Summer 2022

20 May22389 fabrics that meet specific needs of dogs in various outdoor conditions. Fay comments, “At Louie de Coton, we continuously push the limits of design and comfort in our products so our customers can share the joy of the outdoors with their four-legged best friends.” This is paired with a strong customer-focused culture in everything the company does, from design to delivering products and services around their needs. The team listens closely to customers and welcomes their suggestions and feedback for existing products and new ones. As dedicated as the company is and as outstanding as its products and service are, that’s not to say that it doesn’t face its challenges. Fay explains, “In our business of creating, making and selling quality stylish products, there are many challenges on a daily basis, springing up unexpectedly often at the wrong moment and involving a great deal of managerial skills and decision making. It’s our job to consistently deliver a product that meets high-quality standards and solves our customers’ problems. Often, we need to navigate the various challenges and come up with the best alternatives. Sometimes, it requires prioritising the goals. And then there are seasonal demands. We view the challenges as opportunities for us to grow and strive!” And none of it could happen without the company’s amazing employees and contractors, who are truly assets. Fay tells us, “We owe our growth and success to their hard work and dedication to our mission and serving our dog community through our incredible products. “We all work hard together as a team, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or any other differences. Because in the dog world only love rules!” So, what’s next for Louie de Coton? Fay shares, “Our plan is to grow our innovative stylish products in health and wellness of our dogs. We continuously listen to our customers, their expectations, and the problems they have that they want us to solve with our natural and sustainable products.” Company: Louie de Coton Contact: Fay Andersson Email: [email protected] Website: Louie de Coton is a shining example of an environmentally-conscious business. Starting from its production line, the company is set on fighting the adverse effects of fast fashion by producing durable quality products that last years. As a bluesign-certified brand, it also pays close attention to the treatments and processes of its products in order to eliminate the use of toxic materials in its textiles. Being an all-American brand, all of Louie de Coton’s products are produced inhouse, and by sourcing components from within the US, it is able to contribute to saving jobs across the country. Owner and designer, Fay Andersson says, “We believe buying American goods is an essential part of boosting the national economy and supporting American jobs.” Using American components also enables the company is also able to reduce its carbon footprint, in addition to keeping its packaging minimal and encouraging customers to recycle to eliminate waste. Recognised for its environmental focus, Louie de Coton is a member of EnviroStar, which is a very reputable environment organisation in Seattle partnering with selected companies that can meet their rigorous requirements. The principles of zero waste and circular economy have been in Louie de Coton’s DNA since day one, creating designs to last generations. The company strongly believes that environmental sustainability is a must for the planet. With global warming, the time is now and everyone is responsible for taking immediate action. The brand combines quality, comfort, and consciousness by using components made from recycled materials and plastic bottles instead of new fabrics or plastics to help with the planet’s plastic pollution problem, for example, its Polartec® Thermal Pro® fleece jackets and cooling sun shirts with UPF50. These products aren’t only very stylish, but they are also highly functional and practical, and they do exactly what they are supposed to: solve customers’ problems. The cooling shirts are helpful for dogs with skin issues, and they can soothe stitches, being ideal for dogs that are recovering from surgery. Every product Louie de Coton creates is born from a love of dogs and a passion for the outdoors. The focus is comfortable, attractive products created with a wide range of high-quality, versatile technical Louie de Coton is a performance fashion brand for dogs and people, a leader in crafting eco-conscious clothing, bags, and accessories. Each of its products are carefully designed by its team located in Seattle, Washington, with most materials being recycled, free of environmentally harmful chemicals, and sourced from the US. In light of the company’s extraordinary awards success, we got in touch with owner and designer, Fay Andersson to learn more. Best Sustainable Dogs Fashion Company - Washington