2019 Travel & Tourism Awards

Page 44 www.lux-review.com LUX 2019 Travel & Tourism Awards New Life Hiking Spa &Wellness Retreat Founded in Vermont in 1978 by spa industry pioneer, Jimmy LeSage, M.S., New Life Hiking Spa is the country’s longest running affordable destination spa and wellness retreat. New Life Hiking Spa’s focus for the past four plus decades has been using the mountains instead of a treadmill and getting back to nature for a path to wellness. Open just 20 weeks a year when hiking is at its peak in Vermont, New Life Hiking Spa offers hiking for every fitness level from beginner to advanced. Over 1,000 guests from around the globe come to New Life Hiking Spa every season. Guests who are looking for a wellness retreat, a getaway to relax and rejuvenate and get a new outlook on life can find it at New Life Hiking Spa in Killington, Vermont. At New Life Hiking Spa & Wellness Retreat in Vermont’s Green Mountains, gorgeous hikes, fresh food, incredible massages, a 40 year history and interesting people combine for a destination wellness vacation for singles, couples and small groups. New Life Hiking Spa receives rave reviews, as we found out. We have chosen to showcase this award- winning retreat and recognize it in this year’s Travel & Tourism Awards. New Life Hiking Spa &Wellness Retreat All-Inclusive Wellness Retreat of the Year 2019 - New England & Leading Providers of New England Outdoor Adventure Experiences 2019

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