Travel & Tourism 2023

Combining experience in tourism with specialist digital knowledge, DocLX City Card Solutions provides city card and advantage programme operation and consulting services. The company has experienced great success with the award-winning city card system it produced for the city of Vienna. As a result, it is dedicated to helping other clients handle and sell their cards, aiming to become the best provider of city cards in Europe. Most Tourist Friendly Card Solutions 2023 - Austria easily be managed in an app, without the need for vouchers. This leads to improved usability of public transportation apps, creating a strong connection between the client and their customers. DocLX is currently facing the challenges of meeting the demands of tourists in a post-pandemic world. Now, travellers and tourists seek the ability to plan and choose their own experiences in the cities they visit. Therefore, they are looking for mobility and modularity in the apps they use, wanting to save time and avoid queues. Furthermore, there is now increased desire for everything to be in one place, which is why DocLX is currently facing the task of getting all its partners, attractions, and sights working within one system. The company’s team of staff include a range of people with many different strengths. When hiring new talent, the company believes it is most important that staff fit into the company culture by having a good sense of humour and passion for the industry. An eagerness to succeed and help the company grow is also essential, since DocLX aims to be first and never second.# As a result of its efficient and simple city card and advantage programme solutions, providing the best possible user experience suited to tourists across the globe, DocLX City Card Solutions is 2023’s winner of Most Tourist Friendly Card Solutions, Austria, in the Travel and Tourism Awards. The company continues to innovate and create new userfriendly systems for city card operators and others, allowing them to better serve their customers. Contact: Peter Staudinger Company: DocLX City Card Solutions GmbH Web Address: ased in Vienna, DocLX City Card Solutions specialises in developing, implementing, and maintaining applications and systems for the operation of tourist cards and advantage programmes. From physical cards to digital and print-at-home cards, DocLX is a solution provider for operators, tourists and attractions. Its clients are mostly tourist boards and private entities who offer a tourist card. The company provides the system for card operators in Vienna, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Gibraltar, Linz and Graz. For operators working with an existing card management system, DocLX provides great flexibility, allowing cards to be purchased online and on smartphones. It also improves the digital experience of the user, contributing towards the service its clients can provide their customers. For destinations with no city card yet, DocLX is well-positioned to provide support through its consultation services, utilising its 25 years of experience with city card management to design the perfect card for the destination. The company is able to provide support in product development, price calculation, service and sales partner management, digitalisation of all processes of the city card life cycle, operation management, marketing and sales strategies, as well as many more areas. With the end consumer of the product being tourists, DocLX focuses on providing the simplest usability possible, taking into account language barriers and minimising the steps to registering for a card. To add to the user experience, an active interface to public transport can be included, as well as the ability to book services such as airport transfers and pop-up attractions. Overall, the company aims to serve its clients in the best way possible so that they can offer great services to their own customers in turn, working to deliver the most effective and efficient user experience. Furthermore, DocLX works with its customers to develop exclusive and sustainable advantage programmes, helping them implement an Advantage Programme Operating System, which is used to manage and operate digital advantage programmes. An system is responsible for supporting and mentoring in operational management, providing the technical infrastructure for the programme, and managing the programme’s day-to-day operation. Through this, offers and deals can B