Travel & Tourism Awards 2020

Page 28 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 Combing over 40 years of experience, trunk specialises in curating and operating multi- day and multi-location group tours across Thailand, Cambodia, India and Vietnam. Varying in length, concept, luxury, group size and age range, the company’s tour team are extremely flexible, working well within any parameters set by their partners, from locations to activities to budget. Since their inception, trunk have amassed an extensive network of ground operators in each country where they operate giving the company access to one of the biggest array of elements. Alongside using their years of experience, extensive research and successfully implemented tours to create new and exciting opportunities for travellers, trunk also do the very best to ensure that every aspect of their tours they run is environmentally friendly, ethical and responsible. In addition to this, the travel company also tries to subtly educate their travellers on how they can do their bit to aid communities, whilst being friendly to the planet. Practicing what they preach, trunk work with a number of forward-thinking partners who have realised the importance of their products helping the planet. Playing their role in helping the planet through a variety of ways, from a short-term volunteering-type element of a tour or particular activities that help to empower communities. Fortunately for trunk, they have a highly-skilled tour team who are able to input these elements into any, and every, type of tour without compromising the fun, adventure and discovery if what travellers are looking for. Founded on the basis of creating and operating memorable tours that give back to countries and the communities that they visit, trunk works tirelessly to ensure that each one of their tours and adventures benefit those that they work with. Having established an extraordinary reputation as providing unique and environmentally-friendly travel opportunities, we profiled the company to find out more. Trunk Travel Best Eco-Tourism DMC - South East Asia As for some of the projects that the team collaborate on, the trunk team only work with locally founded NGOs and non-profits. This unique approach has a positive result as it improves their outcome, adds much needed support, creates more awareness for the work that they are doing and most of all, it helps them to achieve their goals.