Travel & Tourism 2023

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions are vital for any modern-day company, as they enable organizations to manage their work seamlessly and with the highest levels of efficiency. Here, we have found a company that provides a disruptive, innovative ERP solution to the constantly evolving travel industry. With over 30 years of experience, we congratulate Travel Booster by Galor as it wins this esteemed award. Most Innovative Travel ERP Solution Travel Booster’s various business benefits – such as its streamlined operations, centralized financial management, optimized sales, increased productivity, holistic approach, and customer service skills – are all wrapped into one user-friendly platform. When choosing to work with Travel Booster, you are choosing innovation, revolution, and perhaps most importantly, success. By giving travel companies all the tools they need to create, manage, and sell unique travel products, Travel Booster offers the best solution for making it big in the travel industry. “Our dedication to innovation has led us to develop capabilities that have been unheard of in the travel industry until now. For example, our game-changing TBGI gives users independence to develop integrations to third-party content suppliers on their own time.” By providing clients with the most cutting-edge technology, Travel Booster has become a highly respected and regarded player in the industry. And in the constantly evolving travel industry, it’s more important than ever that travel companies have the most advanced technology at their fingertips. Plus, the platform will have a reimagined UI launching soon that will elevate the user experience to even greater heights. As 2023 unfolds, we see even great accomplishments on the horizon for Travel Booster. Winning Most Innovative Travel ERP Solution has been a key note this year, but there is much more to come. To keep an eye on this incredible company, you can visit their website and find their innovative ERP solution available on the market. Contact: Sharon Levi Company: Travel Booster by Galor Web Address: he story began in 1989, when Travel Booster by Galor launched their flagship product, Gilboa, a mid-office solution for travel agents. Since then, Travel Booster expanded its product offering to include its groundbreaking ERP travel solution, Travel Booster. Travel Booster is a one-desktop solution for travel agents, tour operators, and airline vacation companies to both complete their day-to-day tasks and manage their business from an upper-level view, saving them significant amounts of time, money, and resources. It is a multilayer platform with mid-office tools, travel product creation, and selling channel capabilities. Its TBGI software has an open architecture structure for clients who wish to design and develop their own integrations – helping them dictate their own timelines, prices, and business processes. Empowering its clients to call the shots, Travel Booster gives them the tools they require to get everything done just the way they like it. T “We are committed to continue disrupting the travel tech industry as we have done since 1989. It’s an honor to push the boundaries, taking it a step ahead by anticipating where the next unexpected turn will take us.”