Summer 2022

22 Apr22113 Most Innovative Organic Essential Oils Provide 2022 Sustainability is at the epicentre of Jean-Claude Villeneuve’s BoreA Canada. The leading essential oil brand works in tandem with local businesses, such as a cogeneration plant and foresters, in order to produce a product through a manufacturing process that has minimal impact on the environment. Jean-Claude Villeneuve is the man behind one of Canada’s leading essential oils brands. An engineer by trade, Villeneuve has always been passionate about finding solutions to improve the well-being of humans. At first, this desire manifested through robotics; however, after moving back to his hometown, Chapais, Northern Quebec, in 2012, he got to work, and in 2014 he launched his first company, an essential oil distillery that he named BoreA Canada. BoreA Canada specialises in creating organic essential oils from Canada’s plush boreal forest, from which the company also takes its name. Its essential oils are pure – authentic – meaning that the company neither adds nor takes away from the oil’s original formula. This approach stems from the company’s mission to recycle the forest biomass, especially the branches of Black Spruce which were left behind by the forest industry. Indeed, BoreA Canada is entirely sustainable, and it is this devotion that makes it stand out from its competition. The company is built upon a circular economy. BoreA Canada harvests the branches left behind in the forest by the foresters, and the company’s residues are able to be used by the Chapais Energy Cogeneration plant. As a result, the circular economy allows BoreA Canada to slash its greenhouse gas output by more than 60% in comparison to traditional methods. As the company has grown, its range of scents has expanded from the flagship Black Spruce, and now includes Balsam Fir, White Spruce, Jack Pine, Larch, Sweet Gale, Labrador Tea and even Balsam Poplar. Furthermore, its current stock boasts resins, essential oils, and hydrosols, with over 15 essences on the aromatherapy, cosmetics, and perfume markets. Such products are able to be purchased wholesale, and BoreA Canada has shipped its products to dozens of countries around the globe. Its presence is particularly prevalent in North America and Europe, but its products can also be found across Asia and Oceania. In order to effectively serve its customers, BoreA Canada ensures that all of its regulatory documents, which are updated regularly, are available to facilitate the purchase and transportation process in Canada and internationally. None of this would be possible without the BoreA Canada team – they are dynamic, collaborative, and positive. It is multidisciplinary and multigenerational. Everyone is encouraged to contribute, and in turn, their ideas are not only listened to, but also taken on board. In essence, it is a workplace that enables its employees to blossom. Moreover, the team shares a love of nature and the willingness to protect it. This is why it’s important for every employee to adhere to BoreA Canada's values, as, quite simply, it enables the business to succeed. Henceforth, going forward, BoreA Canada hopes to play an integral, catalyst role within the acceleration of the sustainable market. Customers are moving towards green shops, and BoreA Canada endeavours to be at the forefront of this trend. Contact: Jean-Claude Villeneuve Company: BoreA Canada Essential Oils Web Address: