Travel & Tourism 2023

Jun22596 14 | LUXlife Magazine - Travel & Tourism Awards 2023 Equipped with a team whose combined years of experience in guiding arctic tours make them undeniable masters in their field, Wild About Lapland has completely catered itself to providing the best arctic experiences imaginable. With an ethos that mass tourism can single-handedly ruin an otherwise magical moment for most people, the team behind Wild About Lapland has dedicated themselves to offering an entirely personal experience that you won’t find anywhere else. And, though there’re a myriad of arctic tours to choose from, Wild About Lapland’s award-winning ‘Northern Lights Wilderness Tour’ demonstrates their determination to give you the most intimate aurora encounter imaginable. What sets Wild About Lapland apart from other arctic touring businesses is its devotion to limiting the amount of people who take part in its guided tours. And its ‘Northern Lights Wilderness Tour’ is no exception. With a maximum occupancy of 8 people per tour, Wild About Lapland optimises your experience to guarantee that you can make the most of the coveted natural phenomena that is the northern lights. You needn’t worry about overcrowding when taking part in this 4-hour tour – the guides ensure that the 8-person limit is never exceeded under any circumstances. You’ll be able to invest yourself completely, and even build a companionship with your group that can’t be achieved through any other arctic touring company. Of course, with every northern lights excursion, there’s always the worry that, if you do get to view the aurora, you won’t be able to do so in all its beauty. And, whilst it’s impossible to guarantee a viewing of the northern lights, due to it being an unpredictable product of nature, Wild About Lapland’s guides will do their best to chase the lights for you. Since the tour is adapted daily to the weather conditions, and solar activity analysed, your chances of seeing the aurora are drastically increased, all thanks to the prowess of the tour guides. And, if the northern lights don’t present themselves, Wild About Lapland is prepared to drive you up to 100 kilometres to a location that may be more promising. So, though they can’t command the northern lights to appear, you can be certain that the Dec22271 Most Intimate Northern Lights Arctic Tours 2023 - Finland The northern lights may just be one of the most elusive natural phenomena to exist throughout our weird and wonderful world. Not easily traced by anyone who doesn’t have the necessary expertise, most wonder if it’s an experience that they’re ever going to be able to partake in. Most dream of seeing the northern lights, but few actually manage to do so on a more personal level. Thankfully, award-winning Wild About Lapland has all of the necessary tools at its disposal to deliver the most personal northern lights experience in all of Finland.