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25 | Luxlife Magazine Best Small-Group Trekking Tour Operators - Southeastern Peru Providing a memorable experience to tourists who have a real sense of adventure, Salkantay Trekking (Salkantay) is a one-of-a-kind travel agency which provides more than just an itinerary. Rolling the red carpet out for those who like to travel, it creates unique experiences that cannot be matched. Join us as we learn why the company has been named the Best Small-Group Trekking Tour Operators in Southeastern Peru. Based in Peru, Salkanty Trekking has built a reputation for providing unrivalled travel services, leaving no stone unturned and the most adventurous of customers feeling on top of the world. Perhaps the most obvious aspect which has highlighted the popular nature of the agency is that every one of its customers either wants to return and do it again or does return and do it again. There is nothing better than a returning customer for agencies like Salkanty; it shows the quality of the experiences that he offers. Boasting a high reputation, not just in Peru but globally, the team takes pleasure in being courteous, effective, and professional. This is part of the attraction for Salkanty, which is obvious in the reviews. For those seeking a real adventure in a beautiful part of the world, then Salkanty is certainly a reliable option. Over the years, the team have refined their skills and relied on feedback so that they can create the best routes and services to suit client demands. It is evident when scouring the website and seeing what people say about their experience, that there is an exceptional trekking experience on offer, with the main attraction definitely being adventure excursions to Machu Picchu. What makes the agency stand out from its competitors is that its adventure travel itineraries are designed to provide a special experience, led by its team who live and breathe discovery, cultural immersion, and individual growth. That’s perhaps the most impressive element of this agency; it is entirely all about the customer and adventure seekers. Every itinerary is mapped out to ensure that any traveller truly gets the best experience, challenging and inspiring them while learning about new places and cultures. However, there are plenty more factors which have helped the agency to secure this award. At Salkantay Trekking, the management team and leaders are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, ensuring that anyone who embarks on the adventure has an experience that they will never forget. It could be described as memorable and unforgettable. Furthermore, the Salkantay team take pleasure in their individual roles. They aim to provide a tailored approach to each individual, ensuring that their itinerary is not simply one size fits all. The customer service of the team is of very high quality, ensuring that the particular demands of a potential trekker are satisfied at every turn. Count on the Salkantay team to assist adventure seekers in creating an unforgettable experience! The team at Salkantay, led by Edgar and his group have amassed several awards in the industry and is globally recognised. Thanks to their dedication, the team have risen to the top of the tour industry in Peru as a whole. It’s not only their dedication to customer experience that makes them stand out, however. Everyone at Salkantay also has a wealth of knowledge of the local environment, meaning they can create the ideal trip package for each tourist by concentrating on small groups and high-quality excursions. Ultimately, each team member has received specialised training in their area of expertise and continues to do so while travelling with the agency. Every member puts in a huge amount of effort to guarantee that the tourist’s vacation is perfect in every way. Knowing that the difficult task is being done for them allows them to focus on the important part: taking time out, enjoying themselves, and creating memories to last a lifetime. Company: Salkantay Trekking Web Address: