Unlike many establishments, Toddy Tapper does not strive to make the best cocktails on the market. Instead, Toddy Tapper endeavours to serve excellent drinks that abide with its customers’ individual needs. The cocktail bar’s goal is to consistently exceed customers’ expectations. Henceforth, Toddy Tapper prioritises learning, as a result it tries and utilises different techniques and experiments to get the best flavours for its luxury cocktails. Toddy Tapper’s relationship with is clients is built upon transparency, friendliness, and a deep understanding of the industry. By greeting clients with a warm smile, the team ensures that its clients feel welcome, and as a result, customer loyalty has the potential to be established. It believes that by giving the guest a smile, it can gain their attention. As such, this encourages the customer to think positively and leave their issues at the door. In a five-star review, one customer enthuses, ‘went there thinking that I'd just order my regular mojito, but the bartenders (I would call them magicians) convinced me to try their specialities... And once I started, I was convinced I would only be trying their specialities. They mix spices with their cocktail in the perfect portions to give that burst of flavour without the strong aftertaste. Strongly recommend everyone to start with their house speciality. I went there for a drink and left with an experience.’ The team consists of individuals from across the globe, supplying a unique combination of experiences and backgrounds to the business. Operating as a family, the staff undertake regular teambuilding exercises, as this allows them to support each other in a prompt manner. Moreover, it is evident that the team prides themselves on doing a good job. The high standard of customer service reflects a team that works in collaboration, communicates effectively, and thoroughly enjoys their jobs. It can be assumed that much of this team success is rooted in Toddy Tapper’s recruitment process. The company is drawn to those who have a vibrant personality, who radiate positivity and kindness. In essence, Toddy Tapper prefers to hire based on who the person is, rather than what skills or experience they have. Skills can be created, an authentic personality cannot. During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, this approach greatly benefitted the business, as the company was not hiring from the small pool of excellent bartenders. Furthermore, in March 2020, Toddy Tapper introduced its range of bottled cocktails to the market. These were met with wild popularity, and since the product’s genesis, it has been delivered to consumers across Germany. The staff shortages across Germany have provided Toddy Tapper with the opportunity to implement these bottled beverages in restaurants. This year, the company will be opening its first bottled cocktail shop, through which it will be supplying the same premium cocktails that can be found at the bar. Its plans include the creation of its own Arrack, which it hopes to launch alongside a range of spirits. Contact: Indika Silva Company: Toddy Tapper Web Address: