Travel & Tourism 2023

26 | LUXlife Magazine - Travel & Tourism Awards 2023 Best Women's Private Group Travel Agency 2023 Mack Travel Agency helps women in the planning of their custom dream holiday, whether it is a quick trip to destress or a longer get away, the team at Mack Travel Agency take on the responsibility of creating the perfect travel experience throughout. We take a closer look at the company after its recent recognition by LUXlife's Travel and Tourism Awards 2023. Life is all about balance, you can’t work to the best of your ability if you don’t rest and take time off, daily life can get hectic and often distract us from the importance of self-care and stressfree time, especially for those who struggle to turn off after work is finished. A holiday is the perfect way to escape everyday life and fully relax, but with busy schedules, it is not always easy to find the time to properly research the best deals. This is why, Shewana Mack founded Mack Travel Agency, she understands how busy life can get as an entrepreneur herself, so she wanted to create a company that offers personalized travel experiences for anyone around the world. The team go far and beyond to ensure they create the best experience for each client. From booking an international tour package or cruise, to resorts/hotels and even activities to do while you are there, they ensure that the whole holiday is planned from start to finish, and all you need to do is pack and have your passport at the ready. When planning the activities, whether the holiday is just for one person or a group, they get to know each and everyone’s personalities, passions, and interests to ensure no one is disappointed. The hassle that you would have had to go through to get a holiday out of the group chat, they do it for you and better because they have the experience and time to make your holiday the best it can possibly be. The help is there you just need to reach out for it, now there is no more excuses of why you still haven’t planned the holiday you always said you will eventually go on. You will never regret getting on that plane or spending a week exploring on a cruise, but you definitely will regret not going and staying put, because in the end, money comes back but time doesn’t. Mack Travel Agency continues to women around the world to live their dreams to help them create memories that will last a lifetime. That’s why it comes to no surprise that Mack Travel Agency now holds the title of Best Women's Private Group Travel Agency 2023. We look forward to seeing them help people fulfil their bucket list for many more years. Contact: Shewana Mack Company: Mack Travel Agency Web Address: “Plan less and explore more.”