Travel & Tourism 2023

33 | Luxlife Magazine Most Client-Centric Full-Service Luxury Travel Company South India- C World Holidays Experience the art of Indulgence with C World Holidays- Just like a custommade piece of jewellery, each of C World Holiday’s itineraries are made exclusively to cater to the tastes of the traveller. C World Holidays specializes in indulgent vacations and executive business travel. Their experienced designers carefully curate exceptional journeys for clients based on their preference to create an experience that will never be forgotten whether they be a globetrotter or a first time traveller. Established in 2003, C World Holidays India Pvt Ltd is a premium travel brand providing comprehensive travel solutions for individuals, families and groups looking to visit destinations all over the world. C World Holidays is dedicated to making people’s travel dreams come true – whether it be walking with lions in Zimbabwe, swimming with manta rays in Fiji, hiking in the stunning Swiss Alps, sharing tea with nomads in Morocco, learning about the Sami reindeer herders in Lapland, or going on an expedition cruise to Antarctica. Each bespoke travel begins with an engaging conversation with the consultation team who will pay careful attention to the client’s requirements and create packages accordingly. Their attentive and reassuring manner helps the customer ease into a relaxed mode as they head out on a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. C World’s specialized sub-brand, C in Style is for those who want to experience the euphoria of traveling and revel in luxury as they visit destinations that feel like paradise on earth. Be it for business or holiday, the C World team ensures the best service. For business travellers who spend most of their time travelling to capture lucrative deals, luxury business travel is often not a splurge but a necessity as the rejuvenation it offers helps them to be more productive- that is a reality the C World team knows and they work hard to ensure that business trips feel like holidays. As for holidays with loved ones, meticulous effort and care is put into the creation of packages that include activities for all age groups- be it children, teenagers, couples, young adults or the elderly. Clients can revel in the chance to be swept up in the kind of glamour that only celebrities seem to experience with luxury vehicles, yachts, cruise liners, luxury trains and even private jets. Behind the company’s success is a close-knit team of staff, led by experienced FounderCEO Sunu Mathew and an amazing group of directors (Shaji Thomas, Julia John and Abraham Idicula). Sunu and her team are passionate about travel and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore the world and experience new things. When hiring new staff, C world holidays seeks individuals who are adaptable and willing to learn ,which are important traits to have in the dynamic travel and tourism industry , The company’s Internal culture focuses on systematic but friendly communication between all departments. With a small staff force, all team members are well acquainted which facilitates communication and ensures that problems are solved efficiently. However, as many businesses have, C World Holidays has faced several challenges in recent years since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. In Kerala, India, where C World Holidays is based, many travel-related companies were forced to shut down due to the prolonged ban on international travel, forcing many industry professionals to quit the travel industry completely. During this period, C World Weddings was launched as a wedding planning service to help couples and families to enjoy their special day without any hassles. C World Weddings is a subbrand that caters to those who wish to see their destination wedding fantasy come alive. It was initially started to cater to honeymoon goers in the pre-pandemic era but now it aims to expand its business to conduct intimate destination weddings abroad that double as holidays for the families. As a result of its unique personalised itineraries and outstanding customer service, C world Holidays India Pvt Ltd has won Most Client Centric Full-Service Luxury Travel Company,South India, in the Travel and Tourism Awards 2023. The company is passionate about its industry which is reflected in the one-of-akind experiences it delivers to its customers. It is no surprise that C world Holidays is the go-to travel solutions company for many of its repeat customers. Contact: Sunu Mathew Company: C World Holidays India PVT Ltd Web Address: https://cworldholidays,com