Travel & Tourism 2023

24 | LUXlife Magazine - Travel & Tourism Awards 2023 he story began when they as a family decided to pursue their dream of having a holiday home of their own in Istria, where they could escape from their busy daily lives and be surrounded by Istria’s preserved history, rich culture, and stunning natural landscape. With plenty of ideas but lacking crucial experience, they were unsure of where to start and couldn’t find an affordable company to assist them. However, they did not shy away from this challenge, instead they faced it head on and successfully completed their first, then second villa. Shortly after this, BJ-Concept was created, starting with a friend asking for help with his property in Istria. Now, nine years after they began their first project in 2014, they have successfully renovated four stone houses of their own and has realised a newly built three-bedroom villa. BJConcept has also been involved in the projects of three investors and currently has two ongoing projects. Klaus is currently the only employee at BJ-Concept, Barbara with a background in law and a passion for design, helps whenever needed. Neither Klaus nor his wife have any formal education in design or building, but they make up for this with vision and energy, which is what makes the company work so well. With clients mostly being those investing in second homes, Barbara and Klaus are well-situated to provide trustworthy advice, since they have been in the same position in the past and are familiar with the challenges they may face. These experiences have also allowed them to establish a network of trusted companies and craftsmen, meaning Klaus can connect his clients with builders, architects, pool companies, carpenters, landscapers, and more services essential in building and renovating homes. Thanks to Barbara and Klaus’ experience and the connections they have made as a result, BJ-Concept is in a great position to guarantee that its clients’ dreams and aspirations will be executed within the desired timeframe and budget. When clients work with BJ-Concept, they typically have a general idea of what they would like to do with their property. Based on this, Barbara and Klaus make suggestions and guides them, providing them with ideas for planning, handling administrative tasks for them, and negotiating on their behalf to get the best prices possible. Klaus comments, “We describe ourselves as an experienced yet uncomplicated partner for foreigners for all the challenges laying ahead renovating or building far away from home. Our specialty is creating a very nice, unique yet traditional villa, and staying within the reasonable set budget.” The company understands that all clients have different starting points, desires, and needs, so it assists with projects of all shapes and sizes, only limited by operational area. BJ-Concept works solely within Istria, with a focus on the northwest and in order to ensure a personalised and precise services the company will just have a few active projects at the same time. Leading Renovation & Real Estate Company 2023 - Istria A small firm in Istria, BJ-Concept was founded by Barbara and Klaus based on their love for the location, experience with his own properties, as well as a deep passion for architecture and interior design. The company helps those who plan to buy a plot and build from scratch, renovate an old property, or add an extension to an existing property, particularly those who are working on their second home. Offering advice on all topics, BJ-Concept is a trusted partner for its clients. Here, we take a look at Barbara and Klaus’ story, what the company does, and what makes it special. BJ-Concept sets itself apart from competitors since it takes time and listen to the individual needs of each client and tailors plans according to this, yet aims to incorporate eye-catching details and features, making each project personal and one-of-a-kind. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, Croatia, especially the Istria peninsula, has become increasingly popular, meaning affordable abandoned stone houses, and building plots are more difficult to find than ever. As a result of this, the prices of real estate have increased. Moving into 2023, prices are expected to rise further as Croatia in January 2023 entered the Eurozone and the Schengen. As a result of the personalised and high-quality services it provides to its clients, BJ-Concept has won Leading Renovation and Real Estate Company, Istria, in the Travel and Tourism Awards 2023. Moving forwards, there is no doubt that Klaus will continue to use his passion for property to help many people make their dream homes reality and save money in the process. Contact: Klaus Nielsen Company: BJ-Concept Web Address: T