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Tootsie Gallery Café (Tootsie) is the creation of a bigger picture lifestyle by the mosaic artist of 20 years, mural artist, and best-selling author Cayla Pothan. We took a deeper look at the café so we can provide greater insight as to why Tootsie Gallery Café is the Most Vibrant Café in Southern Tablelands. Most Vibrant Café - Southern Tablelands as a café. The space serves many age groups and is able to reach a wider audience by advertising through its Facebook, Instagram, and Mailchimp systems. There is a real appeal from audiences thanks to the bright, creative living art environment, and friendly service and experience, all of which sets the company apart from other galleries. Plus, there is the added bonus of the delicious gelato, amazing coffee, mouth-watering jaffles, and interesting drinks served which make the space stand out. Making all of this possible is the Tootsie team’s supportive, friendly, and open communication approach, which is modelled to new employees. The leadership team, spearheaded by Cayla are very open with staff, which allows them to thrive. Her team are friendly and creative and many of them are long-time employees. Overall, Cayla and her team are dedicated to providing an outstanding, inspiring, and creative experience for guests. The venue is kept spotlessly clean and there is always something new to see, as Cayla knows that there is nothing more valuable than a returning customer, which usually leads to referrals via word of mouth. The energy in this space is high and bubbly, and the café certainly has a lot to look forward to in the future. Company Name: Tootsie Gallery Cafe Contact Name: Cayla Pothan Address: 289 Comur Street, Yass NSW 2582, Australia Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone: 0447225524 o much more than just a café, Tootsie Gallery Café appeals to a wide range of clientele, not only those who want a bite to eat or a cup of coffee. Even the location is unique, which makes it a must-see for customers and tourists travelling from all over the world. Regarding its location, tourists and visitors will find the café located in a historic art deco garage in the beautiful Yass Valley. The garage has been renovated and transformed into a creative way of life. The before and after photos are so transformative that viewers would struggle to believe it was the same space. The tranquillity and unique nature of the building help the café stand out and is a real talking point amongst locals and tourists. The area has and continues to evolve into a largerthan-life work of art. Perhaps the most attractive part of the café is the vibrant colours. Café owner and artist Cayla is very welcoming and is always encouraging locals to visit the colourful arena. It’s not just there to look pretty though, visitors can enjoy the café, and try one of the 24 flavours of delicious gelato that it stocks, all whilst being inspired by the outdoor mosaic garden. Furthermore, there is also the option for visitors to participate in a creative workshop and learn more about themselves through creative expression. With a motto of ‘Connect Inspire Grow’, Tootsie goes beyond being a café and safe space, but it also offers personnel programmes to grow through creativity, knowledge, and understanding of one’s self. As part of her leadership skillset, Cayla fosters an environment where people are safe to be themselves and express their true colours. There really is so much to love about the whole space, visually and mentally. As part of the package, the programmes are delivered by Cayla in-store as well as online. Over the last seven years, the Tootsie café and space has grown as an operation into a living work of art for people to experience vibrancy, authenticity, and the joy of creativity. What is perhaps most impressive is that it all started as a white-walled art gallery with a café, but it has morphed into something so distinctive, making it a real tourist attraction. It has changed over the years into something much richer and more personal to the artistic owner and creator of the concept. Strikingly, there is also no set clientele for Cayla and her team. The versatility and flexibility of Tootsie’s offering are a unique selling point S