Travel & Tourism 2023

64 | LUXlife Magazine - Travel & Tourism Awards 2023 ndibleu was founded in 2016 by a high-flying executive management team boasting over a hundred years of experience in destination management services in Mauritius, Africa and throughout the Indian Ocean region. With a strong determination to do things differently, the founders all agreed they didn’t want to be “just another destination management company.” They wanted to ensure that their valued clients were served with a real “experiential travel in Mauritius.” The company is designed for up-market luxury clientele with its main customer markets being the UK, Germany, Belgium, USA, Middle East, Africa, and China. It has benefitted from investing in technology to provide sustainability, efficiency, and automation to clients. Developing the ‘Indibleu App’ has meant a reduction in the traditional transactional paper brochures. This app has become a big hit with clients too. In terms of experiential travel, Indibleu has introduced home hosted experiences such as lunches, dinners, and cooking demonstrations with locals. The responses to these have been fabulous, with many clients who choose such experiences asking if they “can come back tomorrow.” Indibleu sources outbound tour operators who share the same values, favouring quality over quantity. Tailor-made travel offerings are de rigueur, whether it’s a honeymoon, a wedding proposal or a family reunion of a lifetime. It ensures each part of the experience is micromanaged to provide a world-class trip. Indibleu knows the island of Mauritius is loaded with historical sites, cultural diversity, geographical variation, and almost limitless activities. But perhaps its single biggest asset is the relaxed charm of its warm and welcoming people. It is a multicultural society where the friendly co-existence of people and religion is expressed in its croissants for breakfast, curry for dinner, and brightly painted Indian temples rubbing shoulders with churches and mosques. Indibleu is determined to position Mauritius as a destination for multi-day tours. Indibleu prides itself on going the extra mile to meet clients’ expectations. The team believes this to be the key to the company’s success. They work with tour guides who are encouraged to look for ways to surprise and delight clients with something not necessarily planned on the day’s itinerary. For example, you might stop off to taste local fruits, meet a fisherman to discuss his day’s catch, or meet with labourers working in a sugarcane field. One of the most significant ‘unexpected twists’ to an experience was when a group of clients ending Most Trusted Destination Management Company – Mauritius Indibleu is a luxury travel destination management company based in Mauritius, Africa. It specialises in experiential travel, providing things such as home hosted encounters for clientele. It aims to show there’s much more to the island than just sea, sun, and sand. up joining the Mayor. This was the mayor of the second biggest town in Mauritius, and the guide knew him. Exploring the island on foot, when they bumped into the mayor, he was happy to chat with the visiting guests. He then spontaneously invited them for a cup of tea at his office! Those travellers had an interesting tale to tell when they returned home. Indibleu has been somewhat transformed by the problems it overcame in dealing with the recent Covid-19 pandemic. It adapted to using Microsoft Teams to organise meetings and liaise with partner hotels. The unexpected extra time granted also allowed for new objectives to be set. After beginning work on sustainability in client offerings in April 2021, Indibleu was officially awarded Travelife Partner Status – becoming the first company to be certified in Mauritius. It also reduced use of paper by improving the B2B portal for automation, and it upgraded the Indibleu App where clients can access their itinerary digitally. They can also, importantly, interact with Indibleu at any time before, during, and after their trip through the inbuilt messaging tool. It has effectively become a virtual concierge. Indibleu has also developed a portfolio of sustainable experiences in Mauritius, developed and released audio-guided tours of the Botanical Gardens and Port Louis (in English), and developed multi day tours of the island. A lot of this has resulted in Indibleu effectively reducing its carbon footprint, which is a significant achievement for the company. Not only has Indibleu been recognised for its sustainable efforts, but it has now won LUXlife’s admiration for its dedication to customer satisfaction. Winning Most Trusted Destination Management Company – Mauritius, Indibleu is a name we won’t forget. Company: Indibleu Contact Name: Robert Ambroise Web Address: I