Travel & Tourism 2023

38 | LUXlife Magazine - Travel & Tourism Awards 2023 Leading Travel Agency of the Year - Ontario From its headquarters in Ontario, Own Your Day Travel helps to remove the stress for customers who are looking to plan their vacation. Essentially, the company knows how planning vacations can be very overwhelming and timeconsuming, so it provides customers with peace of mind that they will experience the vacation of a lifetime, without having to do any of the planning. Here’s a little more about this shining light of a travel agency. Own Your Day Travel began as a simple pointof-sale company strictly servicing travel clients, but it has since grown to provide services to home-based advisors as well, which is one of the fastest-growing trends in the travel industry. Travel agencies are working with home-based advisors to ensure that anyone needing to travel or wanting a vacation is able to without much hassle. In typical style, Own Your Day Travel has embraced the modern nature of travel and this has helped it to embrace and grow within its industry. As part of its global expansion, whilst the company’s head offices are located in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada, its reputation has grown globally and it is now able to service clients from all over the world. More to the fact that they are not just small time clients, either. The agency is able to service corporate vacations, as well as individuals just looking to get away for a break. Thanks to Own Your Day Travel’s flexibility and modern offering, clients can take advantage of a wide range of services offered by the dedicated team, from quick vacations to destination weddings and honeymoons to dream cruises, exotic bucket-list trips, company retreats, and group travel to some of the most amazing places in the world. Interestingly, it is clear to see that the company’s approach to travel and customer service stems from the top, from founder Alana Drouin. Even just a quick scan of the company website makes it clear to see that its customer-centricity. In order to ensure the best possible customer service, the agency's travel advisors spend a lot of time talking to customers to learn about their needs, wants, and desires. As a result, team members can formulate travel plans that will provide them with the most satisfying and personalised experience possible. The agency prides itself on finding the most beneficial travel arrangements for each client, meeting all cost, luxury, and personalisation requirements based on these needs, wants, and hopes. Internally, the agency only hires those who are dedicated to providing superb service to clients. When hiring, Alana and her team look for travel advisors who themselves have a passion for travel. This is all part of the future plan that will see Own Your Day Travel achieve further growth globally. Its team has a reputation for putting the customer first and going the extra mile to ensure clients experience only the best holidays and experiences possible. It all stems from the leadership team having trust and sticking to their beliefs. Alana leads by example in this respect. She believes that when the company’s advisors live their own passion for travel, they can truly unlock their full potential and provide top-notch service to their clients. So essentially, when looking for new hires, the hiring team aims to hire advisors who want to travel more or have a dream to live and work abroad or remotely. The proof is in the figures. The agency and members of the team have found that this quality helps inspire others and leads them to greater chances of success. Being recognised as the Leading Travel Agency of the Year in Ontario is no easy feat and you can see the hard work that has gone into the company to ensure they achieve the ultimate success. Own Your Day Travel has managed to differentiate itself by going the extra mile to connect and learn about the client. Unlike other agencies who have perhaps been around for longer, Own Your Day Travel has adopted an approach that is not centred on making a quick sale, it is focused on getting to know the client, regardless of their stature, and matching them with the right advisor for their needs. It is this attention to detail which has helped the agency to reach the dizzying heights that it has reached today. Overall, as a company, Own Your Day Travel aims to do the same for its advisors as it does for clients. It is a very people-oriented agency, which is why it is able to excel. The leadership team, with Alana at the wheel, also go the extra mile to equip advisors with the best support and tools needed to succeed and excel in the travel industry. Company Name: Own Your Day Travel Contact Name: Alana Drouin Address: 245 Hill Street West, Fergus, Ontario, N1M1G4 Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone Number: 1-888-688-9438