Summer 2022

39 Apr22106 Greek Restaurant of theYear - Greater London For traditional Greek food at a reasonable price, you should look no further then Tavernaki Portobello. Indeed, the restaurant provides Greek hospitality and fresh dishes that will leave you wanting more! Family is at the heart of Greater London’s best Greek restaurant. Tavernaki Portobello is a family-owned business that is home to delicious and authentic Greek cuisine. As such, customers can expect to be welcomed into a warm and friendly environment that exudes traditional hospitality and quality – one that will go the extra mile to ensure that the client receives the best possible service. The cosy restaurant can be found on London’s Portobello Road, and is recognisable thanks to its charming, rustic, light blue exterior. Inside, the décor can be likened to that of a small Greek outdoor bistro – it is muted, comfortable, and lined with floral accents. Whilst the restaurant may be small, this adds to the wonderful ambiance that it creates, as it deviates greatly from the hustle and bustle of the giant chain restaurants that line most streets. Consequently, Tavernaki Portobello is the perfect place for a date night, a quiet meal, or even an event. Simply, the restaurant is equipped to handle events of all types, such as birthdays, business meetings, Christmas parties, and even wedding receptions. For each of these events, Tavernaki Portobello promises an exceptional service, mouth-watering foods, and premium wines. Tavernaki Portobello’s menu is filled with dishes that would be sure to please at any one of these gatherings. Its menu boasts a delectable selection of cold and hot starters, traditional authentic dishes, side orders, desserts, and more. Every dish is prepared with fresh, flavourful ingredients that, through one bite, will transport the consumer to Greece. The restaurant’s popularity is at an all-time high. Positive reviews for Tavernaki Portobello are pouring in across a number of platforms, ranging from Google to TripAdvisor and Facebook. Guests are repeatedly impressed by the informative and polite service, the atmosphere, and the appetising dishes. As a result, Tavernaki Portobello boasts a rating of 9.6/10 via The Fork, a 4.9-star rating on Facebook, and a 4.8-star rating on Google Reviews. Encapsulating Tavernaki Portobello’s quality in a comment, Laurita Kunickaitė testifies, ‘Missing Greece? This is the perfect place to revive memories with traditional food. Food is delicious and the environment makes you feel like you’re back in Greece. Also, what makes this place more special is the staff. Guys working there are amazing, friendly, and cheerful. The evening with live music can’t be better. Thank you for the nice memories and I will come back for mastika shots!’ Contact: Anna Politi Company: Tavernaki Portobello Instagram: @tavernaki.portobello