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Gaining one world record is a feat in itself. But for Carnival Magic, the crowning jewel of Thailand’s Phuket Island, obtaining 9 seemed to be a walk in the park. Now established as the Best Theme Park in Thailand, Carnival Magic has been able to dazzle and wow parkgoers for years with its incredible colours and spectacular visuals. As the first Thai cultural carnival park, Carnival Magic has managed to shatter all expectations of what a theme park should be, in order to manifest something truly special for people of all ages. Take a trip with us as we explore Carnival Magic, and the vast array of its astounding accomplishments. Best Theme Park - Thailand Largest LED Sculpture (Supported), Largest LED Structure, Largest Popcorn Machine, Largest Outdoor Chandelier, Largest Paper Mache Sculpture (Supported), Tallest Proscenium Arch, and Most LED Lights on a Van. As a result, Carnival Magic has secured its spot among the best of the best when it comes to theme parks, and it continues to flourish as it strives to add to its list of achievements. All of these factors result in a one-of-a-kind experience for any guests visiting Carnival Magic, and will leave you wanting to book a stay right away. Its spectacle has no competitor, and its unique nature makes it a must for anyone who enjoys travelling to the most enticing theme parks the world has to offer. You’ll have a wide selection of events to attend, and the sights you’ll see can only be described as magic being brought to life. The dazzling lights are crafted into astonishing works of art, and, in the dark, you’ll be whisked away into a brand-new kingdom of Carnival Magic’s design. Additionally, the majesty of Carnival Magic doesn’t end with its incredible outdoor displays. Even dining within the park is a delightful experience that shares the wonder of the park itself. Within its Birds of Paradise Buffet Restaurant, you can enjoy a delectable dining encounter, all whilst being surrounded by visuals that match the impressive, cultural sights that construct the entirety of the park. Even something as simple as eating has been turned into a wonderful part of your journey with Carnival Magic, ensuring that every single moment is unique and catered to bringing you joy. Carnival Magic has a vast array of opportunities for you to encounter during your visit. Filled with illuminations, performances and parades galore, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to the entertainment on offer. However, arguably its most renowned and unmissable experience is its Kingdom of Lights illumination. If you’re visiting Carnival Magic, you mustn’t skip this illustrious illumination spectacle, where the entire park truly reaches the pinnacle of brilliance. You’ll be beyond amazed seeing the dazzling display, and you’ll leave with the memories of a truly unforgettable experience. With something for everyone, Carnival Magic is truly worthy of the Best Theme Park in Thailand award. As a staple of Phuket Island, it has captured the hearts of tourists all over the globe, leading to its overwhelming success and popularity. If you’re visiting Thailand, Carnival Magic simply can’t be missed. If you aren’t drawn to the fantastic sights, then the infamous representation of a variety of cultures will definitely strike your fancy. The performances at Carnival Magic are filled with an unwavering passion and talent that you can’t experience anywhere else, making it truly a one-of-a-kind must for any tourist. Contact: Kittikorn Kewacha Company: Carnival Magic Web Address: rue wonder is difficult to come by. Whenever you visit a theme park, you want to feel as though you’ve been transported to another world entirely. Sadly, not many theme parks are able to truly immerse its guests to this extent. However, Carnival Magic, a mystical kingdom with a theming and storyline to match its whimsical presentation, has no issue in submerging parkgoers in its rich and vibrant culture. Filled with practically every colour imaginable, Carnival Magic expresses an air of majesty that you’ve most definitely never witnessed before. With over 40 million lights and 88 giant parade floats, Carnival Magic has all of the means to create an encounter that’s beyond astonishing. Inspired by a plethora of exotic carnival celebrations from across the globe, Carnival Magic offers evenings filled with a dazzling display of these cultures as an appreciation of their beauty. Not only can guests expect to be whisked away into a kingdom revelling in the majesty of both Thai and global celebrations, but to experience the wonder that the breath-taking performances portray. In addition to the brilliant expanse of the 40 million lights on display, Carnival Magic ensures that every detail is as eye-catching as the next. With costumes reaching 8ft tall in some instances, to parades that capture different cultures in an exhilarating way, you can guarantee that you’ll be witnessing something truly different to anything any other park has been able to offer thus far. Of course, when visiting a theme park, it’s crucial to plan your time accordingly so you can really make the most of your time spent there. This can be an overwhelming task in itself, even for the most organised of people. Thankfully, as expected of the Best Theme Park in Thailand, Carnival Magic has suggested itineraries on its website for any who want to make sure they’re seeing all of the show-stopping sights. Though this itinerary is optional to follow, it can be beyond essential for anyone wanting to enjoy themselves without having to craft a meticulous plan. Carnival Magic doesn’t wish for anything to detract from your time in the park, and this is made clear by how convenient its services are when it comes to organizing your day. To add to its award-winning status, Carnival Magic has also managed to accumulate an astounding 9 Guinness World Records since it opened its gates. Currently, it holds the world records for Longest Single Chassis Parade Float, Most Lights Used in a Permanent Light and Sound Show, T