Summer 2022

9 Mar22775 International Hair Restoration Clinic of theYear - UK Hair loss is an issue that many face – men, women, old, or young. It has a monumental impact on self-confidence, and for many it is a severe issue that they face on a daily basis. There are numerous organisations that have been created to tackle hair loss, and Vinci Hair Clinic is one of them. Vinci Hair Clinic is a premium network of hair restoration clinics that spans across the globe, with thousands of customers passing through its doors each year. Such clients range from those in the limelight, who depend upon their appearances within their career, to those who hold everyday jobs. Indeed, Vinci Hair Clinic provides a range of treatments that bolster the health and appearance of hair, including hair loss treatments from vitamins and products to Hair Transplant and Micro Scalp Pigmentation. For over a decade, Vinci Hair Clinic has been providing advanced hair loss restoration solutions, transforming the lives of those who opt in to its services. It has served over 100,000 customers during its lifetime, garnering a 4.8-star rating on Google Reviews, a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot, and 101,000 Instagram followers. Henceforth, its fair to say that Vinci Hair Clinic has accomplished a high level of prestige, with one customer commenting, ‘every step was easy and comfortable - so far I'm thrilled.’ Moreover, Vinci Hair Clinic is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and registered by the GMC (General Medical Council.) Within these guidelines, Vinci Hair Clinic maintains several clinics us not only in UK but in Brazil, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Nigeria, Ghana, Lebanon, USA, and one in the works for Dubai. This is a primary indicator of the company’s success – its transparency, honesty, and devotion to customer service. Without the aforementioned traits, Vinci Hair Clinic simply would not be able to build the clientele that it has. Another fundamental element of the company’s success is its international team. Vinci Hair Clinic would not be where it is today without its team – they are hardworking, skilled, and devoted to providing premium customer care. Each member of the team possesses a deep understanding of their role within the company’s success. It is with this in mind that the team partakes in a shared goal, as the team is stronger together. This goal is based upon the fundamental deliverance of excellence that the team strives for, as a result, this translates into a high-quality service for customers. The Covid-19 pandemic offered numerous challenges across the globe, resulting in international chaos. For Vinci Hair Clinic, the pandemic and its subsequent international restrictions brought a great amount of upheaval. However, the company’s main difficulty stems from the internet. There is an abundance of misinformation online, meaning that many customers are coming across untrustworthy clinics that can damage the reputation of the industry. Vinci Hair Clinic sees numerous clients that have fallen victim to these clinics. In turn, the company is working to subvert these negative ideas. Throughout 2022, this will be a key theme within Vinci Hair Clinic’s plans. Furthermore, the upcoming year will see the company reopen its American clinics, which will be accompanied by the introduction of a new clinic in Dubai, UAE. Contact: Salvar Bjornsson Company: Vinci Hair Clinic Web Address: