Summer 2022

41 May22210 Over a Decade of Dedicated Design When looking for luxury, you’re looking for something that stands out, something that’s unique, something that cannot be found anywhere else. The designs of the team from Bozhinovski Design are always different, with a style all their own. As we look at the winners in 2022’s Leaders in Luxury Awards, we turn to the team from Bozhinovski Design to see how they’ve earned the prestigious title of Best Bespoke Interior Design Company, 2022 – London. For over sixteen years, Bozhinovski Design has been behind some of the most stunning and standout interiors and product design in the UK. All their work aims to create unique spaces resplendent with remarkable custom design. It’s natural that design work builds on what has been done in the past, but more than their competitors, the team at Bozhinovski Design defines their work on its relationship with the future. With such a distinctive approach to design, it’s little wonder that so many of the clients who turn to Bozhinovski Design do so because they are familiar with what will be offered. It’s the team’s style which attracts them in the first place. Over the years, the team has been invited to complete projects in LA, London, Moscow, Sofia and many other cities around the world which shows the international appeal of what they create. Whilst the team are keen to champion bold new ideas and distinctive visions of what design can be, they always do so considering the needs of their clients. It’s not enough simply to explore new ways of thinking – true luxury means offering exactly what a client desires through the prism of futurism. The team’s impressive success rate is a credit to their ability to adapt and demonstrate a practical attitude to the high standard they aim to uphold. As a design firm, the Bozhinovski Design team depend on a comprehensive network of contractors to bring their visions to life. Since first opening their doors sixteen years ago, the Bozhinovski Design team have collaborated with some of the brightest and best that industry has to offer. Finding the right people to work alongside has been an essential part of how the business has been able to achieve such dramatic success, guaranteeing that the quality of the finished product is equal to the quality of the designs which first inspired them. When searching for a contractor, the team aren’t just looking for those with software or drawing skills. They want to find people with imaginations that match their own. New concepts and bold suggestions are what keeps Bozhinovski Design at the forefront of the industry and by building relationships with those who have a different way of thinking, they can continue to push the boundaries. The challenge for the team is dealing with the unique difficulties of their custom designs. Each brings a challenge that must be dealt with carefully to ensure the highest standards. Ideas are easy, but bringing them to life is incredibly hard – it’s why the team at Bozhinovski Design have remained busy for the last sixteen years. Their capacity for success in this field is truly second to none. In the future, the team would like to create a new brand focused on limited edition furniture. At the moment, they are working on some custom pieces of furniture and, in the near future, will release them for the public. It’s clear that Bozhinovski Design has a bright future ahead, one which will see them expand their offerings and ensure continued success. We cannot wait to see how they do it! Company: Bozhinovski Design Name: Yovo Bozhinovski Email: [email protected] Website: