Travel & Tourism 2023

Jun22596 20 | LUXlife Magazine - Travel & Tourism Awards 2023 Based in Irvine, California, Blue Hills Corp has managed to revolutionise the way we travel. From planes to trains, this family-run business has recognised how crucial comfort is to the quality of a journey. As a result, it has developed what has come to be known as the best travel blanket range in the USA. Initially building a name for itself through its neverbefore-seen waterless diffusers, Blue Hills Corp has since tasked itself with creating simple solutions for everyday travel problems. Nothing feels better than being wrapped up in a plush blanket, and, thanks to Blue Hills Corp, taking your comfort with you no longer has to be a daunting thought. As a business, Blue Hills Corp, above all else, revolves its products around improving the quality of its customers in their day-to-day lives, and doing so through means that are both innovative and inspired. Additionally, excellence is at the forefront of the business’s values, so you can be certain that any product you order from Blue Hills Corp is going to be sourced from the best materials possible. Partner this with expert craftsmanship, and you’re left with products that will never disappoint, but will always make your day. And, with free shipping, elevating your travelling experience is more accessible than ever before. With a simple, yet inventive design, the ‘BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket Pillow’ has become one of Blue Hills Corp’s best sellers. Made from only the highest quality material, the Premium Soft Travel Blanket Pillow is equipped with every feature you could need for travel. From its compact size, down to the alternative methods of transportation, it can be taken anywhere you need with ease. This way, you’re able to bring It’s an unfortunate truth that travelling isn’t always the most comfortable way to spend your time. Regardless of whether your journey is long or short, if it causes you discomfort, it can become a terrible experience that you’ll come to dread in the future. However, what if you could find a compact way to enjoy a cosy venture? You could eliminate your comfort concerns, all whilst granting yourself permanent access to a positive travelling outlook, with the awardwinning travel blankets from Blue Hills Corp. And with a condensed, travel-friendly design, cosiness has never been more convenient. Travel Blankets Range of the Year - USA