Summer 2022

26 May22034 Best Dog Education and Hospitality Specialists - Veneto IL CANE ISTRUITO is on a mission to prove the value pet industry. It endeavours to showcase the sector’s quality services through offering a number of professionally developed solutions for dog training, such as its state-of-the-art Dog Campus, which provides bespoke training courses in a supportive environment. A dog’s mind is incredibly malleable, and therefore, they are able to learn a great amount at any age, but they have a tremendous need to be guided in learning how to behave in the human world. A well trained and happy dog, for example, knows how to behave both at home and in society. They don’t pull on their leashes, jump on guests, fidget with other dogs or bolt out of the front door at any given opportunity. Henceforth, the Italian company, IL CANE ISTRUITO, is on a mission to provide its students with the tools to properly educate their canine companions. It equips them with the means to understand their dog’s needs and, subsequently, the ability to meet such demands. As a result, IL CANE ISTRUITO has developed an ecosystem of services through which the owner and the dog are accompanied on a path of growth and are provided with a professional solution to every issue that they may face. The innovative business offers quality, bespoke education, dog walking, pet hospitality, and dog sitting services. In addition, IL CANE ISTRUITO boasts a vast Dog Campus, which is a place dedicated to the advanced training of dogs. The campus provides an environment in which the dog can experience daily demands – such as walking in crowded places, travelling by car, and more – and acquire the skills to handle them. Its trainers and dog sitters produce a personalised training plan, which identifies the needs of the pet, and leads the dog through an intensive, appropriate course. For those further afield, the company has created a digital dog training solution. Its line of virtual manuals was produced through the CINOFILIA FACILE project and features a plethora of tips and tricks from qualified dog trainers that are ready for daily use. The manuals are available to dog owners across the globe. In turn, with three short clicks, pet owners anywhere can be in possession of IL CANE ISTRUITO’s secret to producing well-trained, happy, and confident dogs. IL CANE ISTRUITO notes that the Italian tourism industry is booming, and that this is its industry’s biggest focus at this current time. More and more owners are opting to take their furry friend on holiday with them; however, there are a number of luxury hotels that do not know how to cater to this demand in a innovative way. Therefore, the business is working with several companies within this sector to develop and implement its pet friendly model: A Pet Friendly ISTRUITO. Throughout 2022, the company will be placing its trainers and dog sitters in hotels across Cortina d'Ampezzo in order to improve this framework. Additionally, IL CANE ISTRUITO has plans to further expand its new grooming service into cities throughout Italy. The company is setting itself up for an abundance of growth throughout the upcoming year, with plans to introduce new faces to the team and to expand its headquarters. Contact: Federico Fiori Company: IL CANE ISTRUITO Web Address: