Travel & Tourism 2023

34 | LUXlife Magazine - Travel & Tourism Awards 2023 Best Bespoke Culinary Vacations Company 2023 Weave A Thousand Journeys creates curated luxury vacations for individuals that are interested in immersing themselves in the culture of the country that they are visiting. It offers the chance to experience incredible foods, beautiful architecture, and much more while staying in luxurious accommodations. We take a closer look as it is recognised in the Travel and Tourism Awards 2023. The founder and creative thinker behind Weave A thousand Journeys is Devaki Das. Her passion for culinary and her education in architecture has enabled her to live and work all around the world. Having lived through incredible experiences, tasting amazing foods and meeting wonderful people, Devaki wanted to share all she has discovered with others. Devaki believes that similar to the design process in architecture, each tour begins with a vision and is built up brick by brick where each experience creates the foundation to the next one. Weave A Thousand Journeys creates custom tours to Europe, Africa, and Asia. From the sandy beaches of Zanzibar to the Baroque towns of Sicily, each destination is chosen because it is a perfect fit for the client and abundant in the culture of architecture, gastronomy, viticulture, history and art. Devaki is able to make each vacation the best possible thanks to the relationships that she has developed over the years with many travel partners, eateries, cultural institutions, and some of the best chefs in the world, architects and art historians. These relationships and Devaki’s personal experiences are reflected in a special attention to details in each and every part of the tours ensuring the highest standards throughout the trip. In addition, a European client support specialist is available 24/7 to provide support to clients on their travels taking away the anxiety of unexpected issues that invariably crop up during any travel adventure. The tours offer an opportunity for an immersive experience visiting incredible destinations while also enjoying the great pleasures such as local delicacies, savouring fine wine, luxurious living, and adventures to carry with you for a lifetime. The team takes care of everything & pre-empts issues that can come up on your vacation to take taking the stress off your shoulders. So if you are looking for a team to create a private & exclusive escape, uniquely for you Weave A Thousand Journeys will make it happen and all you need to do is contact Devaki Das to start the process today! With so many loyal and returning clients, Weave A Thousand Journeys’ customer reviews speak for themselves. One client who has been working with Devaki since 2016 said, " A vacation with Devaki and Weave A Thousand Journeys is a trip of a lifetime....We are still telling all our friends about the fabulous things we experienced on all our trips. You will never be disappointed by Devaki's choices and her excitement in sharing the world with you.” Weave A Thousand Journeys now holds the title of Best Bespoke Culinary Vacations Company 2023. We look forward to seeing the team provide its clients with incredible experiences all over the world for many more years. Email: [email protected] Company: Weave A Thousand Journeys Web Address: “Bespoke luxury vacations for the Inquiring Mind. We Understand Style. We Know luxury”.