Summer 2022

13 Apr22654 Best Holistic Skincare Brand - Europe With a unique name meaning ‘heart’ in Ancient Greek, KEAR embraces the nation’s most effective historical skincare formulas. Combining such formulas with contemporary science, KEAR has established a multi-award-winning range of minimalistic, multipurpose products that target a plethora of skin concerns. In a fast-paced world, it is important to take a step back and maintain your wellbeing. Stress and tiredness can have a monumental impact on not only your mental health, but also your physical health and appearance. Henceforth, reducing these negative factors is imperative. Embracing Greek skincare is the next step on your path – with KEAR, your worries will melt away. Indeed, indulging in KEAR will bring the spa experience into your own home through elegant and minimalistic skincare products. The brand is devoted to bringing ancient cosmetic formulas back into the limelight, combining modern science with the skill of Ancient Greek beauty. Timeless skincare is, in essence, the company’s speciality. Therefore, by utilising organic and authentic scents and ingredients, KEAR’s range of products are infused with the company’s Greek heritage whilst maintaining efficacy. Speaking on behalf of the brand, Ypatia Mitsatsou explains, ‘we weren't satisfied until the result checked all boxes on our list; all-natural, non-invasive, functional, all-gender, and multi-use. An equation with many variants, yet we managed to solve it!’ Consequently, KEAR attracts clients from all backgrounds, genders, and ages. At KEAR everyone is welcome – its historical formulas are non-discriminatory. In addition, each product is suitable for a multitude of skin types and skin needs. Yet, whilst its clientele is incredibly diverse, it has one thing in common; they are tired of having a ten-step skincare routine. Instead, they have turned to KEAR’s multiuse products to simplify their routine. KEAR’s customers are those who prefer a holistic, spa-minded company that effortlessly blends science, authenticity, and natural beauty into an effective skincare product. ‘"A sound mind in a healthy body" is our ancestors' authentic approach to life. They acknowledged that mental and physical health are integral elements of a healthy person. So, in the true essence, Kear has a unique story to tell. Kear blends history with passion, heart, and nature, creating a time continuum and giving us a taste of the ancients' daily life,’ adds Ypatia Mitsatsou. Therefore, it is imperative that the team possesses the same ethics as the company, with a particular focus upon nature, animals, and the environment. KEAR wants a passionate workforce that understands the importance of its mission. For example, the team members must be enthusiastic about sustainability and eco-friendly practices, as KEAR is committed to using only certified, handpicked ingredients grown in the Greek countryside. Whilst the multi-award-winning company has achieved great success, it has also faced numerous challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic had a great impact on many. For KEAR, it meant adapting to a new normal – a world in which isolation had taken hold. Ypatia Mitsatsou continues, ‘the pandemic found us at an early stage, as we were still growing. Nevertheless, the major beauty trends that came forth with the Covid-19 pandemic are already expressed through Kear skincare. Skinimalism, multipurpose, waterless, gender-neutral, skin tone neutral, sustainable.’ In turn, the increasingly popular skincare brand is headed for a future flooded with prestige. KEAR’s products are everywhere, from Greek hotels to prestigious online boutiques like Wolf & Badger, and the demand is exploding. As such, KEAR is currently discussing the development of a new line-up of products exclusively for spas, such as a face mask, serum, rock salt scrubs, and detoxifying massage oils. In addition, it is planning the potential creation of a range based upon Cretan Minoan history. Ypatia Mitsatsou concludes, ‘we try to keep an open mind on the new trends and listen to what our customers – our friends – need. Combining this feedback with Greek Nature and the history behind the brand miraculously opens a world of endless choices and new product designs. We want to be true to our values, philosophy, and ethos and would never compromise quality for profit. After all, we take extra pride in offering an experience, and not a product!” Contact: Ypatia Mitsatsou Company: KEAR Website: