Travel & Tourism Awards 2022

Page 26 LUX 2022 Travel & Tourism Awards Founded in 2017, Düsseldorf Marketing GMBH (DM) offers destination marketing to national and global individuals. With bespoke and tailored services, its clients can witness the great livelihood of the Rhine metropolis. Düsseldorf has an incredible abundance of authentic essence that cannot be found in any other city. With excellent infrastructures, a powerful economic centre and streets filled with boutique hotels and internationally acclaimed restaurants, Düsseldorf is filled with love, life and surprises that captures the serendipity of its culture and the allure of its history. Perfect for business or pleasure, the city is overflowing with rich Rhenish character, revealed through the connection of its people and the world. Fuelled by the phrase’ Düsseldorf – live close, feel free,’ Düsseldorf Marketing (DM) strives to encourage businesses and individuals alike to visit, explore and conduct their trips in a fashion that allows maximum benefits. DM creates collaborative relationships with local providers and partners, enabling the company to provide customers from all walks of life to enjoy the inner lifestyle of Düsseldorf – unquestionably nominated as the sixth best country in the world for the highest quality of living in the Mercer study. As a relatively young company within the marketing and convention sector, Düsseldorf Marketing GMBH (DM) has been recognised for its impeccable services and acknowledged by LUXlife as the Most Innovative Convention Bureau for 2022. Established as the primary company for event planners in the state capital of NorthRhine-Westphalia, DM is renowned for its bespoke services, tailored for the needs of its customers, nationally and internationally. Jan22075 Düsseldorf Convention – a unit of Düsseldorf Marketing GmbH Most Innovative Convention Bureau 2022 Director Jens Ihsen explains, “Düsseldorf has a very high quality of life and scores points for its openhearted population. When I took over the position, I had a clear goal -digitalisation and automation. For example, in an increasingly complex environment, artificial intelligence and the platform economy can help us develop ground-breaking new business models and create new criteria for measuring success. The key lies in the consistency of customer centricity.” With a target clientele of corporate associations, DM has taken control of the industry by launching Associations Day XL, which has welcomed more than 130 participating associations. During this event, DM analyses current topics and the challenges of each association and offers solutions through its speakers and its network of connections. “As a destination, we show that we understand the needs and challenges of this industry. We know our strengths and weaknesses and have many industries where we have a high level of competence at our location. This essence of expertise must be passed on to the customer,” explains Jens, which is precisely what DM does. Thus, it ensures a partnered connection based on mutual understanding, the drive for innovative solutions and a collaborative effort for success. However, Jens explains, “Success is not a permanent, lasting possession. Success is rented and can only be achieved as a team. Therefore, we have an internal learning culture in which we also allow ourselves to make mistakes – getting better through trial and error.” For DM, while success is imperative as a business, the overall desire for the company is to ensure that its workers and clients alike get to view Düsseldorf for all it has to offer as a city. Taking great pride in its services and its city, DM aims to create unique and unmatched solutions that encourage the other companies to indulge in the location with the added mutual benefit of boosting the reputation of both parties. However, despite the thriving and enlightening efforts of DM, Covid-19 brought the event industry to an automatic standstill. Although it has been difficult, a significant uprise in specific trends has surged through the pandemic, such as digitalisation, security and sustainability, which has allowed the industry to bounce back. Jens explains, “The global crisis acted as an accelerator – everything we had predicted for the coming years arrived within some months and as a convention bureau, are faced with the question of how to shape the future of this role. This shift requires new skills among CVB team members, and therefore, we have used the time to develop ourselves further and thus bring added value for the customer to get into conversation with us.” For the new year, DM aims to reconnect with customers and partners once again, along with the addition of a second Associations Day XL. With a customer-centric approach and the love of Düsseldorf at its core, DM is going into 2022 with a fresh mentality and a mission to bring connections from all over the world. Company: Düsseldorf Convention – a unit of Düsseldorf Marketing GmbH Name: Jens Ihsen Email: [email protected] Web address: