Travel & Tourism Awards 2020

Page 48 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 Wellness travel seeks to offer individuals the chance to partake in travel experiences that are restorative for the body, mind, and soul. Disconnection can happen to any individual, which is why the team at Pravassa take great joy in helping any kind of client with their wellness travel needs. From solo travellers and large family celebrations, to CEOs and stay-at-home parents, Pravassa can help anyone find meaning and connection in a world that is increasingly digital and less focused on its own humanity. As well as dealing with direct clients, the firm also acts as travel advisors on luxury vacations, ensuring that everyone gets the holiday they not only deserve, but sometimes need. Pravassa is a wellness travel tour operator, creating experiences that change individuals for the better through a trademarked wellness philosophy of BREATH. MOVEMENT. MINDFULNESS. NOURISHMENT. EXPERIENCE. Acting as a foundation for curation and exploration, this wellness philosophy helps clients to realize their own true potential for connection through international experiences that are far from the madding crowd. As a pioneer within the wellness travel industry, Pravassa has been instrumental in showing the world the benefits of its own services. Through carefully-created Luxury travel can often mean more than the most opulent and divine hotels that money can buy. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary definition of luxury is “a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort: sumptuous environment”. Pravassa, as the USA’s Most Pioneering Wellness Travel Business, offers just that. Founder and CEO Linden Schaffer seeks to offer an abundance of happiness, bringing great ease and comfort back to her client’s lives. To find out more, we profiled her firm, Pravassa. Pravassa Most Pioneering Wellness Travel Business - USA and fully-vetted travel experiences, clients can consciously be connected to the world around them. This helps to prioritize self-care, redefine happiness, and harness the power to make intentional decisions both in daily life, and in the future. Photo: Sheri Giblin for Pravassa