Travel & Tourism 2023

Clients are assigned one specific representative to address all their requirements. This keeps communication streamlined and maintains a single point of contact for hotels, transfers and sightseeing trips. Travel agents can relax knowing their clients will have a seamless and exceptional travel experience during their time in the region. Asia Bespoke Tours is unceasing in its exploration of the region and continues to add new itineraries to its growing library. The latest is a cultural discovery tour of stunning Banaue in the Philippines. The area still uses traditional irrigation methods to cultivate its main staple - rice. These types of cultural tours are growing in popularity and provide vital income to the area from tourism. Travel agents looking for a way to stand out to corporate clients may propose a visit to a Filipino cultural festival such as Ati-Atihan, Sinulog or Iloilo that showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage and diversity. If you’re looking to plan a Southeast Asian experience, contact the experts at Asia Bespoke Tours. To find out more, please visit the company website. Contact: Manfred Schweizer - CEO Company: ASIA BESPOKE TOURS Web Address: