Summer 2022

29 Feb22353 Life magazine too recognized Ravana Garden’s initiatives towards sustainable tourism in the years 2019 and 2020. It is this intricate attention to detail that paves the way for Ravana Garden to pioneer this concept of sustainable luxury and set the tone in the hospitality industry not only in Sri Lanka, but beyond its shores as well. In March of 2020 with the outbreak of Covid-19 the Hotel had to close down its operations. Nevertheless, in keeping with its sustainable values and going by the principle “I Survive, Because We Survive”. As the process of recovery of the tourism industry continues to prolong, first due to the Pandemic and now due the economic downturn of the nation, they have sought alternative steps to survive as an entity; to survive “TOGETHER”. The Back To Origins online platform was born as a survival solution for Ravana Garden. They have now embarked on a journey to take this truly Sri Lankan and uniquely sustainable experience of Ravana Garden, right to the doorstep and kitchen shelves and range tops of people who would appreciate and value what they have embraced as their mission in life. A number of Ravana Garden products ranging from authentic and traditional spices and spice mixes, ready-to-eat foods and natural seasoning blends are amongst the products that are being sold under the brand name Back To Origins. Back To Origins is committed to its sustainability ethos at every stage of our product life cycle by choosing to use natural and exceptionally healthy ingredients always. Strictly following a “no preservatives, additives, artificial flavor enhancers ( MSGs) usage” policy, striving to create products with the exclusive use of natural ingredients. This absence of synthetic preservatives leaves Back To Origins products with a relatively shorter shelf-life. Ravana Garden believes it is the only way to remain committed to choosing consumer health and wellbeing over mere financial gain. Sri Lanka, or Ceylon, is a country with a thriving culinary culture passed down through generations of food enthusiasts. Driven to the edge through commercial reasons, many authentic Sri Lankan food recipes have been restricted only to remote village regions if not rendered completely extinct. Considering this, Back To Origins has given life to many such dying recipes in their product range. Back To Origins takes you on a trip “back to origins” sharing their experiences with everyone to remind us all of our “great culinary culture”, a healthier choice by far, and an essential need of today to keep one’s immune system in prime order. Back To Origins will continue to expand its product range of authentic Sri Lankan, sustainably produced foods and other product types keeping its vision firmly affixed on the concept of going back to the way things used to be – going Back To Origins. Email: [email protected] Company: Ravana Garden Web: / The concept behind Ravana Garden was built on the ethos of reversing the climate crisis. Its founders husband and wife team Rasika and Dulangi have a very simple and challenging vision for their nine-suite boutique hotel flanking Sri Lanka’s southern Ussangoda plains: to be the world’s leading sustainable boutique hotel. Guests are encouraged to spend more time out-doors and encouraged to connect with nature to conserve energy by way of energy neutral (zero energy usage) private dining and outdoor private bathtubs, green walls reducing ambient temperatures etc. All rooms are naturally ventilated and open to the ocean breeze with no air conditioning. Through curated experiences such as village cycling tours to get to know the community, ‘maa-dal’ fishing experience, outdoor cooking and dining experiences, picnics by the beach and gliding on a raft in the wetland bird sanctuary, guests get a first-hand view of what it is to reconnect with nature and how Ravana Garden delivers on their promise. Acclaimed by National Geography as having championed a sustainable approach to travel in 2020, Ravana Garden also won ‘Best Hotel for Sustainability’ in 2019 and 2020 by Condé Nast Johansen’s. Luxury Operating from the southern extreme region of Hambantota, away from the busy commercial capital of Colombo, Ravana Garden keeps itself away from everything big – big cities, buildings, towns, vehicles, and commotions. Flanked by the misty blanket of Sri Lanka’s southern Ussangoda plains and the foamy waters of the surreal southern Indian ocean on one side and the lush paddy fields on the other, Ravana Garden is an invitation to indulge in conscious, environment-nurturing, guilt-free luxury. Best Sustainable Luxury Boutique Hotel - Sri Lanka