Travel & Tourism Awards 2020 Page 41 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 An exclusive treasure chest containing the desires many would not think could become reality, Suite 160 is an travel and events agency clients can fully rely on at any time to improve the organization of either their leisure trips or business meetings. Making luxurious experiences for clients, while constantly being by their side with professionalism and a touch of madness, from the ideation of the journey or the event to its complete realization. Since their inception in 2017, Suite 160 have worked with a number of leisure tourists aiming to experience true luxury. True luxury does not necessarily mean a high budget journey, instead it is more about ensuring that clients are able to experience a trip that was everything they wished for and more. One of the other ways in which the award-winning firm aims to provide clients with a luxurious experiences, is by delivering bespoke proposals, not pre-made catalogues. Suite 160 sits down with their clients to discuss in detail their needs for the trip and then provide them with a 5-star tailored proposal to review. Each proposal offers clients the best hotels around Italy and Sardinia, world-class services to ensure they make the most of their holiday, as well as insider knowledge regarding transportation. Suite 160 are owners of a 40-year-old transport agency, specifically providing shuttles and buses. One of transport services in particular is the firm’s shuttle offer, which is their one-of-a-kind Diamond Suite nine seater van. The Diamond Suite was born from the union between Italian style and German mechanics. There by your side every step of the way, From refined and original events to unforgettable sensory experiences, these are just a few of the many unique opportunities award- winning firm Suite 160 deliver. Recognized as one of the best luxury boutique travel and events companies, we profiled the glamourous firm to discover the secrets behind their desirable success. Suite 160 Best Luxury Boutique Travel & Events Company - Italy Suite 160 offers clients the luxury van in which technological innovation and Italian artisan excellence has effortlessly blended together to guarantee experiences in the name of comfort and elegance. From swivel armchair to coffee tables, USB ports and Wi-Fi – these precious details for both clients and their four- legged companions make the Diamond Suite the ideal transfer to and from airports, luxury hotels, and gala dinners. In recent months, Suite 160 have noticed an increase in interest for bespoke experiences all over the market, not just in the luxurious side of travel. Supporting the firm on their mission to provide a truly unique experience, which caters to the needs of the client, is the passionate and hard-working team that works at the boutique travel company. Each member of the team is given the freedom to express their ideas and their vision of the future for the firm – a quality which attracts some of the very best talent to Suite 160. The future looks bright for the award-winning travel firm and their extraordinary team, as their plans to expand the business are already underway. Currently, Suite 160 have found a general representative in Milan, as it is seen as one of the most important European cities. Having a representative in Milan means that the firm will be able to expand their offerings and expertise to further territories. Fundamentally, the ultimate goal for Suite 160 is to ensure that their clients receive a world-class service, which goes the extra mile to guarantee guests have an unforgettable experience and feel like they are at home. Contact: Patrizia Idile Company: Suite 160 Address: Via Alberto Lamarmora, 160, I-08100 Nuoro, Italy Telephone: +39 0784 1830261 Web Address: