Travel & Tourism 2023

62 | LUXlife Magazine - Travel & Tourism Awards 2023 Group Travel Specialists of the Year - Texas VAT Leisure Travel and Event Professionals provides a variety of companies with support in finding the right locations for travel, events, or special occasions. It began to offer its services in September 2013 with three consultants and has since doubled their team size, even after the struggles faced due to Covid-19. VAT Travel sources destinations and organises travel for a variety of groups such as – golf associations, wedding consultants, social and fraternal organisations, and the largest wine club in the US that has over 4000 memberships. Recently, it established a FIT (Flexible independent Travel) department, where it supports individuals with organising their oversees adventures. VAT Travel has prepared programs and hired suppliers to provide its services on almost any budget. The team makes it all possible. Having gone through the difficulties that Covid-19 imposed on the industry, they have shown resilience and dedication to overcoming obstacles, individually and as a group. In addition, they are always looking on ways to improve as they research for new venues and suppliers to provide its clients with more options and price choices. For 2023, VAT Travel has begun to offer guided tours of Scotland and Ireland. These unique opportunities are available for all ages, and you can choose between one of the locations or both. If you are interested send an enquire to [email protected], while you still can! As times change and challenges arise, VAT Leisure Travel and Event Professionals is at the ready. Whether it is a small group of independent travellers, or a trip for big organisation, it ensures that all it does is completed in the best way possible. This is what has led it to be recognised as the Group Travel Specialists of the Year – Texas. We look forward to seeing what 2023 and 2024 has in store for the company as it provides its clients a wider range of destinations. Contact: Tanya Knapp Company: VAT Leisure Travel & Event Professionals Web Address: