Travel & Tourism 2023

Specialising in solo and small group travel to less crowded destinations, Sojourn Explorers creates one-of-a-kind trips that provide travellers with the opportunity to connect with local cultures and environments. The company offers trips to Africa, South Asia, the North Pole, and Europe, however clients are welcome to enquire about any specific destinations they have in mind. Offering tailored trips that suit the tastes of each individual it works with, the company makes dreams come true and changes lives. Best Luxury African Adventure Travel Experiences Provider - USA by helping them go on adventures and experience incredible things. Giving back to the planet in everything it does, each trip the company curates supports a non-profit organisation specific to the destination. These include International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF), Great Plains Foundation, MicroAid International, Prints for Conservation, The Explorers Club, as well as Stand Up 2 Cancer. Furthermore, the company operates with the ethos of leaving no footprint behind, aiming to support the environment and community of the destinations it travels to. For every trip, the company handpicks accommodation and other establishments that are sustainable as well as unique and luxurious. As a result of its personalised, high-quality services, Sojourn Explorers is the winner of Best Luxury African Adventure Travel Experiences Provider, USA, in the Travel and Tourism Awards 2023. The company continues to change lives by organising dream holidays and providing one-in-alifetime experiences, while giving back to the planet in every way it can. Contact: Maria Baltazzi Company: Sojourn Explorers Web Address: ith rising interest in conservation and sustainable travel, more and more people want to explore the world while engaging with nature and connecting with local communities. Whether they want to experience the safari in Kenya, dive in the Maldives, or walk the Camino de Santiago, Sojourn Explorers curates and guides unique trips that travellers will always remember, tailored to their specific desires. Catering to those who want both luxury and adventure, the company carefully plans trips to fully engage all aspects of the destination, providing the best local operators, guides, food, beverages, and accommodations. Choosing to travel with Sojourn Explorers takes the stress out of planning and organising travel, while ensuring an enjoyable, safe, and immersive experience. Sojourn Explorers understands that everyone wants different things out of travel. This is why it makes an effort to listen to and understand what the client wants from their trip. Taking into account the specified aspirations, budget, number of travellers, and desired timeframe, the company makes clients’ dreams come true. The process begins with a conversation on the phone or video call, in which the company aims to learn everything the client has in mind for their trip and what they want to take away from it. Next, an amazing journey is curated, including every detail from departure to return, uniquely tailored to the specific requests of the client. Before the trip begins, a call is arranged to go over the details of the itinerary and answer any questions the clients may have. After the client returns home, a post-experience conversation is arranged in which clients are supported in reflecting on their trip, including discussion about how their experiences changed their perspective and how this can be put into meaningful action. Founder of Sojourn Explorers, Maria Baltazzi, has been to all seven continents twice, first as an Emmy-winning television producer, then as a marathon walker. She has entered eight marathons in support of causes like Stand Up 2 Cancer, walking over two thousand miles while training and competing. With a love for travel and fundraising, Maria decided to found Sojourn Explorers, aiming to share meaningful travel with others W