Travel & Tourism Awards 2022 Page 27 LUX 2022 Travel & Tourism Awards Untold Story Travel creates bespoke luxury travel experiences and liberating journeys, opening doors to fascinating places and people all around the world. Whether your travel desire is a city break, staycation, adventure, beaches, wildlife and safari, or exploring history and culture, each Untold Story Travel experience is carefully crafted to provide a deeper connection with your destination. Untold Story Travel Best Bespoke Private Tour & Vacation Company - London Nov21792 Untold Story Travel was established to add depth and authenticity to its clients’ travel experiences, enabling them to truly immerse themselves in each destination they visit. This is accomplished through the art of storytelling, the inspiration behind its name and cornerstone of its approach to travel. Aiming to create vacations that are lifeenhancing, maybe even life-changing, through the insider access it provides to people and places, a deeper connection is created with the world around the traveller. Everyone has their own ‘untold story’, a vision waiting to be realised. Untold Story Travel is inspired by collaborating with the prospective traveller to write their own story, taking the time to connect with them personally to fully understand their wishes and desires, no matter how simple or complex, and to create a truly seamless and spectacular travel experience. Untold Story Travel enables clients to live a story that is personal to them, brought to life by the characters and natural wonders they encounter, to be retold over and over again. It’s the perfect opportunity to elevate your bucket list to a whole new level and truly evoke your senses, with just some of the extraordinary adventures you could experience including: becoming a castaway in a remote paradise; journeying into the ethereal wonderland of Svalbard to spot polar bears, arctic foxes and native seals; joining a glacier party under the stars (or northern lights, if you’re lucky); exploring the world’s ‘blue zones’ and learning what makes them some of the healthiest and happiest places on the planet; soaring over the Himalayas in a glider, viewing eight peaks over 8,000 metres, in what would be a world record!; reconnecting with civilisation and celebrating humanity at some of world’s greatest festivals; delving a little deeper into your own ancestral roots with the ultimate journey of self-discovery – You name it and Untold Story Travel will make it happen. Not sure yet where you want to go, or how you want to feel when you travel? Simply visit the Untold Story Travel website for some inspiration and recommended destinations. Or if you have a destination in mind, get in touch with Untold Story Travel to begin planning your dream adventure, customised precisely to your taste. It’s time to start writing your untold story. Company: Untold Story Travel Email: [email protected] Website: