Travel & Tourism Awards 2020

Page 12 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 People take vacations for many different reasons. For some, it is to bear witness to some of the world’s most impressive and recognisable monuments. For others, it might be a journey of self-discovery, venturing to new places in search of soulful restoration. However, for the most discerning travellers, vacationing is often an opportunity to leave behind the clichés of the modern travel industry, instead forging a new path off the beaten track in search of something truly extraordinary, spectacular, and unique. Where other seek Instagram-worthy pictures or self-guided museum tours, Planeta Azul offers its clients something more; adventuring beyond the ordinary into authentic wilderness for unforgettable moments and emotions, all guided by local experts who will ensure an enchanting experience. A world away from modern life, Planeta Azul’s experiences are tailor-made, put together by local partners and guides who know the lay of the land like no-one else. Hailing from the local areas, these guides are true experts in wildlife, fully aware and respectful of local customs and traditions. Each carefully-tailored experience is exemplary, and draws on a wealth of expertise to make it outstanding. What makes these experiences luxurious is that the inspiration for every one of the individual holidays comes from the traveller themselves. Only they really know what they want from an experience, and Planeta Azul exist to make it happen, taking care of the where, when, and how without any client hassle. LUXlife’s Travel and Tourism Awards seek to highlight those organisations that deliver experiences that are beyond extraordinary, making dream holidays come true. Planeta Azul is one such organisation, offering unparalleled luxury. Step out of your comfort zone and experience luxury travel like never before, as we highlight exactly why this firm is 2020’s Best Bespoke Outbound Wildlife Tours Agency. Planeta Azul Best Bespoke Outbound Wildlife Tours Agency 2020 Imagine being able to go wherever you wanted in the world, accompanied by an itinerary that has been crafted specifically for you. Imagine experiencing the rich cultural history of Bhutan and its more than seven thousand monks, or the raw power of some of North America’s most ferocious bears, or the timeless splendour of Norway’s Northern Lights. Perhaps something more adventurous and off the beaten track, such as diving with great white sharks in Mexico, or spending an hour just mere metres away from Rwanda’s volcano-dwelling mountain gorillas. Each of them are magnificent experiences in their own right, but experiencing them with expert guidance, and the detailed passion and care from Planeta Azul serves to make them even better. With Planeta Azul, the luxury of the firm’s service begins well before clients get on a plane to their destination. Everything is taken care of, from the all-important travel logistics to what to pack prior to heading out. As well as the logistical information that is imperative for any luxury travel experience, the firm also helps with cultural and personal needs. The team ensure that clients know what vaccines they may need, what food they will encounter, how much to tip, local customs to observe, and the perfect time of year to visit – all culminating in the best possible luxury travel experience. Once the journey has begun, the service continues. Travel can sometimes provide unforeseen circumstances, and nobody likes stressful last-minute changes on a luxury holiday. Therefore, being on hand to help with any client needs 24/7 is just another way in which Planeta Azul continues to stand out as one of the absolute best in the industry. Thanks to the firm’s unprecedented and unmatched knowledge of the destinations, and its 24/7 availability, it can ensure that every client gets the luxury holiday they have always dreamed of.