Travel & Tourism Awards 2020

Page 56 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 A polar travel agency unlike any other, Twin Tracks is the perfect way to explore two of the world’s most fascinating regions. Blanketed in ice and snow, the Arctic and Antarctic regions are undoubtedly beautiful, and home to some equally stunning wildlife. The key to unlocking the secrets of these regions lies in the passion of founders (and very recognizable twins) Rickard and David Berg, as well as Rickard’s wife Heather Thorkelson. Each is equally passionate about stunningly seamless and personal polar experiences that the company offers, each of which is a truly superior experience in its own right. With a deep, first-hand knowledge of the regions, there are few better qualified to showcase the outstanding wonder of these frozen wilds. Both Rickard and David are seasoned, certified Polar Expedition Leaders, having spent the last decade being responsible for groups of more than a hundred guests at a time. Heather is also an experienced polar guide and sits on the Board of Directors of the Polar Tourism Guides Association, showcasing her own enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to the standards of polar guiding. Twin Tracks is fast becoming the highest standard of excellence as both a polar agent and Arctic operator. The trio’s services go well beyond guest’s expectations, taking the stress and guesswork out of planning a polar adventure that is sure Polar regions may not initially jump out as a luxury travel destination, but experiencing the hauntingly beautiful ice fields and ice caps of the Arctic and Antarctica for the first time can leave many breathless with awe. Based in Canada, Twin Tracks Expeditions is a boutique, family-run, polar cruise agency for discerning travellers looking to venture beyond the ordinary without the big cruise feel. To learn more, we profiled the company. Twin Tracks Expeditions Best Arctic & Antarctica Cruise Expedition Provider to guarantee the results that so many crave. For the Antarctic region, Twin Tracks acts as a niche polar travel agent, matching the right traveller with the right ship and the perfect itinerary. Having previously worked for many of the companies delivering these Antarctic tours, the team know about the pros and cons of every option available on the market. The same goes for guests wishing to explore the beauty of the Arctic on voyages capable of carrying upwards of a hundred guests. However, for the more adventurous and discerning clients, the company offers a more intimate and personal experience. Exclusive to the Arctic region, Twin Tracks offers its own small ship expeditions for up to twelve people, delivering the most dynamic and adventurous way to experience the