Travel & Tourism 2023

70 | LUXlife Magazine - Travel & Tourism Awards 2023 Hospitality Brand of the Year - East Africa With a breath-taking portfolio of 5-star properties and award-winning hospitality services, Serena Hotels is one of the leading hotel chains in East Africa. The company has a diverse workforce of highly trained staff across all branches of the hotel, delivering outstanding services and tending to guests’ every need. Dedicated to cultural respect and environmental responsibility, the hotel cares about the communities it operates in, making sure to give back to local causes. Founded in 1975, Serena Hotels is a highend hotel chain that operates in a number of countries in Africa and Asia, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan and Afghanistan. In total, the company has a diverse collection of thirty-five hotels, resorts, safari lodges, camps, palaces, and forts, which are all perfect for those who love to explore different cultures. Its properties are known for their unique appearances with traditional architecture, artwork, and local cuisine. With modern amenities and exceptional services, Serena Hotels offers its guests luxury as well as authentic cultural experiences that reflect the heritage and unique delights of the destination they are visiting. Serena Hotels serves a diverse range of clients, including those travelling for business or leisure, as well as local residents who visit for dining and recreational activities. Usually, visitors from abroad are affluent travellers seeking upscale accommodation, exceptional service and cultural authenticity. The company reaches new clients through digital and social media platforms, as well as by partnering with travel agencies and tour operators to promote package holidays for all different types of travellers. To entice customers to return, the company has a loyalty programme that rewards repeat guests with exclusive benefits and discounts. From the moment guests arrive at their chosen hotel, Serena Hotels ensures it provides a personalised and welcoming experience. The staff at all hotels are given training in hospitality and customer service, meaning they are extremely attentive to guests’ needs. They are also responsible for maintaining the company’s high standards of cleanliness, safety, and security, from housekeeping and maintenance to operations on the front desk. The company has an internal culture of integrity, excellence, respect, and teamwork, aiming to provide a positive and supportive environment for all employees. This allows staff to work together to provide the best experience for guests. Working in many so culturally diverse countries, Serena Hotels is dedicated to diversity and strives to create an inclusive workplace that promotes cross-cultural understanding. Valuing cultural sensitivity, the company aims to employ people who are familiar with the local customs and traditions in the areas it operates in. This also helps to create a culturally authentic experience for guests and allows them to learn about the local community. At every location, Serena Hotels offers a deep connection to its surroundings, allowing guests to participate in activities such as learning how to cook traditional cuisine, taking a revitalising soak in a nearby hot spring, and other pastimes that help foster a connection with the local culture. With properties in so many beautiful countries, it is no surprise that Serena Hotels is committed to taking care of the environment. The company operates as sustainably as possible, having implemented recycling programmes, energyefficient lighting, and the use of locally sourced materials. Furthermore, Serena Hotels is involved in several community development projects in education, healthcare, and environmental conservation, and encourages its employees to participate in initiatives such as volunteering and fundraising for local causes. As a result of its uniquely beautiful accommodation, outstanding hospitality services, and the unforgettable experiences it provides, Serena Hotels is the winner of Hospitality Brand of the Year, East Africa, in the Travel and Tourism Awards 2023. Moving forwards, the company works to compete against the increasing number of hotels and resorts in the East Africa region, aiming to be the best in its field. With its unparalleled reputation, it continues to attract visitors from across the globe. Contact: James Manyeki Company: Serena Hotels Web Address: