Travel & Tourism 2023

69 | Luxlife Magazine Outbound Travel Specialists of the Year - Houston Kora Handcrafted Luxury Journeys celebrates the spirit of exploration by designing luxury travel experiences around clients’ dreams and their heart’s disposition. It is not your regular travel agent, but rather a designer, an advisor of luxury travel – Think of it as synonymous to Picasso in the art of travel! The company’s definition of “Kora” is derived from Sanskrit, one of the world’s oldest languages, which is close to the Bhutanese language of Dzongkha and its meaning which implies a “circular journey”. The journey of the word itself, from the Africa continent to the meeting point of Eurasia, and further into the African continent creates an infinite adventure, symbolising exotic travel through this vast world. “Kora” carries with it a melodical, mythical and spiritual essence that embodies aspects of a journey with true meaning and purpose. Staying true to the word’s meaning, Kora Handcrafted Luxury Journeys was founded out of the eternal passion, diligence and devotion of a single travel professional, Sunitta J Hedaoo, who has spent over two decades working in the evergreen, glamorous travel industry. An undying passion for history, art, culture, architecture, nature, wildlife & food led to a strategic career plan to be part of the Travel Industry. After her Bachelor’s Degree, she received her Masters in Tourism & Travel Industry Management. and embarked on an exciting career starting with Singapore Airlines. Soon, she realized that her passion lies in designing memorable journeys to exotic locals across the world. Giving up a prestigious airline job, she joined Thomas Cook. Now spanning an incredible travel career of 21 years across India, UK & US, she has travelled to over 100 countries, worked with the finest luxury tour operators like Abercrombie & Kent, Ker & Downey, built strong connections with the suppliers and other travel industry peers along the way, and created a vast global network of not just the creme de la creme hotels, spas, guides, but also with deep down locals in some of the most unimaginable destinations. Her gifts can be measured by the faith of peers, partners & high-end loyal customers, which are one too many to count. Her vision is to craft pure, authentic and experiential luxury travel which delves travellers into a voyage intended to leave a lasting impact on the way they view this beautiful world. Kora Journeys combines the element of experience with luxury and originality, whether your travel fantasy is to live in a cocoon of luxury hotels; cruise in style through a country’s heritage and culture in luxury cars, trains, boats, vintage rides, helicopters, private charters, and more; savour the most exotic dishes at Michelin star restaurants; or indulge mind, body and soul into opulent spa experiences. All the while, you will be experiencing the authenticity of the destination, with every path you tread being impactful and knowledgeable. Thanks to the assistance of hand-picked, passionate English-speaking local guides, Kora Journeys impeccably meticulous travel planning, Global connections, a vast network of local experts and key people. Kora Journeys has access to the most unique, behind the scenes experiences across all continents. At Kora Journeys, time is invested in getting to know the client’s travel styles, preferences and personalities, and by putting its expertise and knowledge to work to customise their adventure to perfection, exceeding their expectations, by offering the highest level of personalized service, making arrangements on all seven continents. Whether you want to plan an African Safari, or an expedition cruise into the Antarctica, or experiencing the rich cultures of Asia, or dwell into the down-under exploring the South Pacific, or simply steadfast in Europe, or hang loose in South America or the Silk Road, or familiarize yourself with the way of life in the Middle East. Planning a life changing journey to exotic locale around the world is what Kora Journeys does best. From being a Wellness Travel expert, to help you disconnect to reconnect, Kora Journeys believes that every journey is a rare opportunity for a cultural learning and creation of a new story you will treasure and share with great pride, as you return as a richer human being. If you choose to take your “kora” with Kora Journeys, you will be submerged into the adventure of a lifetime, highlighting the fact that life itself is a beautiful journey. You will enjoy the benefits of Kora Journeys affiliation with the Signature Travel Network, ATTA (African Travel & Tourism Association) and a proud Conde Nast Traveller specialist. Company: Kora Handcrafted Luxury Journeys Email: [email protected] Website: